Another Frontier Online

Knowledge of medicines and new information

The Skyscraper Babel attack has begun.

Nevertheless, Vale and the others have already conquered quite a few floors, so the rest is on a few floors.The more upstairs you go, the worse Agres and Suien will move, but that will be a gesture of respect.

Hayat heard that Ash and Len, plus the Mists, would attack the party until now.In the form of 10 Genesis Dragons and 3 Immortal Dragons.

Somewhat less, but there are circumstances, and Diete brings in information.

On the top floor of the skyscraper Babel, there was a humanoid monster called "False God Babel", and the fighting power was increased by the number of people who stepped into the top floor.

If you go with too many people, it will be less efficient, so it is better not to increase the number of people than ten.However, Mist must go, and Len has a powerful Debuff in Solo Boss Combat.

It would have been better to have Esha who could have attacked with high fire, but this was influenced by real-world circumstances and she did not participate.

The Babel offensive takes place not only in the morning but also in the afternoon.It was also possible to have Asha participate only in the battle against the boss, but there seemed to be no option to wait for Asha until the next morning, and she was willing to defeat him even without him.

Those circumstances led me to go with thirteen people.

That's what Vel and Mist talked about yesterday at the base, and today is the first day the members are exploring.

Hayat was logged in to drop off Ash and Len.Ash and the others are meeting up locally with Val and Mist, so we're on our way.

"Well then, Ash, Ren-chan, nice to meet you.And this, potions, medicine and cooking.Give it to Vale and Mist. "

"... so much again. Unlike in the Clan War, I don't need that much because I have a Randall of Healers."

The potions Hayato gave Ash and the others are a reminder of the Clan War when Dieter, the healer, was gone.

"The more advantageous it is, the more you use it.I don't know if Vale and the others are willing to use it at all, and I can't help but take care of it. "

If you sell it, it'll be money.

Len accepts the item while saying so.It's probably not my fault I only receive dessert dishes, but Hayato doesn't say anything in particular.

Well, I can't help you at the coffee shop, but you and Esha can do your best.

"Yes, that's what matters!Alone! Important points! "

"What is Ren-chan talking about?Without them, the number of customers will be reduced, but I can't help it.I'm fine, I'll take care of you. "

Leave it to me.

"Leave it to me! It's been a long time since all of Dragon Seoul has arrived.I'll show you how strong it is! "

"Speaking of which, yes.Yeah, good luck with that. "

Ren nodded with a smile and left the base with Ash.

(I'm sure you're happy to be able to play games with your friends.I hope you enjoy it a little.)

The purpose is to gain knowledge of medicine.But there is no doubt that it is a virtual reality game.Hayat sent them out hoping that they would have fun.

Hayato was then asking Rose about the stock situation while thinking about what to prioritize.

"Cheaper ones are still selling better these days.Expensive items aren't selling that well.I don't buy anything of low quality because it affects the taste, but at the very least it comes from Sung-san, so the sales are better than others. "

"Could it be that you're doing a lot of research outside of my store?"

"Of course, I have some information from other maids, but I don't even sneak into other stores during breaks, etc."

I think this is different even though it is the same maid, but Hayato thinks it is a level that can be done with personality.In the case of Esha, he is extremely aggressive and can't do anything else.

It's just a story of virtual reality where cleaning, laundry, and cooking can be quite good, but if you look at something that you don't actively do except make chocolate parfaits, you don't feel like doing anything else that you're interested in.

"Hayato, what's wrong?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, just thinking.Then I'll cook high-quality but low-performing equipment, chemicals, and more.Items with low basic performance can be made of cheap materials, so they can be cheaper to sell. "

"Yes, I think that's better."

As Hayato nodded, he went back to his room and started making items for sale in the store.

That night, Hayato and Esha logged in after finishing their afternoon work.

I didn't hear from Ash and the others in reality, so I wanted to see what happened.

When I went to the cafeteria at the base, there were Ash, Ren, and Mist.

