Another Frontier Online

Tamer and Pets

Though surprised, Sulu thanked Maris for her suggestion to do it together.I wanted to summarize my future requests before reporting them, so I promised to come back tomorrow and then went back.

Rose also has the store number, so away from this place, the cafeteria is just Hayato, Maris, and Siegfried.

I don't know if I can enter because it's a delicate place, but I thought I should confirm the situation as a clan leader if we act together in the future.

"Are you really happy? Maris doesn't really like Sulya, does she?"

"There's no problem. I've said it many times, but just because I don't like the way of thinking doesn't mean I don't like Surya herself.And I have a love for pets, and I respect them. "

I don't like the way I think, but I respect it.

It's an answer that I don't understand.

I asked Maris to sit down before I sat in front of me at the table to learn more about it.

Prepare a new coffee and take a breath before Hayato opens his mouth.

"May I ask what Sulya thinks?I want to know a lot of things if we're going to work together. "

"Okay, this is just my idea, so I'm not talking about the bad guys over there.I just don't like it.Please listen based on that. "

Hayato nods.

"Surya thinks her pet needs value."


"Yes, there are many things that are worth it, but the value that Sulya is looking for in her pet is strong.On the contrary, I don't think pets are worth it unless they're strong. "

That's what Maris said and stroked Sieg.

"Our Sieg is not strong if it's a single unit.Not just Sulya's dragons, but the weakest monsters around.I don't think Siegfried is worthwhile in terms of Sulya's values.Why is Tamer petting such a cat?I wasn't actually told that, but I kind of understood it from my remarks and actions. "

Is that what you're saying?

"I don't complain directly about making Sieg a pet.They don't seem to think their thoughts are absolute. "

Maris drank all the coffee at once.

"There are others.It's impossible to sit back and watch monsters beat you up just to make your pets stronger.Of course, I've got lots of potions nearby for my recovery, but poor thing! "

I agree with that, but let's calm down a bit.

Hayato said that, did Sieg think so too? She came close to Maris and slapped her tail.

"Oh, I'm sorry. That's why I don't think about it.Of course, pets are dangerous if they don't get stronger.We can't go on adventures together while we're weak.But I'm not convinced. "

Hayato has never had an animal.

Most people of this age do.All animals are protected and only on the colony "Zu".It is fully controlled and is said to be free of wild animals.

And I've never had a pet in a game, so I don't really understand what Maris is saying, but imagining is Maris' side.

"I've never had a pet, but I don't think it matters if it's strong or not.Pets are family. "

It's just what she saw in some book or online information, but Maris looks at Hayato with her eyes wide open, wondering if she was surprised by the words.

Shortly afterwards, he stepped out and grabbed Hayato's right hand, which was on the table, with both hands.

"Wow! What!?"

"Hayato! That's a great idea!"

Eh, ah, thank you?

Maris nods well with her eyes moisturized.

"Hayato thinks the same way as me, so I'm glad!You have a subordinate relationship with your pet, but you should think like a family! "

Either under Siegfried, Maris seemed to have the idea of a family that seemed like a minister, but not above or below.

She was happy, but Maris let Hayato's hand go, exhaled a little, and frowned.

"But I also know how Surya feels.I wonder if turning your mind into a demon and training your pet will ultimately benefit the child.I've seen the status of the dragon outside, but it's pretty awesome. "

Regarding the status, it is a specification that can be seen with the permission of the other party.It is no exception for pets.If that's what Tamer's Maris says, it's pretty strong.

"Perhaps the strongest pet at the moment.It's one of Tamer's finishing toughest dragons.And she doesn't hate it, she's following Sulya from the bottom of her heart.If she hated Surya, it would have been an all-out war, but she didn't.I grew up with love in a different way than I did. "

Pets are said to have hidden parameters of loyalty and love.Hayato has heard that feeding her favorite meals and making her behave in line with her hobbies go up.

As long as there is not much, it is OK, but it has been confirmed that if it is treated badly, it returns to the wild on its own.Nobody really knew if there was anything like that, but they believed it.

As soon as you ask Diete, you'll understand, but Hayato won't listen because it's a boring story to play games with.

Whether she's lying or honest, Maris can talk to animals.And I heard that they solve a lot of problems with pets.

Hayato thinks that if Maris says so rather than talking about parameters that she doesn't know, the dragon will feel love from Surya.

It is unclear how Simple AI monsters have feelings, but Surya is a living person who thinks the world is real.It is reasonable to assume that you are not doing something mechanically like a game, but raising it with love.

"Whatever you think about pets, you're not a bad person."

"Yes, I think people love their pets twice as much.I don't have a good idea.If you think of your pet as a user-friendly tool, you won't even talk!Instead, we will fight the darkness! "

"Don't say things like shame."

"It's so lukewarm in the name of darkness.He's desperate in the daytime. "

"I'm surprised. It's a rare early day."

Esha came down the stairs.

I usually don't log in until later, but for some reason I'm logging in earlier today.

"I felt that Sieg was coming.Apparently my guess was correct. "

Good morning, Mr. Esha.

"Good morning, Maris. Can I stroke Sieg?If you don't like it, please explain why.More than 5,000 words. "

"It's not that I don't like it.But are you okay? "

"It's okay. I just had a chocolate parfait."

"You didn't eat what was in the warehouse, did you?"

Esha did not answer Hayato's question and reached out to Sieg, who was running out on the table.

For a moment, I was bitten. Sieg has no mercy.

In the case of Esha, the training skills are negative, so it has the disadvantage that all monsters and animals dislike it.But Esha was bitten with a good smile without saying anything like that.

"As always, Sieg is good at sweet bites.I'm already a mellow man. "

"Even if you're damaged, you're going to let it through with a sweet bite?"

Damage is offset by the effect of the Chocolate Parfait's gradual HP regeneration, but it is not a sweet bite.I don't intend to say anything more because the person looks happy.

While Esha is having fun, she turns to you to talk to Maris.

"Let me get back to you, but I know the general situation.As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't seem to be a problem. "

"Yes, don't worry, I won't cause any problems.And I don't want to change Sulya's mind.Rather, I want to understand what Sulya thinks.That's why we're proposing to do it together. "

"If you don't collide with Sulya, there's no problem.Well, is there anywhere Maris would like to go?Even monsters I want to defeat. "

"After all, it's an island that floats in the sky at first.There are dinosaurs, right? "

I'm sure he's here.

"I'm trying to seal up monsters I don't see very often, so I want to go as far as I can.I want to see if Tame can do it. "

"Roger that, but over there. We need to gather strength to defeat the dinosaurs.Can you hold on a second while I talk to you a little bit?I give priority to Maris' opinion, but I also need to hear Sulya's opinion. "

We need the strength to go anywhere.

Hayat thought about who to call.