Another Frontier Online

Tamer Strength

And Hayat, and Ash, and Len, and Maris, and Cecil, and Sulaiah, came to the forest of Erdomur near the king's city.

It is a forest where beginners who have just started the game come, and the danger of monsters is low.

You can choose your own country at the start of the game.Players who choose King's Landing Anhemdal earn money here first.

Until recently, there had been many beginners who had just started gaming, but after a considerable amount of time it seemed like they had moved to a better place to earn money than here and were now idle.

Some players are affected by the event, but there are no monsters here, so they are not very popular during the event.

Why did you come to such a place?

Getting to the "Island in the Sky", which creates the Olga Doms Falls, takes time to prepare.

Hayat called out to many of his acquaintances, but it was only a week later that everyone was at their convenience.

It would be a waste not to do anything until then, so I came to the woods to see how powerful Sulya was personally and how normal she could be with Maris.

There are other reasons why we make pocket money by sealing the monsters in the monster sealed atlas.

Ash and Len, who are NPC dealers, can now receive real-world prizes just like regular players.

Esha negotiated with Diete.The Esha has the disadvantage of violently killing monsters, so she left a message at the base, but seemed to be in a mood to get violent on an island that floats in the sky.

That's why the Hayats were in the woods.

You won't lose against monsters in the beginner's field.Hayato may be defeated, but you just have to be careful of surprises, so almost everyone feels like a picnic.

I fought rabbits and boar monsters for about 30 minutes, so I decided to take a short break.

Well then, let's take a break. If there's something that the monster dropped or picked up that I don't use, can I have it?I want to do a lot of machining. "

Hayato said so and received the items from everyone and started making potions on the spot.

Other members are taking a break and drinking beverages appropriately.

"Hey, Len, what are you doing showing the five-meter nail and wala doll like a flicker?You're not cursing me, are you? "

Cecil smiles when she says so.

"Did you notice...?Don't you think this looks good too?Won't it shake your heart to add to Cecil's weapons collection? "

"No, hey, if it's a cursed weapon, it's a five-fingered nail and a walrus doll.Yeah, I don't even throw weapons. "

"You look good. Ah, yes, next time, let me show you Cecil's weapons collection.I'll invite you to my room and show you the cursed item collection. "

"I don't really want to see it, but it's okay.Yes, if you have a cursed sword.A demon sword is fine. "

"Giving the Collector a collection is Halmagedon's cue...?"

(Harmagedon... the final war. I don't know, but I don't know)

Hayat was thinking about it, and Len turned his gaze from Cecil to Sulya.

"Speaking of weapons, Surya's whip looks good, doesn't it?I've never seen anyone use it. "

Sulu, suddenly shook up the conversation, showed a slightly surprised expression and then took the whip from her waist.

I put it out in front of Len so that I could see it well.

Brown leather whip with a total length of about three meters.Usually wrapped around like a snail shell, it is equipped on Surya's right waist.

As Len said, whipping was difficult and few players chose it as a weapon.

However, the Weapon Skills that can be used with whips are as diverse as the Weapon Skills of Fighting, and you can use "bind whips" that temporarily restrain the opponent or "attract whips" that attract them.

"I often ride Garland to fight, so I can't attack with a half-distance weapon.That's why we're using the longest weapon in the mid-range system. "

"Garland? Is riding a pet?"

"Oh, you didn't say that.My pet's name.The Garland of Dragons. The woods are too narrowly spaced to get in, so I keep them with the Tamer Guild. "

So far, Sulya opens her eyes a little bit bigger as she remembers something.

"I don't know, is Ash or Len okay if I pet the dragon?"

I wondered what Hayato was talking about, but I remembered immediately.Ash and Len are dragons called Genesis Dragons.

I don't suppose they were both the same and didn't understand the intent of the question.I looked at Sulu with my neck tilted.

"Why do you ask me that?"

When Ash said so, Len nodded.

"Huh? You two are Genesis Dragons, right?It's not the top of the dragons. "

Ash and Len both said, "Ah." A few seconds later.

"Ah, oh, yeah. No, I don't mind.The battle between Genesis Dragons has disappeared, and we are all moderates.It's no problem for dragons to get along with humans. "

"That's right! Everyone is close!"

Well, I hope so.

Sulu put the whip back on her hips, with an unrelenting expression on her face.And look at Maris.

"By the way, does Maris have something to say to me?I've been watching this since we were fighting. "

"I just thought Sulya was strong on her own."

"Even Maris is strong. What's that Adamantite lance and shield?And the quality is five stars. "

Maris' gear was made by Hayato.

If you're going to an island that floats in the sky, you'll need this much equipment.If you drink pine juice with a dinosaur effect on it, you won't be defeated unless it's too much.

"I'm not strong. The performance of the armor is just good.Sulya's whip is normal, but it's complemented by technology.So be strong on your own. "

The handling of weapons is influenced by the person's skills.

Sulya practiced quite a bit, but from Hayato's point of view, she seemed to be treating the whip freely.A whip would require considerable training compared to a weapon that is easier to handle, such as a sword or an axe.

"Thank you, but our real job is Tamer, right?I think Maris is better at manipulating pets freely. "

"It's not that I'm strong, it's that Max is good."

Today, Maris has no Elder Griffon Lancelot with her.The dragon Garland did not enter the woods, nor did the large Lancelot.So Maris brought Max the cucumber tamed in the eastern country.

I wonder if Maris and Max really made a pet lately.

The opponent was weak, but even the stronger bear monster in this forest, Maris defeated without any problems.

Max fought for magic, but he was Maris' assistant.

When Maris tried to attack, she used the magic "ice bind" to freeze the opponent's feet for a moment and make them immobile, preventing them from moving.

The pets are running on a simple AI.I've ordered my assistant to be thorough, but I don't use it that well.

However, pets are said to be able to learn, and the more they act together, the more they learn from the players' intentions.

It's not a proven story like trust or loyalty, but many players believed it because it changes their behavior visibly.

It was only recently that Maris petted Max in the eastern country.It's a level that makes me wonder how much we fought together to get there.

"It's Tamer's strength to make pets stronger.Well, that's all right, Hayato. Let's finish the break.Looks like a rare monster has appeared in the back of the forest.If you're going to tame, you're going to have to defeat it. "

"Oh, is that so? Let's go then.The Monster Seal Book is also a separate frame seal for rare monsters. "

First of all, it's Tame!

When Maris said so energetically, Sulu sighed.

"I'm telling you, it's Deadly Spider out in the woods.It may be a little strong, but isn't it cute? "

Deadly Spider is a monster of spiders with a fairly powerful poison.Most people might be good at pets, but at least they don't think it's cute.

"Oh, I think it's cute - is that it?Ren-chan...? "

Maris approached Len and waved in front of her face.But there was no reaction.

"Ah, Ash! Ren-chan is still standing and fainting!?"

"... Len is vulnerable to insects and spiders.Was it bad just for words?We'll wait here. Go with Hayato and Cecil.If possible, take a non-tame direction. "

You're a Genesis Dragon, right?

No one answered Surya's question, but the result was that no matter how strong she was, she had weaknesses.