The fact that the dragon at that time was at the entrance to the base makes it highly likely that the clown was inside the base.

I don't know why. Hayato doesn't know the clown in the first place.Maris was angry with Bad Tamer, but she never heard what happened after that.

Hayato sees Maris.

I don't seem particularly angry, but I don't feel happy.

"What kind of connection does Maris have with that clown?"

"There's no cause.I just don't like it because I think differently about pets. "

It is reasonable to say that Maris, who is usually generous and smiling, does not like it.

"I think he's at the base. What about Maris? Are you coming with me?"

"I'm going, because I'm also a member of Daedalus.If you don't mind, it's over there. "

I am convinced that it is true, but I am a little worried that there are people at the base who I don't like.

Maris opened her mouth with a smile as usual.

"Rest assured. I don't run wild at the base.After that, I had a chance to talk to you a little bit, but I just don't think about it.And that dragon didn't hate Surya either, so he won't fight from me. "

"That's fine. Sulu is a clown?"

"Yes, I belong to the Imperial Tamer Alliance, whose full name is Surya White.He's an Ace-class tamer who contributed a lot to the destruction of organizations that were engaged in illegal trade and poaching. "

"Bad Tamer, but you belong to the Tamer Guild?"

"I said Bad Tamer because I thought it was terrible to treat pets.When I asked about it later, I realized that I was thinking about it properly.However, I still don't like it! "

"Don't smile."

I went to the base together and wondered if it would be okay if I could say that with a smile even if I didn't like it.

The mannered dragon seemed to have noticed us, but nothing in particular.Even if you say you're sitting down, your frightened appearance reminds you of the army.

Before that, I walked into the base.

The cafeteria at the base had Surya as expected.The maid Rose is dealing with the opponent.

The hair that is short-cut in the appearance of a clown based on blue and white is also blue.The right half of my face is hidden in a clown's mask, but I think I'm in my early twenties.

Rose lowered her head when she noticed Hayato and the others.

"Welcome back, Hayato. The customer needs it.I need to talk to you. "

Sulya lowered her head and then saw Hayato.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Surya White. I belong to the Imperial Tamer Guild, but I need to talk to Hayato - Maris?"

"Long time no see. Can I help my clan?"

Sulu opened her eyes for a moment, but the next moment she said, "Ah."

"Oh, I remember." Daedalus "was the last match in the Clan War.I remember hearing that somewhere, but this was the clan? "

I realize that Maris didn't come because she belonged to a clan or because she fought in a clan war.Then why did you come here?

"Nice to meet you. I'm Hayato, the clan leader of Daedalus.Please sit down first. Mr. Rose, I'm sorry, but could you get me a drink? "

I was afraid.

Rose prepares herself in a beautiful way.

Soon the drink was placed in front of Hayato, Maris and Sulya, and Siegfried.The three of them have coffee, but only Sieg has water on the plate.

Maris sat next to Hayat on the left, and Sulah sat beside the table in front of her.Sieg sits on the table and Rose stands behind Hayato on the right.

"Go ahead."

"Thank you."

When Hayato recommends, Sulah says so and puts her mouth on the coffee cup.I just smiled and said, "It's delicious."

Hayato thought that Sulya was a decent person, even though it was just such an exchange.

I thought it would be more aggressive if it were the Ace of the Tamer Guild, but that wasn't the case.

Hayato smiles to hear the story seriously.

"I came to talk to you about what kind of consultation?"

"Well, is Maris okay?Even if I talk to Hayato. "

"Me? Why?"

"No, come on, you hate me, don't you?"

"I don't hate it. I just don't like it because I think differently."

"It hurts me a lot to be told that I don't like it.But it's each other. Well, if you don't like it, tell me right away.So, Mr. Hayato, actually, I need to ask you something. "

I was worried about the delicate relationship between Maris and Sulya.

It's easy to talk.

Monster Seal Atlas created by the Tamer Alliance.He wanted to help Hayato seal as many monsters as possible.Power is not Hayat's personal power, but its means of transmission and movement.

Get along well with the brave, the demon king, and even boats and airships that take you to various places.Speaking of which, we don't have this many people.

I understand, but I wonder.

"How do you know that information?Somewhat hidden information, so I'm surprised to know so much. "

Regardless of whether they get along with the brave Ivan and Lunaria, the Demon King, they are definitely in a position to ask a favor.The same goes for having an airship.

How does Sulya, who had no idea, know about it?

Surya wondered why she was surprised at Hayato's words.

"Maybe you didn't hear about me?"

Just like Maris said.

Sulya held her head.

"That idiot is not talking... ah, I'm sorry, uh, I live in the Imperial Capital, but I'm pretty close to Cecil and I'm talking a lot.When I talked to Cecil about this, Hayato introduced me. "

"Cecil? Oh, is that the connection?"

Cecil is a member of the clan "Blackjack" where Esha, Relic and the brave Ivan were, and has two names: "Collector".A sword and sword collector who says, "Give me a weapon." He's a little troubled.

He now belongs to the Imperial Special Forces "Dragonbusters" and led the disbanded Ash mercenary regiment "The Beast of the Moon".

I was wary of being angry with the great Empire for a long time on an island floating in the sky, but I don't know what happened afterwards.

In more detail, Sulya was contracted through the Tamer Alliance to train the Empire's Dragon Rider Troops and met Cecil often in that relationship.

"This time, various people are gathering information about monsters, but Cecil said that Hayato would attract them well when it comes to rare monsters, so I was wondering if you could help me."

"Cecil has a lot to say, but I know what's going on."

Hayat glanced at Maris.

Nothing in particular, but Hayat said he would help with something similar to Maris.I can't take it from Maris.

I don't seem to dislike it, but I don't like the way you think.Hayato herself has nothing against Sulya, but Maris can't do anything she doesn't like.

"I'm sorry, I promised to help Maris.So, Sulya-san's favor... "

Would Sulya like to join us?

I was going to say I couldn't take it, but Maris told me to block the line.With a serious face, not a smile.

While Hayato and Sulya were surprised, Sieg licked the water on the plate without my involvement.