Two weeks have passed since then.

Hayato and the others gathered materials from Mist's method of manufacturing Panakaea and prepared the highest quality Panakaea for the number of people.It has already been given to everyone to drink, and that will be about a week ago.

Mist made a choice to regain everyone's memory.I'm sure everyone on the spaceship Aphrodite has woken up and regained their memories.

Hayato was just a little worried about what would happen after preparing the coffee shop.

Do you live in reality by reclaiming your memory, or do you live in virtual reality by erasing your memory again?

Hayato thinks about how Mist and Damien, much less ex-patients like Ruth, will live in reality from now on.

"Hayato, what's wrong?My hands are stopped.Please prepare lunch as soon as possible.I'm done cleaning. "

"Wasn't Esha anxious when she tried to live in reality?"

"Why all of a sudden?"

"Ruth, I was wondering what you guys would do if you had your memories back.Mr Mist and Mr Damien have skills as doctors.Vale and the others were also talented as actors.But I don't know the details about the people who were patients, but I wonder if there's anything.I was thinking about it, so I thought I'd ask Asha. "

"Is that so? There was nothing worrying about it.It was full of feelings that I wanted to surprise Hayato. "

"... I'm glad I could help.But speaking of which, Esha was a programmer.There's a way to live, so don't worry about it. "

"... that's not all."

"Did you say something?"

"No, nothing, but it was nice talking to Mist and Damien.This is what happens when we take care of each other.Friendship between men is good. "

"Why do you feel so sad when Asha says that?"

"Hayato's heart is rotting."

"I want to tell Asha that."

Hayato said that, but I think friendship has many things.

Nay and Rosalie definitely have a friendship.

It seems that Nay loves Rosalie unilaterally, but Rosalie shouldn't feel bad about Nay.

Rosalie was worried about Nay, who hadn't logged in for a while.Even though I said I didn't like it, I was always dating Nay's seductive invitations.

The reason I don't like it is because of the tundelle.Contrary to the feeling of not hiding Nay's emotions, Rosalie has a part that hides her emotions.Hayato thinks it comes from the illumination.

From Hayato's point of view, it seems like a close best friend, but Nay said it to Rosalie anyway, so I don't say it because I feel like I'm going to be cut by a sickle.

And Lunaria, the demon king, and Benitz, the princess of the eastern kingdom, have recently been friends.

Simon contacted Hayato recently, saying that Benitz was practicing his autographs, as if they were exchanging letters.On the contrary, Rosalie contacted me with a little resentment that Lunaria had used a strange word.

"The two of us are strong each other, in various ways, and have something in common about being selfish, but most of the others are the opposite.The opposite is true in the first place.Seeing and naive. Seems to be a bad match, but somehow it's working out well as a friend. No wonder. "

Strangely enough, Simon was happy to get in touch.

As a result, Benitz became more conscious of being a princess than before, saying, "I can't lose to Luna!She said she was working hard.

Simon, who contacted me like that, limited the ten sacred magic swords that were supposed to be his friends, not his friends.

I thought you were just about to believe me.Hayato thought that maybe it was because of the benitz.

I wasn't expecting any of my friends, but Benitz couldn't get away with being the princess of the country.I don't suppose you could have left Benitz behind and left the country.

Immediately after the benitz softened, he said that he would leave the country next time, but it is doubtful whether it was actually done.Simon won't be able to abandon the venison, no matter how bad it gets.

I don't know if it's my duty as an older person or if I think Benitz is like my sister, but Hayato thought it was also friendship.

And the man who was the leader of the Ten Daggers betrayed his people.Instead of betraying me, you didn't think I was one of them in the first place.It is possible that I only thought of it as an easy-to-use token.There will be no friendship, no respect for the other party.

Even though I think there are various forms of friendship and companionship, I also remembered the relationship between the maid director and Gil, but Hayato stopped thinking about it and proceeded to prepare the lunch menu in earnest.

