Another Frontier Online

Outdoor bath (men's bath)

It was decided to take an open-air bath before the banquet on the night of sightseeing in the eastern country.

Of course, there are no mixed baths for men and women.It's a healthy game, so that's the specification.

In addition, the bath area is equipped with a bathing suit, with male characters wearing shorts and female characters wearing loose robes in shorts.You are free to change colors.

Hayato and the men were all to enter.

The members are Hayat, Ash, Mist, Damian, Ruth, Gil, and the Black Dragon Men and the Dark Ten Knights.

Hayato and the others went to the dressing room in the open-air bath and the equipment switched automatically.The color is black in its initial state.

(The faces of the Ten Knights of Darkness are strong besides Gil.Besides, it is muscular and there are scratches on the body.What were they doing in reality?)

You knew Hayato was staring at Gil and the others.

Gil approached with a smile.

"Lord Hayato, it seems to have been seen by our muscles.Do you want to do it from a squat? "

"No, not at all. Um, won't you all pose?The ambient temperature will rise a little. "

Hayato is not familiar with it, but it seems to be a bodybuilding pose that I used to play a long time ago. It's just so hot and painful.

Hmm, doesn't Hayato know this is good?

"I don't know, but it wasn't the muscles that worried me, it was the wounds."

"Oh, I see. Well, it's like an honor wound.This is what happens in the Magic Land.There are many strong monsters. "

(Is that the setting? Well, it's not a good idea to pry into reality.It's hard to hear a lot and get your memory back, and it's rude to look too much, even if it's virtual reality. Be careful)

Stimulating memories about reality can bring back memories.There is no reason for that, but the NPCs here wanted to become residents of this world.It's not up to outsiders to do it.

(I wonder what Mr. Mist will do...)

Hayato turned his gaze from Gil to Mist.

Mist has regained his memory, but Damien, Ruth has not.First of all, it seems that curing the disease is a prerequisite, Mist said when it is over.

In their case, the circumstances of entering virtual reality are slightly different from others.I entered virtual reality to survive the disease.Once the disease is cured, there is no reason to live in virtual reality.If the patient is safe, there will be no Mist, no Damian, no reason to be in virtual reality.


"Ash? What's wrong?"

Soon Ash was in front of Hayat.Hayato thinks that handsome people are handsome and muscular.It's a virtual reality, but my skin is beautiful.If I put it differently, it is bright.

He looked at Hayato with such worrying eyes.

"No, I think Hayato is better off.I don't think you're worried, but think about it. "

"Oh, no, I wonder what it's like to get my real memory back."

Hayato speaks to Ash with a whisper that he cannot hear.

Ash was one of the ones who got his memory back.

Hypunos, a backup of Diete, showed me real-world footage and recovered my memory without AI protection.Hayato is interested in what it feels like.

But Ash laughed at it.

"What are you thinking when you take an open-air bath?Let's take a bath instead of that. "

"Is that how you treat it?"

"Oh, that's right. And what if Hayato cares?It's the only way.Why do you think about that before you take a bath? "

"... that's right.No, if you're looking at Gil's muscles and wounds, you're in a maze of thoughts. "

"Seems like Hayato can think of things like that when he looks at it.Well, come on, let's go in. "

Ash invites Hayato to the open-air bath.But Hayato stopped.

"Ash, you have to wash your body first."

"Hayato is obsessed with that. Well, I'll wash it."

Because it's a virtual reality, I don't have to wash my body or sweat, but as a courtesy or manners, I started by putting hot water on the place to clean my body.

Then I washed my head.Hayato is a type of washing from top to bottom.

(Is it a Menthol-based shampoo because my head feels smooth somehow?)

I wash my head with a prepared shampoo, but it feels refreshing somehow.It doesn't affect reality, but it feels good.

After thoroughly rinsing off the bubbles on my head, I rubbed the soap on the towel and then washed my body.It doesn't change anything like shampoo, but I feel that my body has become beautiful.

I washed my body all the way, so I equip my head with a towel before entering the open-air bath.And soaked to the shoulders.

I breathed naturally and loudly into the pleasant warmth.

Other members are also making it feel good to say "ahh" or "uhh".

The outdoor bath is called a driftstone bath, or a bath without a roof feels liberated.

