Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: Little Kingdom

Maris Sola was lying on her back in the meadow today on her last day.

Nearby, tamed monsters play on their own.My cheeks loosened naturally, wondering what kind of paradise this place is.

Today, the world is over. And the next time I woke up, it was a new world that was upgraded.

That doesn't matter to Maris, but I miss breaking up with the tamed monsters.

The pets are programmed. It's just working with simple AI.

You may think you miss it from the perspective of others, but it's a virtual reality that has been reproduced so realistically, and we've been exploring the world together for years.Of course I miss you.

And Maris has other circumstances.

Suddenly the wind blew.As the wind subsided, I heard footsteps approaching Maris' ears.

"Maris, this is the end of the day, but there's plenty of room.Don't you have anything else to do? "


A woman dressed as a clown was seen in the eyes of Maris lying down.

Surya White.

Few of Maris's acquaintances use the same tamer, and a huge dragon.Suddenly the wind blew when the dragon came down nearby.

In reality, we've never talked to each other to the extent we knew each other.This is the first time I've talked about this virtual reality, but the way I think about pets doesn't suit me, and it's often an argument.

However, neither Maris nor Sulya will deny each other's thoughts.Because I don't think so, but I don't think my ideas are absolute.

Last thing I remember today is reality.Maris stood up and watched carefully, as it was possible to forget about the Sulya in front of her.

Sulya, dressed as a clown with an overall blue and white composition, wears only the right half of the clown's mask.His hips are equipped with whips, and he looks like a circus beast.

Maris has never seen a beast use, so it's just speculation.

"What are you staring at?"

"I've never heard of you, but are you dressed as a beast?"

"My clan is a circus, so that's all I can do.By now? "

How far did you go?

"Top 8. Lost to Blackjack.I can't beat that. "

"Is Blackjack the winning clan?I didn't have any luck. "

Speaking of Blackjack, Maris wasn't interested in clan warfare.And in the Clan War, Maris was right to win.

The "Circus" clan led by Sulya is the top 8.If I hadn't hit Blackjack, I might have won the top four or the semi-winning.

"It's okay because it's over.More than that, Maris. What are you doing here?It's the last day, right? "

"I'm just playing with everybody.I've had a lot of trouble and I've been taming and I've been adorable and I feel a little lonely to say goodbye today. "

"Maris got a reward for fighting in the same clan as me.I was given hope that I could act with this dragon in the next world. "

"I didn't realize that.But it's okay. I'm going to find these kids again in the new world. "

"... is that the same individual?"

Tamed animals and monsters are moving with simple AI.You can say it's just a program.

I don't know if I can find the same individual as the one who broke up here today.It is also unclear whether the programmed pets are perceived to be individuals in the first place.

When an appearing monster is defeated, a new monster will appear in a few minutes.If it is the same individual, it will be more likely to shake the neck sideways.

And I don't know how the pets here would be treated if they were upgraded in the next world.

That's what Sulya wants to say.

But Maris laughs with her nose. And that's your face.

"I named these kids, so it's okay."

"... hmm"

Everyone thinks things differently.Sulu didn't say anything more than that.

After a while of silence, Sulya opened her mouth.

"Then I'll go.I'm going to Ambrosia with all my clans. "

You mean the semi-winning clan?

"Yes, is Maris coming?"

"I'll wait here for the world to end.I want to be with everyone in the end. "

"Okay, I don't know if I remember in the next world, but I'll see you again someday."

"Well, I hope we get along in the next world."

"... that might not be possible.I'm not going to change my mind.Even if you forget reality and the world changes. "

Sulai said so and flew with the dragon.

Only Maris and pets remain in the grasslands.And I said just one word.

"I'm not gonna change my mind either."

Maris lay down on the ground again.Then he put his hands behind his head and looked at the sky.

It's about 2 pm now.In a few hours, this world will be over.But the surroundings are so tranquil that they don't make you feel that way.

A small cloud that moves slowly into the shining sun.The refreshing breeze that strokes your cheeks and the smell of grass.And pets who are playing happily nearby.

If there is a time when the real world ends, I want it to end in this situation.Maris thought that way.

After a little wet, the pet tricot approached.

"It's still noon. Go to bed, fast."

"Yes, but today is a good day.Let's all relax. "

The words from the mouth of the three-haired cat were "yah."But Maris' ears can hear with words.

It's the power of the item Maris received when she logged into this world.It has the effect of a pendant "Melamps" that allows you to talk to your pet.

It's not a fight-oriented item, and it's not meant to be used when taming.I can't talk to monsters that aren't pets in the first place.But it would be God's equipment to solve the problems of pet animals.

Pets are simple AI, but there are clear hobbies.The most important thing to worry about is food.Information such as what you want to eat is unusual.To some extent, it is ethnically determined, but the trend varies depending on the individual.

And if it's too harsh, the pet leaves his husband.

Originally, we use pet expressions and behaviors to determine hobbies, but Maris' "melampus" can communicate them in words.Depending on the person, it will be enough to get a hand out of his throat.

Nevertheless, there are also problems.You put too much emotion into your pet.

I'm just talking about virtual reality, but can I let go of my pet in a situation where I can understand words on a realistic appearance?

At least Maris couldn't.

The three-haired cat tilted her neck to Maris' answer, but rose to the belly of the lying Maris, where she became round.It looks as if this place is mine.

Did everyone understand Maris' words "let's relax"? Pets stop playing, approach Maris, slightly stretch, and then lie on the ground.

Nothing around, just the pets surrounding Maris and Maris.

It can be said that this is a small kingdom of Maris.

(We'll break up once, but we'll find everyone to join us again.And rebuild this kingdom... if the kingdom is the Queen, the first Siegfried I've ever been with)

Maris saw a three-haired cat in her stomach with that in mind.

"Siegfried is the queen of this country, so behave with kindness."

Siegfried didn't say it had nothing to do with it, but after a big stretch, it quickly became round again.And I slapped Maris with my tail.

After smiling a little at the gesture, Maris closed her eyes and let go of her consciousness.