However, there is an atmosphere of doubt about whether the air is heavy or whether it is okay to talk.Mist must be making it up.Without noticing Hayato at all, he seemed to be sitting on a chair with his feet crossed, arms crossed and thinking as he stared at the wall.

"Um, what's wrong with everybody?"

The atmosphere of the mist remained the same, but Ash and Len looked like they had been saved.

"No, I don't know what's going on, but I'm a little misty.I've been waiting for Hayato to come. "

"Um? Is there a problem, Mr. Mist?"

Mist moves his neck slowly and looks at Hayato. And he smiled.

"Yeah, there's a lot going on.Yes, all knowledge has been gathered.You can also create panaceas, so I'll teach you how to make them. "

Already? Have you finished the Skyscraper Babel offensive?

"Yes, thanks to Vel and Ash, I was able to attack the top floor today.And this is how to create panacea. "

Hayat checks the information.

Pharmaceutical skills have now enabled the creation of panacea.The items you use are not hard to get, and there is a 5% chance of being created even with the highest quality Star Five.Hayato's crystal dragon pendant would be 10%.

"You can make it without a problem.The probability of a star five doesn't seem bad, so I'll give you something to drink with a star five.It's hard today, but I'll make it all tomorrow. "

"I'm sorry about everything. Best regards,That's it, Mr. Hayato. "

"Yes, yes. What?"

The atmosphere of mist changes again.I was making heavy air like when I came to this cafeteria earlier.

"I'd like to talk to Mr. Dieter, can you call me?"

"I think it's okay, but should I do it now?"

"Yes, if I could. Actually, I was expecting Hayato for that."

"... um, Mr. Mist, may I ask why before you do that?Mr. Mist has changed too much this morning.I want to know what happened and why you called Diete-chan. "

Mist looked at Hayato without answering, but he exhaled and smiled.

"Have you created any strange air?I'm sorry about that.Actually, I wanted to check with Mr. Diete.Today, I learned about the last medicine, but I learned something else. "


"Yes, that's..."

"Hey, mist, can we stay?If it's important, I'll leave my seat. "

Ash blocks words before Mist says anything.

"That's right, everyone here knows the reality, so there's no problem.But it's not funny. "

"Then let me know. They belong to the same clan.I want to know what Mist is worried about. "

"Well, if there's something bothering me, I want to help!"

"Try not to pinch your mouth as much as possible.But do you want your husband's coffee? "

"Yeah, I'll get you some coffee.Can Ren-chan have melon juice? "

So please!

If Esha doesn't want a chocolate parfait or she doesn't want melon juice herself, she must be reading the air.Hayato felt a little anxious that Esha could read the air.

Hayato places table coffee and melon juice in the dining room while preparing various items.

After everyone had a sip, they were in a listening position.

"Well, to be honest, it's not a big deal.I'm just worried.I wanted to check with Dite. "

"What do you care?"

"I wanted to enter this virtual reality to save everyone's lives.At the time, I was thought to be incurable, so if I couldn't cure it, I decided that I should sleep until I could get the medicine with cold sleep. "

Hayat nods. Diete told me the story before.I'm not surprised because I share information lightly with Ash and the others.

"I decided it was because I saw this virtual reality and the cold sleep going on for generations, but before that, I received a solicitation email to the virtual reality.I think Ash and the others did something similar, but what do you think? "

The Ashes nodded.

"You came to me, too.I think it was about being with Len and my father. "

"You came to me, too.It smelled really bad, but I was interested in virtual reality, so I went. "

"The text is probably different, but in my case, it says about the patient and my illness, and that's why I was interested.But when I think about it now, I think it's all about that. "


Hayato looks at the mist, feeling a little suspicious about the clouds.

Mist exhaled once and opened his mouth.

"The information I got today at Skyscraper Babel.It was a suggestion that Damien put me and Ruth in cold sleep before I received the email.I want to see if that's true and what it meant to be true. "

Mist looked a little bitter when he said that.