Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: The Necropolis Tactics (Part 1)

Esha came to the bottom for the Necropolis offensive.

Essentially, there was a transfer device called a portal, and it came at the bottom in an instant.However, there are artificial blue and black walls stretching from the place to where the boss is, and we have to walk there.

Given the situation, Esha says that the boss in the back would be a Duke demon.While thinking that the demon had a lot to do with it, Esha looked around.

Nearby parties can't be expected to work together with a group of people.However, sometimes it is better to fight on the strength of the individual than to do something poorly together.

Members here are NPCs who have considerable strength in this virtual reality.The more you do, the less power you lose.

It's harder to match Ivan, the brave man in the first place.The basic specs are different from the surroundings.

In the former clan, Blackjack, Ivan and Cecil stormed in without thinking, and Relic gave them support.Others felt like they could somehow work with Ivan and the others thanks to Relic.

If you don't have that relic, you'd rather fight for it than force it on Evan.It's possible to get into Destroy, but it's a story of the past.Esha thinks it's a delicate thing to be able to hit Ivan right now.

Esha looked around further.

Besides Ivan, there are NPCs with strong habits.However, Esha felt a little difficult to do.

Because Asha is the only one who knows the reality of why it is difficult.

This party is a 10-person party of Damien, Ruth, Ivan, Gil, Simon, Maris, Lancelot, Maid Leader, Noat, and Esha.

Everyone but Esha lives in this world without memory of reality.

There is no particular problem, but is it because I feel that it is somehow difficult to do it?Esha was full of feelings she didn't really understand.

I know somehow from speculation.Esha used to live in the same way as everyone else here, thinking that this world was real.It is now in a position to recall the cause and effect of reality and to move back and forth between reality and this virtual reality.

Naturally, it was a coincidence that she recovered her memory, but for some reason, Esha felt as if she had betrayed everyone.

For different reasons, everyone decided to live in this virtual reality together, forgetting the reality.Not just for yourself, but for Ash and the others, it was a betrayal of everyone who came to the conclusion that we should live in reality.

That's what Esha thought.

"Asha, what's wrong? Are you hungry?You can give me a donut for your colon.But I'll triple it later. "

"I thought I'd rip off that intestine, but I won't tell you."

"I made it clear, but I'm going through.'Cause it's Asha. "

They both remained silent for a little while, but Noat gave them the doughnuts, and Esha received them. Then she chewed.

"Noat still likes doughnuts.How many did you have your husband make? "

"I don't remember that kind of past.But donuts are good. Everything's stuck in that hole. "

"I'm not a good rattler, but isn't there a hole because there's nothing?"

"So I eat thinking about what's supposed to get in there. It's supreme."

"I've never seen anyone eat such a donut before.Incidentally, what do you think will come in? "

"Probably space."

"If you just answer diagonally, everyone will ignore you."

I have a strong impression that Noat is good enough to sing a song called a prima donna, but he's almost asleep when he's not singing.But the feelings of the people who have been with Noat for a long time are different.Esha is one of them.

I usually bring haggu, but the noat when I really took it seriously was quite a thing, and I was doing the urban legend on the ground that I could do it.

It is quite unusual for Noat to explore the dungeon this time.When I was in Blackjack, Noat said he was coming from me a few times.

The reason I went was because I learned that the mist I took care of was in trouble.Esha was surprised at the reason.

Noat didn't fight for a while, so he said he would fight Hayato to get his guess back.Hayato, who could not fight in the first place, was not struck at all, but Esha also fought with Rose.

But it turns out that none of them were able to hit.

Noat has good combat skills, but his skill structure is unusual.It is a structure that raises various skills to the point where you can learn beneficial moves.

Fighting skills were only raised to the point where they could take the blade, and Curse skills were also used to spell spells.There are 100 skills in music, dance, and knowledge of it, but otherwise they are fragmented.

I don't know whether the composition is strong or not, but I can say that it is quite strong if there are allies.It is a form that you will never win on a one-on-one basis, but it will be quite powerful if you work with your allies.

As proof, Noat defeated Simon with Gil and Rose.If it were one-on-one, I would have definitely lost.

"Asha, what's wrong with you staring at me just now?I'll tell you what, I won't give you any more doughnuts. "

"I won't need it because my husband will make it later.I just thought Noat was strange. "

"I don't want Asha to tell me.I'll have Hayato make me some doughnuts. "

You two are close.

Suddenly Maris broke in.

Maris was riding Lancelot from the rear.For now, there are no enemies, but Maris and Lancelot were the last to guard against attacks from behind.

Esha reacts slightly to Maris' words, distancing herself from Lancelot.That's what I think of the colon, but if Lancelot attacked us here, we have a problem.There is no Dite here, and we cannot revive it.

"If I had been with you in my previous clan... did I seem friendly?"

"Yeah, well, I don't think that's going to happen if we don't get along because we're not reluctant.However, both of them are bogus, so I thought you might want Hayato to put in a comic book! "

"Absolutely. Asha-chan wants me to bother only when I'm with Hayato, because I'm tired."

"How dare you say that.Let's just say that's my line. "

I knew you were close.

Esha is somewhat dissatisfied with Maris's words, but when she thinks about it, she starts to think that she doesn't have as many friends as Len.

The situation was not at all similar, but I somehow had a sense of companionship because I recovered my memory in the same way.I've been friends with Daedalus since I first belonged to Hayato's clan, so maybe I can call him a friend.

When Esha thought so, she felt a strange feeling of itching in her body, which smelled a little stinky.

Asha-chan, I'm telling you because we're close, but it's kind of creepy.

"... I think I can update the number of shootings in Destroy. Congratulations."

"It's not a good decision."

You guys need to get a little more nervous.

Ivan walks in the front, and there's a cliché.Maybe it was a little loud.

"Hmm, Ivan's thumbs are a little off.Hayato-san is better. "

"Let's just say I agree."

"Why am I being so careful?"

Even though Ivan said he had a bump, he moved on and finally came to the door where the boss was.

Well then, I mean it.In the meantime, do a lot of damage with Asha's Destroy first.It would be easier if we defeated the next Destroy by then, but that won't be the case, so I'll defeat it with a second Destroy.There's no difference in the plan, is there? "

Everyone nods at Ivan's words.

"All right, then, Jill, keep Esha safe.I think the first blow will earn you quite a bit of weight. "

"Hmm. Let's do our duty as shields.Stay behind me, Lord Asha. "

"I'm counting on you... maid, why are you standing so close?And I'm afraid of my eyes. "

"I won't lose. A maid... let me show you its spiritual cortex."

"Good luck with that maid I've never heard of."

While thinking that Esha was in trouble, I took out the Belzeve 666/EC Custom while confirming that there was melon juice to play a role.