Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: open-air bath (women's bath)

When Hayato and the men were in the open-air bath, of course the women were also in the open-air bath.

Ren, one of the dragons called Genesis Dragon, was an NPC who thought the world was real without memory, but now he's a player who has a lot of things to do to get his memory back and forth, both real and virtual.

Until recently, I've been shooting movies with my father, brother, and friends, so I don't log in much, but I've been here a lot lately.

It's to help Mist, a companion.

Mist is a member of Hayato's clan, Daedalus, and Ren belongs to the same clan.And what Mist is trying to do is make medicine to cure the disease.

Len had a mother in a similar situation.It makes sense that you want to help.

Mist gathered two pieces of knowledge to make medicine in this eastern country.The remainder is a skyscraper babel on the western continent, where it is based.Tomorrow is my last night in the eastern country because I am supposed to go back to my usual base, but I have to take the open-air bath that I wanted.

Len's tension could be said to have exploded.

At the dressing room, Len and Esha were automatically bathed in the bath.Loose robe with shoulders on shorts.With that appearance, Len's tension is even higher.

"It's burning like this!"

"Is it a fire?"

"That's what Esha says right away.Aren't you going to get tense like this? "

"Sure, if there was a master and Ash behind that fence and they were flushing their backs together, my heart would throw out the Destroy."

"... that Ash is my brother... already!Please at least tell me you want to see Hayato naked! "

"If you say that, you're a pervert."

"Even though the lines of flushing each other's backs are different...?"

As for Len, I would like to burn various shades and stick to Hayato, but there is a lot of idle time.You don't think it's either bad, but we don't take one step at a time.I thought I was more likely to let go of the destroy of my mind because of stress.

(I don't think it is okay because women other than Ms. Esha don't seem to have much romantic interest in Ms. Hayato, but I feel that Ms. Simon is a little dangerous these days.I think it's okay because it seems to stay in the eastern country.)

There are many women around Hayato.However, it is Len's view that none of the members have romantic feelings for Hayato.

If possible, Ney, the leader of the Black Dragon.

But in Nay's case, there is too much class difference from Hayato in the real world.Ney is the blood of an organization called the Foundation, which can be said to rule the world.In any case, there will be no real connection in the game.

Lunaria the Demon King, Rosalie the Black Rose, and Maris the Tamer didn't see Hayato as such in the first place.I don't think they're interested in having sex with the opposite sex.

Some of the non-members here are Princess Noat, Collector Cecil, and Maid Rose, but they won't see Hayato as a romantic object around here either.

However, it feels a little different from love, but it is Dite that feels dangerous.

Diete, the administrator of this virtual world, liked Hayato and tried to bring him into the world.Hayat refused it, and Diete hasn't had any unreasonable solicitations lately, but I don't think he's giving up.

(I am Esther's guess.Nothing else!)

Len grabbed her hands in front of her chest without saying "fluff."

Ren-sama, why are you so upset when you're taking a bath?

"There are many things about women."

"I'm a woman by gender, too."

"That's what I'm saying again.Just go inside and wash it.Esha's hair is rough and I wanted to touch it.I'll wash it myself. "

"I think it's Ren-sama who's getting rough, but if she says she's going to wash it, please."

Len and Esha both moved towards the bath.

The lengths seemed to be the last, and in the women's bath each enjoyed the open-air bath with pleasure.

For some reason, there was Siegfried, Lancelot, and Max, and it seemed that Maris was using a brush to wash them.

When Maris noticed Len and the others, she pushed her hand out and posed to wait.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Esha is in danger, so please stay away from me."

Esha's animal training skills are negative and are disliked by all kinds of animals and monsters.The person said, "You have to throw something away to get something."However, it is also blurred that it has been thrown away too much.

It's no problem to be attacked by a low-Attack Tri-Cat Siegfried, but it won't hurt to be attacked by an Elder Griffon Lancelot.

But that doesn't stop Esha.

"Master Maris, sometimes women have to do it. That's now."

