Another Frontier Online

Tamer guild quest

Two weeks had passed since Diete had been consulted and the event had begun.

This event does not start suddenly, but starts with a Tamer Alliance quest.

The Monster Seal Atlas is an item managed by the Tamer Alliance and has a Magic Book set up to investigate the monster's ecology.

Even though it is a seal, it is not an image of a monster actually entering the book, and the information of the defeated monster is written in the book, so it cannot be called.Seals are words made from images like that.

Diete said she wanted to finally be able to use books to summon monsters, but she didn't want to go that far this time.I guess it's just a pretense.

It's the first day of the event, but this time, unlike usual, most of the players are in town.The Answer Frontier Online event starts at midnight, but this World Announcement alone hasn't started Tamer Alliance Quests yet.

The Tamer's Guild opens at nine in the morning.

Since it was announced that the start of the event was the start of the quest, players lined up with the Tamer Alliance early in the morning to form a long line of snakes.

Waiting seems to be one of the highlights of the event, with many players waiting for the Tamer Alliance to open while chatting with their friendly friends.

According to Nay and the others, the situation is similar in all towns, as in the town of Grand Belle, which is said to be the border.Ney and the others were lined up all night long.

Hayat also wanted to receive the Monster Seal Atlas at the King's City Tamer Guild, but because there were too many people, he gave up.

Hayato can't defeat monsters alone in the first place, and there's no reason to hurry.I was somewhat satisfied with the atmosphere of the festival on the first day of the event.

(Let's go back to the base while looking at some shop)

When I thought about it, I was called from behind.

Turning around, Maris stood smiling.As usual, she was wearing a three-haired cat Siegfried on her shoulder.

"Hi, Maris, and Sieg. Looks like the Tamer Alliance is in trouble."

"I'm surprised. I didn't think there were any more people who wanted to be tamer at first.Has Hayato come to collect the atlas? "

Yes, but it's going to take some time, so I was just about to leave.

"If so, can I come with you to the base?I wasn't going to be in the Tamer's Guild for a while, so I was just trying to squander my time somewhere. "

"Of course I don't mind. Then I'll have a drink or something. And of course to Sieg."

Sieg replies briefly, "Nyah."

He said, "Take good care of yourself."

"That's royalty. It's a small place, but I'd really appreciate it."

Hayat and Maris walked towards the base.

King's City is full of vitality because it is the first day of the event.In addition to the players, NPCs are also enthusiastic about opening stores.I was just waiting for people in line to ask if it would be delicious.

Hayato was also aware that he was influenced by his vitality.

I've always been there for the start of the event, but I feel like this festival.Normally, the tension was so high that I would buy something that I would thoroughly consider and buy now.

It's okay to waste a little, but if you don't want to regret it, I decided to talk to Maris to calm down.

"Will Maris attend the event?"

"This is an event hosted by the Tamer Alliance, and of course I will attend.Tamer has to take the lead. "

"Really? Do you know what that means?"

"You belong to the Tamer Alliance.I didn't help because I wasn't on the management side, but I've heard a lot about it. "

Listening to Maris, I found out the whole story.

I know the purpose of gathering information about monsters in the Monster Seal Atlas, but the Atlas will eventually be collected by the Tamer Alliance and used to investigate monster ecology and more.

The ecology of monsters is often unclear.The aim of the Tamer Alliance is to collect and manage monster information more efficiently by gathering more information.

"The Tamer's Guild used to collect information about monsters, but it's not a good gathering."

"The monopoly on information is profitable."

"Yes, but most of Tamer thinks his pet is the best in the world, and he's not really interested in other monsters.That's why they were analyzing the information. "

Hayat had heard rumors that Tamer was gathered at the Tamer Guild to brag about his child.Occasionally, the Alliance has a pet pride tournament, and it seems to be showing a lot of excitement.

It's just a bragging tournament and there's no ranking.Because if you do that, a war will break out.

"I've heard of it somehow.Tamer thinks other animals are cute, but he won't give up saying he's the best in the world. "

"That's right. I think so too.Our children are all the best in the world. "

Maris said that with a serious face.Hayato can't keep two sentences if he says so with his completely turbid eyes.

"But if you don't have enough information, you're in trouble."


"You've told me before that there's an organization that does business illegally."

Hayato remembers.

I've heard stories of people doing illegal pet trading and poaching, all of them.Maris has been chased by the response and has not been able to go to the island in the sky.

"Was it when Maris was too busy to come to the base?"

"That's right. The organization was destroyed, but the information that came out of it was much more accurate than the information that the Tamer Alliance had and caused problems within the Alliance."

"Is that what happened?"

"Yes, monster habitat, favorites, weaknesses, skills to learn by training, and even undetected monsters.The information alone made the Tamer Alliance far worse.This was an unfortunate development, and I decided to borrow help not only from Tamer, but also from a variety of people.This is the Monster Seal Atlas, which I think was created in collaboration with the Magician's Guild. "

"I understand somehow, but what does that mean?It doesn't seem to be a problem even if the information accuracy of the organization that destroyed it is high. "

Imaginatively, it's like game strategy information.

I didn't think that the monster information of the organization was superior to that of the Tamer Alliance.

Maris smiled at Hayato and stroked Sieg on her left shoulder with her right hand.

"I hope everyone can't think bad things like Hayato, but some people use pets for bad things.Power for crime, not for defeating monsters.Some people think so. "

Oh, yeah.

"The Tamer Alliance also acts as a deterrent to tamers and pets.You're putting monsters all over the city.The lack of information means that pets can get out of the way.For example, if you hit a lot of monsters in the city for the first time, it's going to panic anyway, right?In the meantime, there's a lot of stealing going on in town. "

"I see. If you know the information, you can handle it."

Maris nodded and exhaled.

"Tamer is a lot of things. Some treat pets simply to avoid them, others treat them as adventures, and others use them for war.It's one of the tamer guilds' jobs to stop people who use pets for bad things, so don't forget about the lack of information. "

Hayato was somehow convinced.This is the setting for the start of this event.

Maris is a pet lover.I don't suppose I can allow that pet to be used to do bad things.

Well then, I'll help you too.I think they can help the clan if it's convenient for them. "

"Really? Actually, I was expecting that a little bit.I think Hayato's helper might be able to seal monsters around the world. "

"I don't know about that, but there are a lot of strong people who are more likely to win.The dragon over there... what is it? "

We were going to connect that dragon with the rest of the story, but for some reason, the dragon sat politely near the base entrance.It looks like a regular dragon, but I can't be here.

I thought it was one of the Genesis Dragons, but it's not that small.I think I've seen a dragon with a twitch somewhere.I twisted my head trying to remember, but I couldn't.

Maris said, "Ah."

"That dragon..."

"Does Maris know?"

"I think Hayato has seen it before.This is the dragon Lancelot fought in the final battle of Clan War. "

Hayato finally remembered.

In the last clan war, Dite forced me to fight one-on-one.It was that dragon that Lancelot fought against.I remember sitting in a slight motion.

"Oh, from that time. Being there means..."

"You must be here as a customer."

While Lancelot was fighting that dragon, Maris also fought one-on-one.

Hayato remembered that it was a woman dressed as a clown.