Another Frontier Online

Shopping under the name of tourism

Today we're off for a day, so we're going around a lot of places.

However, the four of Hayato, Esha, Ash, and Ren work in the coffee shop, so only in the morning.There are only a limited number of places to go in that way.

So in the morning, as a sightseeing spot, I came to the huge shopping district in the capital, Azma.The idea here is to buy souvenirs because everything in the eastern country is there.

There is a market nearby and many people are busy early in the morning.The road was full of people, and there was a powerful voice in the open-air shop.

Simon, who offered us a discount, looked out for everyone as he reached the huge cherry tree in the center of the shopping district.

"Well, it's not freedom of movement from here.Don't get lost because it's quite a big place.If you get lost, go here.This huge cherry tree can be seen anywhere. "

Everyone replies cheerfully to the words.The high tension in the morning is probably because I was looking forward to it.

Besides, getting into the open-air bath this evening raised everyone's tension.

The Dark Ten Knights, led by Gil yesterday, defeated the snake in the spiritual peak Takamagara.Thanks to this, you can use the open-air bath.

However, it was not immediately available, so I decided to wait a day. I mean, today.

Sightseeing in the morning and afternoon, and open-air baths and banquets in the evening.I guess there's nothing I can do about the tension rising.

With that tension, the members decided to create and move their own groups.

"Mr. Asha! Let's eat and walk!The sweets in the eastern country are so delicious!There are many other delicious things! "

"I'm noisy about the taste.There is also a quantity left. Don't you have any restaurants that have all-you-can-eat or big eating challenges? "

"Ash, I'm sorry, but could you keep an eye on Esha and Ren-chan?Don't cause trouble to the East. "

"Oh, me? Hayato's not coming?"

Ash asked Hayato to pull his face a little.Regardless of Len, it is a delicate place to control Esha.

"I'm sorry, but do something else.I have to find some fabrics to make kimonos, so I can't join you. "

"Oh, that's what you said yesterday.Okay. I'll take care of it... just don't expect much.I don't think I can beat those two. "

"Well, if you can act as a deterrent."

I hope so.

Esha and Len, along with Ash and some of the members, headed for the restaurants as a food walking team.

Regardless of the members of the Black Rose, I was a little surprised to see some members of the Dark Knight, but I don't think we can overlook them as tasty or sweet lovers.

And Nay was talking to Rosalie.

"Let's go buy kimonos.This afternoon I'm going to put it on and take it somewhere else! "

"I'm a little distracted to buy the existing product, but I can't help it.Is Lunaria-sama okay with that? "

"Well, I'll take care of it. I don't care where it is, but if you leave me alone, the eastern country will be in danger."

"Lunaria, rest assured that Gil and the others will protect Lunaria."

"I'm expecting you."

(Lunaria looks like a great man who's protected by SP.)

Lunaria has interpersonal phobias.

Getting used to it comes a lot, but in places where many people don't know it, the spec drops dramatically.If I were left alone in a place no one knows, I would run wild.

The Lunaria was protected by the Black Dragon, the remaining Black Rose, and some of the Dark Knights, while heading to the shops where there were many shops to buy kimonos.

"Well, let's see if we have any health goods."

"We're talking, but it's just Mist.I'm a drinker. The wine of the eastern country is quite delicious.I'm going to buy it as a souvenir. "

"What do I do?Like medicinal herbs to improve your pharmaceutical skills.For now, let's take a look around. "

(It's splendid, but I think we need to go all around the shopping district.)

Mist, Damien, and Ruth lowered their heads to Hayato before heading to a place where they might be selling suspicious goods.

"Me and Diete are looking for monsters nearby."

Maris said that cheerfully. And Diete nodded.

"What? Really? Why did you come to the mall?"

"Actually, it seems that there are monsters in the shopping district.Or is there a monster in business?If it was an animal-type monster, I thought I'd try taming it.Even if it doesn't work, isn't it true that monsters sell interesting things? "

"Sure, Diete-chan's going after it, too?"

"Well, I thought it might be interesting, and..."

Diete approaches Hayato and whispers.

"We need a lot of information for our next event.So Maris, I don't think it's a bad idea to act with you. "

Maybe the next event is about Tamer?

"That's a secret. But Tamer might be advantageous."

Diete laughs when she says so and leaves Hayato.

"Now, Maris, let's go.Let's find a monster we haven't seen yet. "

Dite is going to do it too! Let's go! "

Maris put Sieg on her shoulder and walked with Diete to a different place than the direction everyone was headed.

Hayato and Simon are the only ones left.

"Everyone's fine. Well, then, let's go too.You're gonna give the princess a kimono again, aren't you?I'm looking for fabrics for that. "

"That's right. If possible, I'm looking for a fabric that resembles the color of Mr. Benitzle's hair.I thought Simon would know. "

"Hmm. Then there's a long-established antiquity shop. Are we going there?"

Simon walks like that.Hayat followed it.

Hayat walks side-by-side with Simon.

"But Hayato is a little too sweet for the princess.I didn't expect to give you a kimono again.And now you're going to need the help of a rosary of black roses. "

"Yeah, but I rented a mansion and thanked you for looking after me."

The kimono was given the day before Benitz was deceived and raided the Mansion.After that, there were a lot of things, but in the end, it settled round.

I do have the idea that it's too sweet.Although Rosalie initially showed difficulty from the previous situation, Lunaria said "Benny is a good kid", so there was a history that she could accept it.

(Lunaria and Benny got along yesterday, and there must have been a lot going on while I was logging out.)

I was worried that Rosalie would be able to help me with that, but Lunaria helped me.So I plan to make the best quality kimono without hesitation.

"No, thanks to Hayato, who was the first victim, who behaved like that, we didn't hit the princess hard from everybody.I really appreciate it. I'm sorry, I can't give anything back even though I'm taking care of you. "

"That's enough because Simon helped me out over there.Don't worry about each other. "

"... is that what you're going to do?But I haven't been able to repay my gratitude.Call me as soon as anything happens over there.Let's run for anything. Well, if there are people by Hayato's side, I think we can solve any problems right away. "

"If there's anything I can do to help, I'll be in touch.Ah, is that the store? "

Simon looks at Hayato's gaze.

"Oh, yeah, let's see if there's any good antimatter."

Simon walked through the shop's goodwill and Hayato followed.