Hayat contacted Diete to come to the base via voice chat.

I told him there was a mist, but I didn't tell him what happened.Did you feel something in Hayato's serious voice, Diete just replied that she would come right away without saying anything in particular.

Esha, Ash, and Len are logged out.It is judged that there may be things that are difficult to say and things that you do not want to know.

There are also Rose and Noat in the base, but Rose always goes to bed early so there is no problem.Noat will not come down unless he has done so much.

So now there are only Hayato and Mist in the cafeteria.

As for Mist's relationship with Damian, Hayato was also an outsider, but he stayed at Mist's request.

Mist said Diete wouldn't lie if he was in front of Hayato.Hayat had something to say, but he agreed to it and waited for Dite with Mist.

There's still time for Dite to come.Hayat thought about talking to Mist until then.The mist seems to be in pain from earlier.

"Mr. Mist."


"If Damien was proposing to include Mist and Ruth in this virtual reality, what are you so scared of?"

"... do I look scared?"


"Hayato can be a good doctor.I'm scared. "

"May I ask why?"

"For me, Damien is my best friend.I met just a colleague at the hospital for the first time, but I got along as I talked through my work.You've been talking about medicine all night. "

Hayato nods like a hammer without saying anything.

"Even if we're friends, we don't know everything about each other.It's a secret, but I don't know why I should keep it from you.Why did you bring me to this virtual reality to hide my reasons?I don't know. "

That's what Mist said and drank the newly prepared coffee.

"I guess I'm scared.To know the truth. "

"To know the truth?"

"I have no idea what Damien thought he did.But if that's the malicious reason - it's because of Damien that I've worked so hard in reality.Without a joke, Damien could have been dead.But if those things were part of the malice, not the heart of Damien, it's scary to think that way. "

It's hard for anyone to believe what they absolutely believed.If that were malicious, the shock would be immeasurable.

"Once the medicine has been created and everyone's illness has been cured, I'm trying to get my memory back - but I'm lost now."

"... you mean you don't want Damien's memory back because you're afraid to know the truth?"

"Correct. I don't know how far Damien has lost his memory of reality, but perhaps he has no memory of bringing me to this virtual reality.I don't want to remind you why, that's how I feel. "

Those who live as NPCs in this world have for some reason erased their memories of reality.

I don't know why Damian brought us here to trick the Mists into reality, but I don't remember that now.What will Damien look like when he gets it back?Mist wondered if Hayato was afraid of it.

However, as for Hayato, I think it is a bit too bad.

Although Damien lost his memory, he seemed really worried about Mist.Whether you're missing in Necropolis or gathering knowledge of medicines, Hayato knows that he supports mists in many ways.

It doesn't seem like the fundamental part will change even if the memory of reality disappears.

Of course, it was a state of mist hatred, but there is a possibility that it became normal by erasing memory.But I don't know what it means to bring them into virtual reality, and I don't know why Ruth and the others are involved.

"Um, Mr. Mist, do you have any idea why Damien hates you?People who liked Damien have fallen in love with Mr. Mist, and there's such a drastic reason. "

"Huh? No, I don't think so.I was in the lab, so my colleagues, other than Damien, treated me like a freak. "

"I don't know... then Damien must have been jealous of Mist's medical technology.It's common in movies, isn't it? "

"Damien is a better doctor than I am.I'm proud to be on top of some of the technology.Based on that, I don't think there's anything to be jealous of. "

If so, why don't you think too much about Mr. Mist?

"Are you thinking too much?"

"Yes, I've seen a lot of Damien and Mist's interactions, but I feel like I'm taking care of a friend who's in trouble.You were careful not to overread the book, right?I don't think I would hate or resent that kind of person. "

When he came back from the eastern country, he told me not to go exploring immediately.Damien always seems to be worried about Mist's health.

Hayato noticed a lot.

"Does Damien know Mr. Mist is sick?"

"No, I don't know. I didn't say that."

"May I ask why?"

"That's why I don't want you to worry."