"If you don't have Dite's defensive magic, you can take it with a single blow."

"When I fall, Diet-sama will use resuscitation magic."

"Asha-kun, have you been messing with me lately?It seems like it's been like that for a long time. "

There comes Dite. He's obviously looking stupid, and he's not trying to hide it.Len wondered if she was quite stunned.

"You have all the actors. Then I will storm."

"Stop it because it's dangerous.Mr. Sieg, could you at least turn your tail attack on Esha?Because I think I'm satisfied. "

When Diete said that to Sieg, she cried and approached Esha.Then he turned around and attacked Esha's foot with his tail.It went back and forth many times.

You can always be attacked.

Asha-san, the damage is low, but your health is also low, so please be careful.

Len is a little worried when she sees Esha's HP bar gradually decreasing.

"I'll cast a healing magic on you.But that's all I want to do, too, in the open-air bath. "

Enjoying it, Esha tried to stroke Sieg's head with a happy face, but Sieg rejected it with her right front foot.It's not just a scratch attack, it's kind.

Len pushed Esha's back, which looked a little sad, and moved her to the washroom.I am going to forcibly wash it because time is wasted if it stays like this.

"Yes, I'll wash it. It won't hurt if you put shampoo in your eyes, but please close your eyes."

"All right, then.Next, I'll wash Ren-sama's head. "

When this is a bath between girls, Len takes the shampoo with her eyes shining.I stretched it well with my palm and then washed Esha's head gently.

"Asha's hair is beautiful, isn't it?It's been a long time. "

It is a virtual reality, but to some extent it reflects reality.I don't think it's that different, so it's an evaluation.

"I don't take care of it very much.Sometimes it is troublesome to cut it, and when it gets longer, it feels like it will be cut properly. "

"... let's go to the beauty salon next time.We have to make it more attractive! "

"Personally, I think you're cheating."

"There's no limit to a girl's charm!"

"That's a nice idea."

We washed each other's hair while having such a conversation.

Both of them have long hair, so I put them together in a dumpling state after washing them.And I equipped my head with a towel.

After this, Len and Esha move to the open-air bath to quickly soak in the hot water.

"Oh, Len and Esha. Come with me!"

There was Nay, who was as tense as Len, and Rosalie, who was just as tense.

"Can I come with you?"

"Of course, they didn't come on an island vacation in the sky, and occasionally let's make friends naked!"

Is it a strength or a disadvantage to be able to say such a shameful word?I think it is an advantage from Len's point of view, but Nai is too honest to be fooled and seems a little bumpy.

In the meantime, the four of them soaked their shoulders in the bath.All I can see is my neck.Everyone is equipped with a towel on their head.

Len felt warm and tired.I'm not particularly tired, but I feel comfortable in the futon before I go to sleep.

Len, in such a relaxed mood, saw Rosalie.

We fought together, and I don't know about it, but I've never had much conversation.To tell you the truth, he is the leader of the Demon King Army and the leader of the Black Rose Decalogue.And lately, Nay and I have been getting along.

"Um, is Rosalie going out a lot with Ney lately?"

"Well, that's right. I hate it."

"Again. You like it, don't you?"

"The intensity of that assumption is Nay's fault."

Nevertheless, Len wonders if Rosalier is a tundelier.

"You went shopping for kimonos today, right?"

"Yeah, well, I wore that kimono this afternoon and went around a lot.Shinto shrines and temples. Speaking of fun, it was fun, but I have Lunaria's escort. "

"Sometimes I say the strongest Lunarian is the escort, but was it okay in a crowded area?Something like this, didn't you run away? "

"... at least in the eastern country."

(Was it on my side...)

"But is it the strongest..."

What do you think? Rosalie turned her gaze from Len to Esha.

"Esha Crown... I haven't talked much about it, but I know it well."

"Your personal information leaked in vain.The other thing I love is the chocolate parfait. And the cake. "

"I know that somehow.Because I always see that Hayato is in trouble.However, no, you are the only person who has ever defeated Lunaria.That's why I said I knew it well. "

The atmosphere is slightly dangerous.