There were stars shining in the sky, and I saw a moon that was about halfway there.In reality, it's not like you can stretch your feet into a hot tub on a narrow unit bus, so even in virtual reality, it's a luxurious time.

Do you think Ash next door is similar, or is he stretching out and enjoying himself?

Ash stretched his body all the way before looking at Hayato.

"Speaking of which, how was the morning?You went looking for dough with Simon, didn't you? "

"There was a good fabric, so I quickly made a kimono with it.I already gave it to Rosalie, and I'll take care of the rest. "

"I don't think Rosalie will be able to get out because she looks like a craftsman in that way, but are you okay?In that sense, "

"It's okay because it's better than me.Besides, as long as I'm looking at the design of my usual Godzilla clothes, I don't think it's a problem. "

If you're worried, there's information that Rosalie made a great bathing suit.Dite also said that she thinks it is, but I don't know how awesome it is, so I can't say anything as Hayato.I just feel a little dangerous.

"Is it going to be a Godzilla-like kimono?"

"No, what do you think? Can you arrange that?Well, I think that's fine.It's just imaginary, but I don't think it's bad.How was your walk eating it?I couldn't hear it at work. "

"... it was normal."

"Even if you say so with that face."

Apparently something happened to that face.I guess this is not convincing.

"Well, Esha, you're either stretched out, you're working hard, or you're serious.Take advantage of the momentum.Some shops are banned.I think it's okay because I'm sorry. "

"... I'm sorry I let you go alone."

I was still weak.

Ash is looking at the sky with a distant eye.I don't want to imagine what happened, but there must have been a lot.

"Um, let me change the subject, but how about Vel and the others?I didn't come to the coffee shop today, and when I asked you earlier, you said it was going well. "

"Looks like there's no problem. We were talking about how we could attack a few floors later.I don't have any weird monsters, just a lot of floors. "

"I appreciate that."

There's only one more thing I know about medicine.Use that knowledge to make medicine in this virtual world and use it on Mist's people to cure real-world illnesses.There is still work to be done, but we are definitely getting close to the medicine.

After that, Hayat and Ash kept talking, but it was about time.

"Now, let's go up.Looks like everybody's already up, and it's going to be a banquet after that. "

Will you be ash with Hayato in the open-air bath sometime?Everyone drinks fruit milk or coffee milk at the strip.

"Well, I'm sure I won't be able to get up, but I've enjoyed it enough - aren't the ladies' baths noisier just now?"

Hayat and Ash go out of the bath and see the fence.

The men's and women's baths are blocked by wooden fences.There is no mixed bath, but it will be possible to get over it.However, it is no exaggeration to say that hell awaits you before you get over it.There's so much power out there.

A noisy voice can be heard from that hell.

"I don't know what you're doing, but I'm glad you're feeling better."

"I think I'm just too healthy... okay.I'm sure Len is here because she's with everybody. "

"You don't look like a dragon too much, do you?If you become a dragon here... "

Hayato said so, and the neck of the third black dragon came out of the ladies' bath over the wooden fence.Either way, it's a dragon wren.

The Len and Hayat meet each other.

After a few seconds of staring at each other, Len's neck quickly became smaller and smaller.They must have unlocked the dragon.

Then another noisy voice was heard from behind the fence.

"I'm sorry."

"No, well, that's fine, Ren-chan.Because there are places like this. "

Simply put, the dragon state is set to be naked.However, that was the setting when Ash and his colleagues were NPCs, and I don't think that way when we're recovering our memories.I didn't ask Len, but Ash said so.

Hayato had seen Len's dragon state before, so he said he was glad to see Hayato this time.

After that, Hayato and the others left the dressing room, and there was Sha and Len in Yukata.

And Len lowered her head with great momentum.

"Ohh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I'm sorry! No, I never meant to peek!Um, you call that a curse! "

"I wonder why.It's okay, I don't care.It's mostly virtual reality, and don't worry about it any more than you need it. Instead, it's embarrassing. "

"Hmm... that's right, it's virtual reality..."

"That's right. So, Ren-sama, tell me a little more about what happened earlier.What was the distance between your husband and Ash? That's why it matters. "

"Esha weighs herself even in virtual reality.I've been thinking a lot lately. "

Hayat went to the hall, which is a banquet hall, with four people blurring about it.