"Maybe you do.You probably don't remember now, but in reality, because you knew Mr. Mist was sick, you tried to sleep in virtual reality - cold sleep. "

Mist was gloomy, but began to think with his arms together.

I didn't mention the illness, but it is possible that it was known.I suppose you're thinking about it.

Hayato, you're quite a name reasoning.

Suddenly the door leading outside opened and Dite came in.


"I thought I was sorry, but I got a little talk from you.Mr. Mist, Hayato is right. [M]Damien, you knew about Mist's illness. "

"Mr. Dieter, do you know why?When and where did you find out? "

"As far as I know, Damien has seen Mr. Mist's body.Looks like Mist fell down in the lab.That's when Damien found out that Mist was sick. "

"At that time....."

Mist had lost time in his lab researching and fell.Damien was the one who discovered it.

"Then what was written in the e-mail..."

"That's information from Damien.At first, only Damien was qualified to enter this virtual reality.But Damien, tell me you're not going into this world unless Mist and Ruth are with you.That's why Mist made plans to get into virtual reality. "


"I told you before, I'm really sorry.I didn't think deeply about it because I couldn't do anything at the time.And I made a promise to Damien that I wouldn't tell Mr. Mist about it, but apparently some of the infinity taught me.What the hell does he want... well, that's fine.Now I'm talking about Mist. "

Diete looks at Mist gently.

"Damien was always worried about Mist.And you admired him for being a much better doctor than yourself.The doctor said that it was the fault of the world to lose him.So I was asked to extend my life until I could find a cure for my cold sleep.Besides, he said he couldn't cut it out from here unless he said he was sick.Mist, you must have felt that you didn't want me to worry. "

"That kind of thing....."

"I'm sorry I made you nervous.But Damien would be stinking to say that to Mr. Mist, too.It's a good year for each other. "


Mist smiles when he says so.

"Damien, you can decide if you want your memories back.You can erase Mr. Mist's memory and tell him to live here.Think about it slowly. "

"... I don't want to erase this memory.And I don't want Damien to forget.Ruth, when I was in the hospital, he said he wanted to be a doctor like me and Damien.Then you should get your memories back to make it happen.Can I just get my memory back and ask Damiens to forget again if they refuse? "

"Of course I don't mind. It's just that they're all after the medicine cures the disease."

"Leave that to me. I know how to make it, so I'll get you the best quality medicine."

Hayato said so, Mist nodded happily.

"Thank you. Um, can I ask you one more favor?"

What is it?

"May I have some wine?With this feeling, I wanted to get a little drunk. "

"If that's the case, do as much as you want."

Just as Hayato was about to prepare, Noat came down gently from the second floor.

Quite well, I was in the dining room until late at night, so I guess I was wondering what happened.Or I'm hungry.

"What are we all doing?"

"Well, I'm going to have a little celebration, or I'm going to have a glass of wine."

"Yes, it is."

"... sitting in a chair means that Mr. Noat will also participate?"

"Bring me as many doughnuts as you can.Rose hasn't brought me any doughnuts lately. "

"Don't ask what you did, but you should apologize."

"Think about it."

"Mr. Noat, I'm late. May I have a song?"

Mist smiled and said so.

Noat looked a little surprised, but nodded after showing a little thoughtfulness.

"It's a shame the audience is small, but I don't mind Mr. Mist always taking care of me.What kind of song do you want to hear? "

"Can you sing me a friendship song?"


"Yes, I'm very grateful to my friends right now.I want to hear a song like that and drink wine. "

"... whoa. Then sing something like that.But in exchange, I demand donuts. "

Hayato nodded in the words.

I'll get you the best song I can.

"My song is always the best.I'll knock it in your head. "

Noat stood up from the chair and began to prepare for the song.In the meantime, Hayat made various preparations.

Ready, Hayato, Mist, and Dite sit in their chairs and listen to Noat's songs.

Noat sings a little.Hayato and the others enjoyed the wine while listening to the song.