Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: Necropolis Tactics (Part II)

Esha and the others step into the boss's room.

It's a completely different place than before, and the first impression is probably the magical world.

There is something like a black sun in the sky that somehow serves as a light source to illuminate the surroundings.And the background was filled with blue and black mud that reminded the creature.The ground is made of brown flat rock, but the expression "magical world" is not a mistake.

When Esha turned to the back, there was no door coming in anymore.There was also the ground behind it, but when I looked closely, the tip was cut off, and when I approached it, I saw the blue and black mud under the ground, which was the same as the background, at the bottom.

I don't know where this is, but this is the only place in this space where this ground is floating.And if you fall out of here, you'll definitely die.In the first place, it is unlikely that this will happen, so we will have to revive it at our base.

Esha saw how big this ground is.

Width is an important piece of information for Esha, who performs Ranged Attacks.

Gil is supposed to protect you as a shield, but I'm not going to hug you.When it's time, if we attack ourselves, we have to disrupt it.

Since the boss doesn't appear yet, Esha looks around quickly.

It's probably about 300 meters in diameter.There are no obstacles. It would be a bit difficult for Esha.

With that in mind, Ivan pulled out the Excalibur.

It's time to come, Asha, are you okay?

"It's okay to shoot, but keep it safe."

"I promise."

Gil wears a helm and holds a giant black shield, Diaboros.

With a demonic pattern, its shield has the ability to permanently cut all attacks and even magical attribute attacks by 20%.However, not only that, but also the damage taken can be converted into Attack.There was a limit, but the hits saved up to the limit were quite powerful.

Everything you have, including Armor, is named "Diabolos" and ultimately cuts all attacks by 50%, including set effects.Skills such as "Walk-Ray" to earn Hate were also powerful, and as a shield, they were enough to be desired by everyone.

"Asha-chan, first I'll raise my magic power, then I'll shoot you."

Noat said that to Asha as he flexed and stretched.

"Of course. Except for me, only Damien or Ruth attacks magically, so once you shoot, you can switch to increasing the power of your physical attacks.I want you to work harder and earn more weight than I do.I have to shoot the second shot. "

"Asha-chan fired two shots... but you can't beat them all?"

"There's a high likelihood that they will fight in a large-scale battle.I'm not going to fight with ten people in the first place. "

Considering the story of Necropolis, it is likely that the Duke demon will emerge.Esha fought in a Clan War, but thanks to Mist's repeated Zombie Attacks, he was able to defeat them in the end because he was able to target them from a safe zone called a fortress.

I don't think it will work so well this time.

However, I didn't feel like I could go when I saw the members here.

Brave Ivan has a lot of Attack Specialist Samurai Simon, Melee Combat Expert Maid Leader, and members that deal heavy damage.And thankfully, everyone is the subject of a physical attack.

If successful, if Noat's beneficial effects increase his thermal power, he may be able to defeat Esha without having to shoot twice.Nevertheless, it was the battle that made me wonder what was there.We should also leave a way to ensure that we can defeat them.

When Esha was thinking about it, a huge finger hung on the edge of the ground.The vibration causes the ground to shake a little.

I must have seen the devil's face.Only the top half of the face and only the eyes move.When I checked Esha and the others, I laughed.The demon moves like crawling up.


Ohhhh! Hmph...

Noat uses songs that increase his magic attack power.This increased the magic attack of the entire party.

Esha immediately stood on her knees and peeked at the demon with a scope.


Ten magical formations of different sizes lined up.


Ivan and the others in orbit fled immediately.

Shortly afterwards, when there was a loud sound of air shaking, the laser struck the devil's face while breaking through the magical formation.

Though the devil looks up, he does not cut off.The smiling face turned angry and jumped out to the ground.

For a moment, the demon casts multiple magic.Flames, thunder, ice, wind. Every magic was aimed at Esha.

But that doesn't reach Esha.Powerful but linear, Gil stood in front of Esha and took it all.

"Hahaha! I can't break my muscles with such an attack!"

Gil laughed and said so, slightly opening the helm's mouth and drinking Hayato's potion.

"A potion with a cool time of 0.If there's a lot of this, we can't lose! Come on! "

Gil uses "Walk-Ray" to earn Hate Value while saying so.

"Asha! I don't know, Abu!What if I get caught up in this? "

"I don't think Ivan and the others will hit it.I don't care, so earn your hatred and stop attacking me.I'm having a hard time recovering my MP. "

"It only looks like I'm just drinking melon juice... well, no, I'm going!"

When Ivan jumps out, Simon turns to the devil to follow him.

"You're still a Duke demon.This is a rare opportunity. Let's see how far it goes! "

"Asha, that's my position. Give it up."

"The position of maid captain is in front of that demon.Just go ahead and beat me up. "

"That's a challenge for me.Very well, I will earn more weight than Destroy. "

The maid commander said so and moved in front of the devil in the shrinkage.

Damien put his hand on Ruth's head and stroked him.

"We will defeat the other demons that spring up.Don't push Ruth. "

"Okay, I got it. I have a role to make and give medicine, so I try not to fight anything else."

