Another Frontier Online


The next day, Sulha arrived at the base.

Not only Sulya, but Cecil, too.

Cecil is wearing a brown harness vest over a white long-sleeved shirt.The trousers are leather trousers in the same color as the vest.The armor is light, but it is equipped with five swords and swords, and people who don't know it will wonder what to fight alone.

Do you like Hayato's replica-based weapon, with an Excalibur replica on the right side of your hips, an Alondite replica on the left, and a Dragon Eater replica on your back?I used to have a knife on the back of my hips and a two-handed sword on my back.

Cecil says the equipment has a cool balance.

Overall, I don't know if it is too tarnished and looks good, but it seems that I take care of it, so Hayato makes sure not to say anything in particular.

Cecil looked sorry.

I didn't do anything particularly problematic, but I felt terrified when I came.This would be unusual for someone who knows Cecil.

I put melon juice on Cecil and coffee on Sulya a little while later, but it didn't seem to get serious, so I opened my mouth from Hayato.

"Cecil, and Sulya. Is there something hard to say?"

Sulu pokes Cecil at her right elbow.Cecil said, "Okay."

"First of all, I'm sorry. Tell Sulya about Hayato on your own.I tried to get in touch beforehand, but my boss stroked me, so I forgot. "

When asked in detail, Cecil was consulted by Sulha about a week ago.So I told Sulah about Hayato, but I promised to contact him lightly.

Cecil forgot it.The reason is because my boss was stroking me.Cecil's boss is known as the General and is a former member of Blackjack.She was originally a member of the same clan, so she was reluctant to deal with Cecil.

There are so many reasons why Cecil was stroked here, but the main reason is that Cecil became a team leader called the Dragonbusters.

I was angry that I didn't have to do anything by myself because I had a staff member.

Cecil had been a type of assault by herself until now, so she was let go, but in the future, it seems that she stroked a lot if she didn't.Of course, it's about sitting down.

It's been a long story since it came back from an island that floats in the sky, but in the end the general said he threw a teaspoon.

It was judged impossible for Cecil to think and act, and he asked a member of the Dragonbusters to follow Cecil.

In the first place, Cecil is a type of intuition that should be called wild intuition.I understand some of the maneuvers, but the more conditions exist, the more Cecil weakens, so I decided to stop forcing him to restrict himself.

At the same time as the result came out, caution was also said to have been resolved. That was yesterday.

As for Hayato, I felt a little sad, but I tried to be bright.

"It seems like it's been a tough time, so it's okay.I have a lot to say. "

"Sorry, it would be helpful if you said so.Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a favor to ask you, okay? "

"I don't want to ask you a favor, but just say it."

"I was wondering if you and I could stay at this base for a while.Of course I'll pay for it. "

"Both of you? Why?"

"I don't want to go back to the Imperial Capital for a while.I'm supposed to help Sulya as a job this time, so I don't care how much you stay.And now everyone in the Dragon Busters is training, and I'm the only one who's free.It would be helpful if you could stay here to enjoy this freedom. "

"That's why. Where's Sulya?"

"I don't have to stay anywhere else, but I guess I'll be working with Hayato more often, and maybe I'll go somewhere on my own?I want to get used to it. "

"I see. I don't see any particular reason to say no to either.Stay as long as you want. "

Hayat said so, and they were glad.

Cecil is particularly pleased.I don't think you want to go back to the Imperial Capital.

This base has ten rooms to sleep in.Six of them are buried, so there are four left.It's okay to host Cecil and Sulya.

Having thought so, Hayato remembered that Sulya was Tamer.

"What about Sulya's dragon?There's a stables at the base. "

You can build a stables at the base.I could manage pets there, but Black Dragon didn't have a tamer, so I never built it.

"That's fine. I'll leave it with the King's City Tamer Guild."

"Sorry, it's a bit of a hassle, but please."

(Maris is there, and I think we should expand our base - no, no.There's Esha. Let's stop.)

Even though it felt like the animals in the stables were aiming for life, Esha would be happy, but I felt like I would have extra trouble, so I rejected the idea.

Well, I'd love to stay, but there are other people who live here, so please don't worry about it.

"Oh, let me handle it."

"Of course I am."

Hayato nods.

I was going to stay today, so I asked Rose, who was in charge of the shop, to prepare the room.

Rose seemed happy to be able to do the maid's work, or she quickly moved upstairs to start preparing.

So I'm talking about the Monster Seal Atlas, can we move on?

"Sure, I'll see what I can do from now on, so you can tell me what I want to do."

"I want to go to an island that floats in the sky first.Cecil told me there were dinosaurs there, right?Because I want to seal it from monsters that I don't see much.And I want to make sure that Tame can do it. "

Hayato laughed a little at the words.

Sulu was surprised and noticed wrinkles between her eyebrows.

"I'm sorry, Maris actually said almost the same thing.I don't think it suits me, but I thought it was the same tamer. "

Sulya looks complicated.Even if you hide the right half of your face in a clown mask, you can see it.

I exhaled a little and then stared at Hayato.

"Same Tamer, but Maris didn't say much about me, did she?"

"You said you don't like the way you think about pets.But he said he loved and respected his pets twice as much. "

"Is that what you said?I think it would be great to put the same amount of love into any pet.Tamer's pet strength is directly linked to his strength.Maris is an ace in the King's Capital Tamer Alliance with weak pets, even though she can't do anything without being strong.I think you're more respectable. "

"Maris petted the Elder Griffon Lancelot.I think it's pretty strong. "

"There are a lot of tamers with those pets.Besides, it's been ace since before I peted the kid.Impossible for the Empire's Tamer Alliance. "

"Because the Empire is about strength first.But is that what everyone thinks about Tamer?Don't you like the way you think about pets? "

Cecil, who was having a trumpet with a bottle of melon juice, said that.

"Yes, but Maris and I have something similar, so I'm rebellious.If Maris trained her pet like me, it would make me a tamer beyond my reach.It's kind of frustrating not to use it even though you're powerful.That's why I don't want to lose to Maris. "

"Like a rival?"

"It might be close. It is certainly an ideal not to treat pets with superiority or disadvantage, but it is somewhat unconvincing in a fraternal way.Tamer is a professional at manipulating pets.You're not a normal person, so you can't just be cute.Pets get confused when they need to be trained to build decent subordination and execute any orders.She's more like a pet than a husband. "

"Tamer's got a lot of stuff to do."

There are theories that Hayato doesn't quite understand, but I thought that the two rebellions might be the difference in their way of being Tamer.Besides, there seems to be a feeling that we don't want to lose to each other.

Maris loves any pet on an equal footing as a tamer, while Surya has the idea of building a strong subordinate relationship with a tamer pet.

I can't really get into it because it talks about the definition and significance of Tamer.Somewhat like Maris, Hayato is amateur as Tamer.It's just that it's not what Sulya thinks of as Tamer.

"You may think differently, but please don't collide with Maris until you act together."

"It's okay, and I want to know how Maris does it.I think differently, but I want to understand. "

Hayato thought that even though it was the same, he had a completely different attitude towards pets and tamers.