Another Frontier Online

Event consultation

A month has passed since the Mists returned to the real world.

I work for the colony Hospital, but I come to coffee shops quite often.

Mist, Damien, and Relic and Sonia often come together to drink because they like wine.As for Hayato, I would like you to drink coffee, but it would be terrible to ask for that.

Throughout the month, the game ended with a treasure hunting event, and players were about to predict what the next event would be.

Previously, Diete told me that Tamer would be advantageous for the next event, but I haven't heard any further details.I'm thinking of asking Maris to help me if I want to participate.

Diete was consulting Hayato at the previous event.I thought maybe it was time for you to contact me, but I got a call from the telephone monitor installed in the coffee shop.

The monitor says "Dite."When I touched the monitor and put it on the phone, I saw Dite.

Hayato, can I have a word with you?

Fine, but are you talking about the next event?

"I appreciate your understanding.I'd like to talk to you again, okay? "

Diete has a high dependency on Hayato.There are Escha and others who only consult on virtual reality, but they don't consult without Hayato.Talk to Hayato first or together, including Hayato.

Esha and the others were originally asleep in the spaceship Aphrodite.The people of this era know about Dite as much as Hayato and Nay are members of the Black Dragon, so I think there may be something like a line drawing.

I interact frequently with Nay, but it's just a business relationship.Moreover, it seems that there is a condition of strict prohibition of rattling, and only Hayato can consult with this hand.

I can't rely on you anymore, and Dite seems to be having a lot of trouble with Dite, so I want to help you.

Hayato's hopes are included, but Diete wants to understand humans or be equivalent to humans.

Human and mechanical AI.I don't know which is better.

However, I am glad that Diete, who is an AI as a human, strives to understand humans.Because I want you to not only think mechanically about everything, but also put emotions in it.

Of course, it was too emotional to be captured in virtual reality.

Including those thoughts, Hayato smiled at Dite over the monitor.

"Sure, why don't I log in at night?"

"It would be helpful if you could do that.Ash-kun and Ash-kun, if you're gonna be all right, ask them out.I want to hear all sorts of opinions. "

Okay, I'll see you at night.

"Sorry about the busy part. See you at night."

Diete said so, laughing at Hayato over the monitor before disconnecting.

When I look at that expression, I think it is already quite close to human beings, but I think it is still there because there is a mechanical part occasionally.

Esha dressed as a waiter approached.


"He wants to discuss the next event tonight.Is Esha okay? "

"There's no problem. But is this the next event?I can't get a prize because I am an NPC character, right?I'm going to negotiate if I can get a prize as a player character.I mean, do you have a prize? "

"I didn't ask you about the prize, but there was a problem."

Esha is an NPC player.

We are now acting as a player between reality and virtual reality, but within virtual reality we treat NPC.You won't get real-world prizes even if you play in an event.

"Me and Len are rather NPCs on the management side.I have to get that money. "

"Can you think like that?You can say that it's an in-game event or that you're solving a problem, so try negotiating with Dite. "

"Instead, I think Hayato would be fine as well.If you're too involved in all kinds of things in the game and reality, it's a level where you can sue and win. "

"Maybe so, but when NPCs think they're human, they want to do something about it."

Virtual reality is not reality.Whatever happens in virtual reality doesn't affect reality, but the NPCs in that world are just human beings who forget reality.I live in the belief that the world is real.

There are emotions if you are alive, and there are good and bad things in life.If you're in trouble with virtual reality, I want to do something about it.

"You're still sweet... recently I've been wondering if that might be a good place for Hayato."

"Are you complimenting me?"

"No, not at all, but don't get caught up in weird things in reality anyway."

"Be careful. - Ah, welcome."

A customer enters the coffee shop.

Hayato and Esha had to get back to work.

At night, Hayat, Esha, Ash, Ren, and Dite gathered in the cafeteria of the base.

The upstairs room has a maid Rose and a singing princess Noat, but Diete has changed the base settings so that she can't hear her voice, so she won't give any extra information.

"Thank you all for coming."

When Diete said that happily, everyone replied that they didn't have to worry.

Well, it's late at night, so let's talk about the next event...

Diete said the next event would be to divert the monster atlas system.

Monster Atlas is part of a system that can be used by all players and there is no item called Atlas.Specifications that can be viewed from the system menu.There is no need to do anything in particular, and information is automatically written when you defeat a monster.

The next event will feature an item called the Monster Seal Atlas, which uses this mechanism.Defeating a monster will seal the monster you defeated in the book.

When the number of registrations reaches a certain number, the winnings are awarded, and the players with the highest number of registrations are eventually awarded additional winnings.

Defeating more monsters will give you a chance to win prizes.

"It would be advantageous simply to have combat power, but you'll also need Production Skills to summon special monsters.I don't think it was an event that made some of the players look like that, but what do you think? "

Apart from whether or not you can aim to win, this event will be enjoyed by many people.If you don't have the skill structure to specialize in production systems like Hayato, it's no problem to fight normally.Money like petty cash can definitely be obtained.

"I think it's good.Recently, there have been more new players, and it's likely that they will take the opportunity to belong to some clan or start their own clan to fight. "

"I'm glad you said that."

"By the way, what did Tamer say he was good at?"

"You said that in the eastern country.Animal knowledge skills and monster knowledge skills are influencing it.With these knowledge and training skills, you can use them to detect monsters and animals around you. "

These two knowledge skills also have the ability to improve damage to subjects, but they are largely related to the success rate of animal training skills.Tamer would be a necessary skill.

If you also have one of two skills and an animal training skill, you will learn skills called "animal detection" and "monster detection".It's the ability to discover monsters and animals around you like a radar.The higher the skill, the wider the range.

"Until now, I've only been able to get some information, but this event has also upgraded my skills to allow me to make detailed designations of undetected monsters and untrained animals.Of course, Tamer will be advantageous because we can also specify unsealed monsters as a condition for events. "

"Oh, that's right. That's an incredible upward fix for Tamer."

The specifications are always updated in online games.Minor changes may be made, and significant changes may occur.This upgrade will be a great pleasure for Tamer and the others.

Since I got some information, it was time to ask questions.

"If you take down my father and Agnes, will they be sealed in that book?Me and Len too...? "

"Sure, that's a bit of a problem.Let's stop the monsters and NPCs with their own nouns. "

"Cursed or no animals!?"

"There are more new monsters and animals, but no cursed animals.You're a cursed animal in the first place, right? "

"Animal training skills are negative, do you have any upward modifications?"

"If I correct the negative side upwards, can I be more disgusting?"

Everyone must have been awakened by the start of a new event.

I was supposed to finish early, but I talked about the event until late at night.