Another Frontier Online

Xuanwu Crusade and Schedule

The Xuanwu crusade in Ryugu seemed to have ended without any particular problems, and everyone returned without incident.

Hayat greets the returning members at the Mansion and asks for more information as he struggles.

"Everyone seems to have only the feeling of going to play?"

When I asked Asha that, she said, "Sure."

"Since there are Lunaria's demon army, Nei's black dragon, and Ash, there is no shortage of firepower.Of course, so am I. By the way, I stabbed the last one.I would like a chocolate parfait. If possible, in real life. "

"Ah! I did my best!So please give me a pudding.I could be real if I could! "

"There's been a lot of real demands lately.Well, that's fine. "

Hayato says so, they make a high touch.

"Well, but I was really quite active.Master Ren's Dragon Curse can have a considerable debilitating effect on its own.It seems to be a necessity for boss fights. "

Even Esha's Destroy!

Len's Dragon Curse and Esha's Super Thermal Attack Destroy have considerable negative effects on the enemy.If the opponent is alone, there is no reason to lose.

They certainly did a great job, so they don't get as much as a chocolate parfait or pudding.

"You guys were great, and we didn't have a lot of opportunities."

Those are the Mists who came to Hayat.

Damien and Ruth seem to think the same way, but the expression is dark.

Asha shook her head to the side when she heard it.

"I don't think it's right that Mr. Mist and the others didn't show up because they were acting as shields."

Mist said, "Thank you," which means that the overall contribution was not enough.

And Simon looks as dark as the Mists.Hayato decided to listen to him because he thought maybe he didn't have a chance to do the same.

And Hayat parted with Eshah, and came nigh unto Simon.

Simon noticed it and saw Hayato with a dry smile.

"Somehow, everyone laughs because they're out of standard.I was able to play with a bow in the Battle of Peacocks, but not this time.There's nothing good about it. "

"I think it would be reckless to ask that member to stand up.I think there's a lot of difference between interpersonal and monster fights in the first place. "

Simon is strong enough to fight one-on-one.

Previously, Noat, the singer, lost, but there were maid Rose and Dark Knight Gil on the spot, not one-on-one.Hayato thinks that pure strength is a good match for Lunaria.

Challenge Esha and Len for a melee match and you will win.

So I don't care, but Simon didn't seem to care about it.

"It's even sadder to be comforted.Well, there's only going to be refinement.By the way, is the princess here? "

Oh, yeah.

Hayat tells Simon everything he said earlier.

I talked to the princess about destroying the Yata Glass, giving her the lowest quality Yata Glass, and many other things, but I didn't think it might make Benitz angry to persuade her to stay in the country.

Simon closed his eyes and lowered his head.

"Hayat, I've taken care of everything.The princess will change a lot from now on.You also need to work hard to properly guide the princess.In the first place, it's not all the right thing to say.I have to learn a lot. "

"Simon will be fine."

"It's no wonder Hayato feels like that... by the way, what are they going to do now?Looks like we're done with Ryugu, and I don't think we're going to do anything in the eastern country anymore. "

"Ah, wait a minute. I'll check it out."

Hayat goes to Mist.

I came to the eastern country to learn about medicine.I hadn't checked with Mist to see if I had it.I don't think it would be a problem if I saw what I didn't say, but I ask Mist just in case.

"Mr. Mist, what happened to your knowledge of medicine?"

"I got it.That's two. All you have to do is attack the skyscraper babel. "

"Great, so there's nothing in the eastern country anymore?"

"That's right, though, there are some who will be leaving soon.I'd like to have an open-air bath, so why don't we all go sightseeing around tomorrow and go home by boat the morning after tomorrow? "

Um, are you okay?

Hayato is happy with the proposal, but Mist has his circumstances.

Though you have time to spare, you want to create a way to make medicines as soon as possible and make them available for your peers to take.I don't think I can afford to go sightseeing in that state.

Mist nodded with a smile, wondering what Hayato thought.