But something didn't suit the atmosphere. And a lot.

An army of yellow ducks made of rubber has been washed away.And at the rear is Lunaria, whose face comes out of the water.A towel and a slightly larger rubber duck were on his head.

The Lunaria woosh closer.

"Introduce a new member of my Demon King Army.The captain is this kid, his name is Dragulmont.Push it and it will ring. "

"... I told you there was only one of them..."

"The Demon King always wants to make the scale bigger.It's all right, everyone is cute. Let's float in the bath at Demon King Castle.I enjoy taking a bath every day.By the way, what are we talking about? I should get in too. "

"Well, we're talking about someone who Esha has beaten Lunaria before."

When Len said so, Lunaria leaned her neck and said, "Oh."

"I was surprised at that.I didn't think Ivan and I were going to attack together. "

"Don't resent me because it's Ivan's operation.I don't care how much Ivan hates me. "

"I don't resent you, but I have to pay back my debts.Sadly, I'm the Devil King. Even Esha must be defeated. "

That's how Lunaria stood up.So the waves spreading around the ducks.

Esha does nothing in particular and looks up at Lunaria.

"Fighting in the bathroom is against manners.And we can't take weapons out here. "

"Rest assured, the Demon King is strong with bare hands.And the Demon King doesn't protect manners.I'm the manner. it's called Wild. "

"If your husband was here, it would be an on-parade, but I'm in charge of boxing, right?But I'll buy the fights they sold me. "

Esha also stood up.

"Hey! No, Esha, and Lunaria!Let's get more girls-talks here!Talk about men you like! "

Esha and Lunaria tilted their necks simultaneously.

Nothing in particular.

"Fufu, the Demon King won't like it just because he likes it."

Neither of us can use it.Len thought so. Besides, Esha said she would lie about half the time.

And members of the Black Rose have gathered to support Lunaria.Nay and the women of the Black Dragon, as well as Maris and Diete, supported Esha.

The atmosphere was instant, but Len entered between Esha and Lunaria.

"Hold on! I'm the strongest one here!So you will obey my orders!You can't fight! Let's talk about girls! "

"Even Ren-chan can't accept that.The strongest is me, the Demon King. "

"Chi, no! If you have nothing to equip yourself with, I'm the one who's strong!That's why I'm the strongest in the open-air bath! "

"That's funny. If you want to beat Len-chan..."

"Please take a look at this before proceeding!"

Before Lunaria finished, Len began to dragonize.A huge third dragon, Cursedragon Len Brandle, appears.

Len grew bigger and looked down at Lunaria and the others in the bathroom.Everyone seemed surprised, and the instant atmosphere was gone.

"I'm sure you're stronger than Lunaria, Len."

Diete said so, and Lunaria looked a little regretful.

"Even though the Demon King is the strongest, he is weaker than Ren-chan in the open-air bath... OK, admit losing.But don't think I won. "

Now I'm relieved, just after I thought so.

The enormous lens could see beyond the fence - in other words, in the men's bath.

There were naked Hayato and Ash in shorts, which were bathing clothes.

Len, whose eyes met Hayato's, stopped thinking.

It's not like watching a swimsuit at sea.In the first place, Len doesn't have that kind of experience in real or virtual reality.The situation where I completely peeked into the men's bath prevented brain processing from catching up, and the dragonization was automatically released.

Ren, who had grown smaller with a loud noise, remained faint with a slightly red face.I didn't get up in the open-air bath.

"Ren-sama, what's wrong?"

When Esha heard it worryingly, Len answered with little thought back.

"I had Hayato and my brother in the men's bath, and they peeked at me - hah!"

It was too late when I realized.Len was surrounded by the women around him.And I was asked about the root digging and leaf digging situation.Some members feel their lives in danger because their eyes are bloody.

I thought Len would have to apologize to Hayato when she left the bath.