Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: a story without love

"Rosalie! Looks like you're worried!I'm fine! "

"... Shut up about the opening"

A base in Daedalus, led by Hayato.So Nay talked to Rosalie in a voice chat.

Having logged in for a long time, Nay came to greet me with a member of the Black Dragon, where Hayato told me about Rosalie.

Rosalie is one of the leaders of the Demon King army and leader of a group of Gothlori called the Black Rose Ten.After so many things, Nay became so close as to be a friend.

The rosary came to Hayato worrying about the invisible Ney.

Rosalie is a person who lives in this world without memory, but Nay is a player who knows and plays with virtual reality.

Nay is a relative of the foundation that can be said to rule the world and has become an investor in this virtual reality, "Analyzer Frontier Online."

I didn't actually invest in it, but Nay was behind it to keep my hands off other foundations.

It's just not the end of the story.It requires a variety of procedures, disclosure of information, and rooting out.

Ney was doing what he had to do, but he had a lot of work to do.It was not the position to do this at the scene, but mostly to organize documents, but it was quite a lot to read.

The work was finally finished with the help of a member of the Black Dragon who was also a real acquaintance.I haven't logged in for a long time today.

Naturally, Nay will not be in this virtual reality while she can't log in.Rosalie, who doesn't know the real world, should be worried.

Normally, it's not a big deal.It's normal for a friend to worry about you.

However, Nay doesn't get too worried about that from a standpoint.Even if there is, it will be about Hayato.

Nay is a relative of the foundation.Everyone is naturally worried, but it's a little different when it comes to worrying about Nay herself.

In front of an individual named Ney, he has a position as a relative of the foundation, and he is rightly worried about it.

Would anyone be worried if they weren't in that position?

With that in mind, Ney gets a little scared.It is not my position that matters.Such an idea is often overwhelming.

And this time, Nay was worried about Rosalie.Rosalie, who doesn't know the truth, worried about Nay personally.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the fact is jumping Nay's tension.

The tension was reflected in the loudness of the voice, but Rosalie was quite unpleasant.

"Don't suddenly shout in a voice chat.Well, I know how well you sound.I only cared a little, so I asked Hayato, but he was worried. "

"Hmm, I'm feeling well. But yes, Rosalie missed me!I missed you too! "

"... no, I'm not lonely.I just thought there was nothing to be noisy about. "

"Hayato said that.Rosalie said she was lonely and came to ask about me. "

"That bastard... I don't think he's lonely, but please tell Hayato to remember that later."

"Yes, but you were worried about me, whether I missed you or not?I'm glad to hear that! Thank you! "

"I won't be thanked... oh, yes.If you want to thank me, I need a little help. "

"Okay, that's good!"

"... you haven't said anything yet.If you're going to take it, at least listen to me.In fact, I need arachne thread to make a dress that I can wear to Lunaria. "

Arakne is a monster that is scared if you are a woman with a spider on the lower body and a human upper body.There are many monsters that appear in real virtual reality, but even though Mohmov monsters are liked, giant insects and spider-based monsters are disliked.

Almost a spider, Arakne is a monster of the hated kind.

However, the yarn boasts considerable performance.Arachne yarns are also quite expensive as sewing materials, as are the expensive ones in metals such as Oriharcon and Adamantite.

"Alright, let's take down that Arakne. That's good!"

"... you can talk quickly, but at least ask the members of the Black Dragon.Wouldn't you be angry if you made your own choice? "

"I don't mind if you don't, and I'll just go with the members I want to go.Besides, everyone loves collecting materials. "

"Speaking of which, it was thanks to the members of the Black Dragon that Hayato was excelling in the production job... then you don't have to be all of them, so please bring me someone who is convenient.I'll get back to you with the date and time. "

"I understand! Tomorrow is fine!"

"I don't know why you're so well, but I look forward to it. I'll see you later."

The audio chat conversation ended.

Ney feels tingling and warm around her chest.

Nay is real and has no friends other than Hayato and the Black Dragon.It's just a good and familiar relationship.It is not a reality, but a virtual reality, but it seems to have a friendship with the human rosary.

The fact delights Nay's heart.

When I thought that talking would reduce my tension, there was no such thing.I can't sleep at night unless I see him again.

That's how Nay decided to go to Demon King Castle.I don't go there normally.Assault. The only way to deal with this tension is to go wild.

So Nay told Hayato and the others about it.

Hayato was amazed, but the other members were all on the story.Thank you for saying that Nori is the same.

"All right! Assault Demon King Castle!Let's surprise Rosalie! "

Ney said that outside the base and with his members he was aiming for the Demon King Castle in the Magic Land.

"Is Nay stupid?"

"I don't think so myself, but Hayato often said it was a trick.It's a shame. "

Ney and the Black Dragon stormed the Demon King Castle and fought back.

Of course, Rosalie is strong as a rare monster in Demon King Castle, but all the Black Rose Ten are here.It's usually a rotation mechanism, but Nay says, "Give me the rosary!"So they all came to see what it was.

And Nay smiled and slashed Rosalie, who came out with a stupid face.

"I was kind of happy and wanted to fight! Let's fight!"

I fought for a reason I didn't know.

Until now, the Black Dragon and the Black Rose have fought together, but they have never fought.

Originally, the Black Dragon was missing one, so it was unfavourable, but I decided to fight in a mock game.

The result is the defeat of the Black Dragon.But there are other circumstances.

Even with a shortage of people, Lunaria entered the fight along the way.

"As the Demon King, the intruder defeats.I didn't think it would be fun. "

That's how the Black Dragon fell down.Lunaria was most delighted to win by raising the Arondite.

Afterwards, one of the Black Roses used the magic of resurrection to bring everyone back to life, and then led the members of the Black Dragon to the residential space of the Demon King Castle.

Now I can say that I'm being welcomed by the black roses, but Nay was stunned by Rosalie.

"It's really a trick... but I'm glad to see you not only in voice chat, but also in good health.If there is no problem, stay here today.That's what Lunaria said. "

"Really!? Well then, let's play macro throwing and card games like we did on an island floating in the sky!"

"What did you say about staying at the Demon King Castle...."

"Rosalie, where are the cards and McClure?Let Ney and the others show their power as demon kings.I want to knock the demon king in his head that he is invincible. "

"... the card is on the shelf there.It's not there, it's the top shelf. "

"Rosalie, are you okay? Does your eyebrows hurt? So glued."

"... no, I'm fine, but I want to take a little vacation and go on a trip.Something made me tired. "

"I'd love to go in the hot springs!"

"Onsen... that's nice. Well, I'll think about it later, so let's play a card game.However, since Lunaria is here, the Demon King Rule is activated.No matter what happens, don't get angry. "

"Is there something angry?"

"It's unreasonable to say so.Because when you're about to lose, you intervene in the rules.That sounds like Lunaria-sama. "

"The Rosaries spoil Lunaria too much!"

"I guess so.From now on, it might be better to be a little tighter.Well, let's not think about that right now.This is the first time I've hosted anyone at Demon King Castle, so please let me know if there's anything I can't reach. "

"Hmm! I want to stay in Rosalie's room!"

"It's just a wish, right?You can't just stay in a room. "

"You're my friend, right? I don't care if you don't clean it!"

"Don't talk about it without cleaning it.Do you know the word "friendly"? "

Such an unforgiving story continues.

Nay kept talking to Rosalie in a fun mood, wondering if she was a friend because she could talk like that without love.