"Mr. Ruth and Mr. Noat will be well protected by me and Lancelot!"

"Well, I'm doing a song to increase physical attack and a dance to lower the demons' stats."

Everyone started doing what they had to do.

The battle here is not just about the Duke demons.That demon can summon lower-ranking demons indefinitely.Damien and Maris are the ones dealing with them.

Damien created Skeleton warriors with the magic of "Created and Dead".The warriors began to defeat the approaching demons.In addition, Damian defeats demons with soil magic and swords.

Maris was riding Lancelot and using her spear and shield to defeat the demon.

The Devil is still attacking Esha, but his magic attacks from afar are not so powerful, and Gil has prevented them dangerously.

And for the devil, those three.

Evan had his Excalibur Weapon Skill "White Lightning" activated, and the trajectory of the white sword was enough to fill the demon with attacks.

Simon is attacking in such a way as to disturb the demon's attack.I used my Weapon Skill well and canceled the attack.

The maid made a slightly acrobatic move while aiming for the demon's face.He was attacking the devil with his bare hands, approaching the face of the devil with a movement that he had only seen in the creation of running over his arm, and slapping him in the face.

Despite all this, the demon's HP has barely decreased.I've already lost about two thirds of my HP in Asha's Destroy, but I feel that it has been subtly reduced because my HP has recovered automatically.At least not until the next Decepticons.

"I still need a second shot.When restoring MP.Don't get me wrong because I have to drink melon juice. "

"Who is Esha talking to?"

Ruthie comes in from a little leisurely.It is painful to bother even more a boy who is too young.

"No, don't worry, I just want to drink it. It's a little maiden heart."

Ah, I see.

I don't know, but I pretend I do.Esha was impressed that Ruth was such an air reader.

And it's the maid who can't read the air.

"Isn't the maid captain earning too much weight?It's a plan to get Jill to earn a lot of hatred after all of us are dispersed. "

"Mm-hmm. That makes more weight than me.In this case, the maid captain will take his balls off. "

An attack by the Devil's bare hands is an act of obstructing the direction of travel, but if you take a tag, a magical attack will come on top of it.When that happens, it's impossible to keep pushing.

So in the end, it's Gil's plan to take the balls and endure it.As long as Esha is safe, it's no problem that the demon's health recovers too much before the next Destroy is shot.There is also a plan to maintain enough HP to be defeated in the next Destroy.It is likely to be difficult without the maid length.

"Master Maid, you've earned too much weight!Keep it down a little bit! "

"I can't hear you, even if it's Jill.There's something the maidens have to do. "

"... what are you talking about?"

"It's about the maiden, but I don't think you need to ask.In the meantime, thanks to that, you're no longer attacking me.I'm all right here, so I need you to play shield on the front line... if the maid captain takes his balls, please protect him. "

"Hmm? Okay, let's protect the front line members for now!"

Gil said so and ran toward the devil.

Then we start attacking to earn Hate.

Inspired by the maid chief, the Tagetsuke Festival began on the front line.I feel like I'm competing for who can do the most damage.

The damian who saw it looked stunned.

"I can't lose here...."

"Let's give up already. The maid captain has turned into a demon with all his heart to be protected by Jill. A maiden."

"Ah, you've seen it before.At that time, it looked like a demon.It feels like it's going well, and it's going to end in the next Destroy, so I don't mind.Is MP okay? "

"No problem. All that's left is cool time.Well, let's wait and see. "

"It's amazing to relax in front of that demon."

Damien was summoning more Skeletons to defeat the lower-ranking demons.

By the end of Destroy's cooldown, the demon's HP was also considerably reduced.I was just about to say.We can still defeat them, but it's faster to defeat them in Destroy.

That's how Esha stood up for Belzeve. Then peek at the scope.

Death- hey!

Suddenly the maid chief appeared in front of me.Stop Destroy in a hurry.

"Wait, Esha. That's bad."

"Please don't come in shrinkage.What is it? Suddenly. You can shoot Destroy anymore, so don't interrupt. "

"Asha, I don't want to defeat you."

"Don't make any sudden noise.I don't eat the maid's pudding anymore. "

"That's not true. This battle will be postponed as long as possible.So stop it. I'll bury the demon, so just relax and have some melon juice. "

"... I don't think that's a good idea because I want to be protected by Gil."

"Think carefully about which demon or me you're afraid of."

"Stop shooting."

"That's wise."

"Rather than saying that, Ivan is about to defeat you, so you don't have to shoot anymore.It feels like we're all attacking sooner. "


Soon, the maid captain and all but Esha attacked the Duke demon.Only the skeletons made by Damien and the low-ranking demons fighting them are nearby.

The maid looks at the Duke demon.There were all the members attacking.And Ivan is attacking with all his might.Thanks to his Weapon Skill, he was attacking continuously with movements beyond the laws of physics in this game.

And finally, he jumped up and threw a fast thrust around the devil's chest.

Instead of the big demon, the demon disappeared into particles of light, laughing.

The maid is kneeling and putting his hands on the ground.

Even though Esha didn't want to take it later, she did her best, so she switched her mind to get Hayato to spend it in real life next time.