"It's okay, I've told you so many times, but I'm the one who's got you all involved in this.I've had a lot of trouble, so I'd like you to take a breath.Of course, I'm telling Mr. Hayato.It happened yesterday, and you must be tired. "

"It would be helpful if you said so.I haven't heard from everyone, but let's schedule it that way. "

"Yes, I'll let you know, so Hayato can tell Simon.We've been expecting you for a while. "

"Okay, thank you."

Hayat cuts off his conversation with Mist and moves back to Simon.

Soon, Benitz was by Simon's side.

"Princess, that yata glass has Hayato's feelings in it.If you do something big in the future, it's painting Hayato with mud. Don't forget to relax. "

"I know. And one day I'm going to give Hayato the highest quality Yata Glass, so I'm going to see and refine until then. I'll do my best."

"Um, could you make it easier for me?"

I didn't make it with a light feeling, but I didn't make it with such a strong feeling.I feel that it would be easier to recall the various things that remain in the shape.

I feel a little guilty because Benitz holds the glass too much.

"I can't take it easy.This is the sword Hayato made for the princess, who saved the country.Until one day the princess gets the highest-quality Yata Glass, you should worship it as a national treasure knife. "

"That's right! I usually have it, but I will worship it as a treasure knife during some ritual!It's like a stroke! "

"No, really. I didn't save the country, did I?Why is that happening? "

It is unclear why they are so obsessed, but for some reason Hayato's request to stop was not finally heeded.However, I was able to attach the promise that the author would just lie down and say Hayato.

Hayato has no choice but to compromise.

Has it been decided for the future?

Well then, I've talked to Mr. Mist a while ago and it's been decided.I'm going to go sightseeing in the eastern country tomorrow and take my boat home the morning after tomorrow. "

Simon and Benitz looked dark in Hayat's words.

"Really? You're leaving the day after tomorrow?I'd like you to stay a week or so. "

"That's right! As a princess, I want you to take it slower!You can use this mansion forever! "

"I have a lot of things to do, and I'm not going there either.Oh, I guess I'll say goodbye to Simon here. I'm gonna miss you. "

Hayato says, Simon wrinkles between his eyebrows.

It's not just angry, it's a complicated face.Hayato thought it was a happy, sad, angry, mixed face.

"I can't help it. There is no reason why Hayato should follow them.If the princess had done something, I would have gone with her... princess, would you like to do something soft here? "

"Hey, Simon, that's terrible! I'm not doing anything!So don't go! "

"Of course it's a joke. Many of the country's best have been imprisoned.We need to get things back on track.And I'm worried about the princess alone. "

"Yes! If I were alone, the eastern country would be in trouble!I might try to form an alliance with the Devil's Landing and conquer the world with Luna! "

"Did you call him?"

Soon Lunaria was behind Hayato.Hayato has a slight heart problem.

"Don't surprise me.I was just talking about Benny forming an alliance with Lunaria. It's just a joke. "

"Alright, next time we take over the world, we'll form an alliance."

"No, I'm just kidding."

"I'd rather say something to Hayato than that."

"I hope you don't treat world conquest like that, but what?"

"Mr. Mist told me that he's leaving tomorrow."

That's the plan, but what's the matter?

"What do you mean the Devil's vacation lasts three nights or four days?A declaration of war against me? "

Hayat didn't know what he was told, but he calculates for now.

The Lunarians came yesterday.And today is the second day.I'm going sightseeing tomorrow, and I'll be home the day after tomorrow.Sure, three nights and four days.

There's no doubt about it, but I don't know why it was declared war.

"Why would that happen?"

"The Demon King's vacation lasts more than eight days.Insulting the Devil. Again. "

"I think the Demon King is better off 24/7."

The story of Hayato and Lunaria makes a noise that Benitz should stay more.

Simon seemed to be safe, without any particular blame, and Hayato was exposed to Lunaria and Benitz attacks.

Hayato really wanted healing in his heart.