Immediately afterwards, the doorbell of the coffee shop ran out.

Reflexively, Hayato said, "I'm sorry, it's just before the store opens -" and surprised the guests who came in.

Mist, Damien, and Ruth.Naturally, it's not a virtual reality costume, but a modern costume that feels stylish.

"Hello, Hayato, Esha."

"Mr. Mist, and Mr. Damien and Mr. Ruth."

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to surprise you."

"Don't worry, there are a lot of customers who come to us like that.Please, have a seat at your table.Now I'm serving coffee instead of water. "

"Ruth, you like chocolate parfait, right?Say yes. "

For some reason, Esha is stuck in Ruth's way.

"Ah, um...?"

I was confused about Ruth, but Ash and Len also came there.

Hayato, I'm sorry I'm late. - Mist.

"Ash, and Len. It's been a long time."

While everyone was greeting, Esha nodded.

"Since Len is here, there are three chocolate parfaits. Your order is in."

"There's one thing to think about, but it's okay.Make him something delicious.I'm sorry, Ruth, but I was wondering if you could hang out with me. "

"If yes, I'll take it. Because Esha and Ren were eating with a nice smile in virtual reality, and I wanted to try it someday."

"I don't know, Ruth. What a lovely smile... Len, please eat as much as your sister can!"

"One is enough, but I'm very happy."

(Ren-chan is busy with her sister, and Ruth is handling it as an adult?I don't know which one is older.)

Hayato thought so, while Parfait left it to Esha to prepare the coffee.

As soon as it was ready, Hayat approached the table where the Mists were.

"Please, it should taste good. Maybe."

"I'm a little scared to hear that, but I was actually looking forward to it."

Mist and Damien drink coffee placed in front of them.

Hayat gazed at it.

Well, what do you think?

"Um, well, it's not like it's possible or impossible."

"I feel the same way.I said I'd drink it for free, but I don't want to drink it until I pay for it. "

Mist and Damien give their opinions.It would have been a dry evaluation.But for Hayato, that's a compliment.


"Happiness means..."

"The old coffee was worse.Mist and Damien, thank my tongue and stomach. "

Ash would have suffered the most from Hayato's coffee. That's for sure.

"I see. Ash needs a worse coffee… Hayato needs to thank Ash for his sacrifice."

"Eh? How much sacrifice does that mean...?"

"I'm kidding. Well, actually, I've decided a lot, so I'm here to report."

Mist explained the past and the future.

Confirming that Ruth and the others had recovered from their illnesses, everyone who slept in immortal sleep - that is, cold sleep - woke up from sleep.

And deal with it so that everyone's memories are restored.

I was delighted that the body that was thought to be incurable was being treated, but because 100 years had already passed, I talked about what to do in the future.

I knew it from before I went to sleep, but I didn't think about it until after I woke up.Since the idea of treatment had preceded me, I didn't even think about it when it actually healed.

However, it will be resolved soon.

Diete asked Nay to arrange a medical trip.

It's the colony "Hospital". Nay asked for it from the foundation because it was a colony managed by the foundation Sagittarius.

Mist and Damien were to work there as doctors.By studying medicine, Ruth and the others are supposed to attend a medical school in Hospital.

Ruth and the others all decided to go to the doctor.

"Has Hayato ever heard of Ney building a new colony?"

"Suddenly, I've never heard of Nay's foundation building a new colony in person, but I know it's been on the news.The colony was formed about ten years ago, so it's quite noisy.But what's wrong with that? "

I don't think I can actually make it in ten years, so I've had a plan before, but it's only recently that the story has come out.

The provision of "Analyzer Frontier Online" games has also recently been discovered to be the foundation, so it has gained considerable attention.There were rumors that they could create attractions like virtual reality.

"As a matter of fact, Nay asked me if I could be a member of the colony's medical staff.Before that, he arranged the hospitality. "

"Are you talking about the early staff of the new colony?That's amazing again. "

Moving to a new colony is excellent evidence.Normally, you can't replace a colony you can live in if you're not in the same class.I mean, it's just an order or a pull from a considerably higher class.

