Another Frontier Online

Say goodbye to Samurai.

A cloudless sky spreads from morning to the other side of the sea.

Today is the day to return to the West.All the members were gathered at the western port in the eastern country.We're almost waiting for a scheduled flight ship.

Only Simon and Benitz are here to see you off.

Benitz has a complicated face, and Simon usually smiles.

Even at yesterday's banquet, Benitz proposed to extend his stay for a few days with a tendency to cry, but unfortunately it was rejected.The kimono you're wearing may have helped convince you.

Overall, it is a pink kimono, but due to the design change of Rosalier, there is more Godzilla style or glare and belt.In addition, it is considerably shorter in length than regular kimonos and has a skirt type that only extends to the top of the knee.Below them are shorts.

"Everyone's really gone... ah, that's right.How about this? As a princess, I really like it. "

Benitz turned to show his kimono to Hayato.Then pull the sword out of the sheath with your right hand and shake it horizontally, vertically, and back into the sheath with a clean motion.

I feel that the movement is lighter than the kimono I was wearing before.Hayato wondered if the design would be easier to move for an active veneer.

"It suits you. I think it's a kimono that expresses how well Benny is doing."

"Ma, are you serious? If you say that to the face, you'll get a little irritated!I'll get a reward! No! "

The complexity of the expression just now has disappeared, and now the face is irritated.

Is that the cover, Benitz slaps Hayato on the back?

"Um, please don't hit me on the back. Because I lose HP."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you, I'll take care of it.And this sword. I'll hold onto it to discipline myself! "

"Well, Benny's a great guy, so you'll have to be able to make the right decisions more than anyone else."

"Yes, Simon will teach you a lot.Ah, Luna, I'd like to thank Rosa too, so let's take it off a bit! "

Benitz headed for Lunaria and the others alive.

Then Simon comes closer.

"Hayat, I've taken care of everything.The Ten Swords and Ninja were imprisoned, and the princess was aware of it.It's all thanks to Hayato and the others.It would have been just the destruction of the demon sword, but I really appreciate your help. "

"Never mind. If you're in trouble, it's each other."

"Well, maybe so... I don't know if I'll use it, but I wanted to give it to you.The sword of the princess, the sword of the princess, the sword of the princess. It's not how it's made. "

Huh? Are you sure?

"Of course. Hayato can make yataglass in the first place.Compared to that, I think they're both weak swords, but there's nothing I can give them. "

"I'm happy as a production job.There will be more to make.But I'm in trouble. I don't have anything to give you back. "

"Because I just gave it to you, I am in trouble if you give it back further.And Hayato gave me five swords and kimonos.I like it so much that I will keep using it.I haven't paid you back enough yet. "

I see. If you like it, I'll run out of creators.

I'm in a bit of trouble, though.

"What do you mean?"

"I like it so much that I wear kimonos all the time.And I was embarrassed to expose my skin.I hadn't thought about it before, but as a samurai, I had a little trouble. "

In the first place, I gave the kimono because of Ruth's educational problems.It's also a maid's trick to keep Simon's abs from Jill.

"I'm sorry about that. Because I asked you to wear the kimono you gave me all the time."

"Hayato is not serious. Don't be ridiculous... it's not just in front of someone that's embarrassed to expose their skin..."

Simon's voice narrowed in the second half.Hayato doesn't hear you, he leans his neck.

"I know it was a joke, but I didn't hear you very well in the second half... what did you say?"

"It sounds good... rather than that, Hayato, as I said yesterday, if there's anything to do with you, I'll run right over.Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any trouble.Well, I'd be glad to hear from you even if you're not in trouble. "

"Then please. Of course, you too.Let me know if you need anything. "

"Hmm. Let me do that... and I'll greet the others."

Simon is thanking each of them by lowering his head.

In this way regular flights came into the port.

It appears that there were no guests aboard the ship and only the sailors unloaded the cargo.And when you're done transporting your baggage from the eastern country, you're on your way.

Hayato and the others get on the boat as soon as possible so as not to miss.It was time for everyone to pay the fare and sail when the captain turned pale.

One of the sailors shouted, "Let's sail!"Then the ship started moving.

Benitz burst into tears at the pier.

"Well, not yet! Let's go!"

Although Benitz is a tearful voice, he says so loudly and waves with a momentum that looks like his hand will come off.

And Simon smiled and said, "Be a master!"She shouted loudly.

Hayat and the others waved at the two.

Among them, Lunaria waved her hand with tears.You must have gotten along a lot with Benitz.Other members are waving their hands, but that's not all.

I watched the harbor until I couldn't see it, but when I couldn't see it, I was free to move.

It will take two hours to reach the port of King's Landing from now on.Until then, we'll have to stay on this ship.I began to wonder if the members who were not comfortable with relaxing, whether they were fishing or stroking Maris' pets.

When Hayat thought about what to do, Esha, Ash, and Len approached.

The eyes of a wren are like the eyes of a hawk hunting prey.

"Hayato, what are you talking about with Simon?I felt something suspicious. "

"Huh? They just thanked me.And you taught me how to make a sword.I'm thinking of making it later.I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of performance it is. "

Len closed her eyes and had wrinkles between her eyebrows, but she opened her eyes with a cool look.

"Not guilty!"

"What happened?"

There was a verdict that Len was not sure about, but Hayato thought about the future if he was not guilty.

The last place to explore is the skyscraper Babel.

Ver, Ash and Len's father, is working with his people here.Like Necropolis, there is a transporter called a portal, and anyone who has ever been there can start at that level.

Ver and the others are already attacking near the summit, so we just need you to take the Mists there.I have knowledge of the medicine that I collect.

"What should I do when I get home?We work at the coffee shop this afternoon, but we don't have to log out of Vel or Mist, so should we get a quote? "

It is unclear whether we will embark on the Babel offensive as soon as we get back, but Hayat thought we should always talk so that we can help.

"My father said he said he'd greeted Mist before he left, so there's no need to introduce him again.And I told him I was going home today, but he said he was coming to the base.Hayato doesn't have to do anything. "

"Really? Then you don't have to do anything in particular."

"I think we need to make a chocolate parfait.Of course, as a product of the store.It's just not easy to get a snack. "

"I won't have to tell you so far to make it.As Asha said, we'll have to replenish the items that we sell at the base, and we'll have to make a lot of them... well, it's been a long time since we sold them in the store.Chocolate parfait and pudding... no, we have to make something that everyone wants to eat.I need you to use this knife when you get back. "

Escha and Len make a high touch on Hayato's words.

Hayato looked at the two of them, said that they had ingredients, so he thought he'd start cooking on the boat.