This time it's a colony built by the Nay Foundation, so the Foundation definitely chooses its staff, but it's quite reasonable to be invited directly by the Foundation's blood relatives.

When Nay moves as a human being of the foundation, he becomes more cynical than he can always imagine.I would never hire a mistress in my stead.In other words, Mist made Nay's glasses come true.

"Yes, thank you. Of course, it's not just me, it's Damien and everybody."

"The colony will build a hospital with mist as the top medical technology.I appreciate your suggestion. "

"I told you to put Damien at the top."

"I told you Mist wouldn't work unless he was at the top."

Hayato thinks that things have happened in the past two weeks between the two of them laughing at each other.I don't know the details of the situation, but I think we could understand each other by reclaiming our memories and talking.

Hayato's heart warmed up when he saw it, but he started to think it was ruined because he didn't like seeing the eyes of Esha.

Afterwards, the mists stayed at the store because they wanted to try lunch.Instead of Hayato, who was busy with preparation, Ash, Len, and Esha seemed to be talking a lot.

There comes a mist. And he sat at the counter in front of Hayat.

"Mr. Mist, what's wrong?"

"No, I wanted to thank you again."

"I've been told many times already.And it was Dite and Ney who did a lot of things. "

"It was Hayato who brought me between those two.And I want to thank you for something else. "

"What do you mean?"

"Do you remember when we first met?"

When Hayat first met Mist.That would have been when the entrance to the base was littered with ash.Hayat fell when he grabbed his foot by the hand of the mist that came out of there.

Hayato says it, Mist laughs.

"That's true.But forget that.After that, Hayato invited me to the Clan War.I want to thank you for that. "

"Because I thought Mr. Mist was strong enough to win a Clan War.They're like each other. "

"Yeah, but I really want to thank you for making me a new coffin."


"I think I told you before that I was building a coffin. Do you remember?"

"Yes, but I gave up because it was hard to improve my woodworking skills."

"That's right, but now that my memory is back, I think it's time.I had unconsciously made a coffin and wanted to die. "

"Why are you doing this...."

"Diete told me that even if I erased my memory, I couldn't erase it completely.Damien was concerned about my body because he knew my illness in reality, and that was the result of his unconscious behavior. "

"... that Mr. Mist was building a coffin because he wanted to die in reality?"

"Instead of wanting to die, you thought you couldn't help yourself, even if you were cold sleeping.So I want to make a coffin and sleep in it in peace.I think I felt that way.But Hayato made me a coffin instead.I don't have to make my own coffin anymore, and I wonder if that's how I didn't unconsciously give up my life. "

If you act unconsciously even if you erase the memory of reality, if you stop that unconscious behavior, it will be reflected in reality.

I know what you're trying to say, but Hayato thinks the idea is too dramatic.

"Isn't that as convenient as it gets?If you say so, Mr. Mist stopped building coffins unconsciously, not harder to improve his woodworking skills.I stopped giving up at least.It's reasonable to think so. "

Mist was gloomy, but he smiled a little and saw Hayato.

"I see. Should I think so?"

"I don't know.Let's throw away such deep thoughts and think about something fun.Yes, I will buy wine next time, so please come and have a drink.It's quite expensive. "

"I'm looking forward to that. I will do so.By the way, I think you need a BGM for alcohol, but don't you play music at this shop? "

"What? Music?"

"Yes, as a BGM, the old coffee shop used to play songs that suited the atmosphere of the shop.I thought it was before the store opened, but I can't see the equipment that looks like it. "

"Certainly there are some of them.I don't know if there will be more customers, but I'd like to try it. "

"I think Noat's song is good.If it's flowing, I'll go there every day. "

"As usual, I would recommend Mr. Noat.But is there a bend that suits the atmosphere of this shop...? "

Hayato remembered Noat's songs as he said that.