Another Frontier Online

a reckless relationship

It was the day that I went to the island that was floating in the sky.

We plan to fly on the plane Anla Manyu from Spirit Land, so we are waiting for members to gather in the vast grasslands where we can arrive and depart.

As usual, the Black Dragon and the Demon King Army will be the main members, but this time Genesis Dragon members will also participate.

The members of Genesis Dragon are Agnes, Pat, Suien, and Randa.Six people joined Ash and Len.Other members can't come to work with many things.

Ash and Len were looking forward to the island floating in the sky for the first time.Especially since Len heard that there was a place to take a vacation, I've been feeling excited all week.

There is still time to depart, but only Nei and Hayato have arrived at the moment.

While he was waiting, Hayat moved his gaze towards Maris and Sulya because he had nothing else to do.

I talk normally, but more about tamed pets than chatting.Now they're talking about each other's pets, Lancelot of Griffon and Garland of Dragons.

"Lancelot specializes in Physical Immunity... isn't he vulnerable to attacking attributes?"

"Don't take me there, I'll leave it to another kid.On the contrary, Garland is perfectly resistant, but won't be halfway there? "

"This is the only pet I have.I trained myself to deal with all kinds of situations.It's definitely halfway there, but it's very versatile. "

In the past week, there has been no particular problem with Maris and Sulya, talking normally or fighting together without any clashes.Instead, Maris started going to the base, eating meals together and getting along.

However, I rarely talk about anything personal, and I don't feel like I'm just exchanging opinions as a tamer.We respect each other, but it's not like we're friends.

I don't know what distance is appropriate, but Hayato has not intervened actively, at least for now, as it is not in conflict.

It seemed better to intervene with Esha, Noat, and Cecil than with Maris and Sulya.

It's not that the three are bad friends, it's better to say one way or another.However, since we are not reluctant to each other, there is a lot of interaction that makes people want to hide their eyebrows when asked.

"If Noat eats all the doughnuts, it gets rounded. Just donuts."

"Shut up, Cecil snores in the middle of the night more than that.Give me back my sleep. "

"Fighting is not good.Okay. Then I'll be responsible for eating the donuts. That's the solution. "

"Wouldn't Asha be an oak if she ate more?I don't think there's any demand for oak-mades. "

"Let's buy that fight.Please get out of the way. "

"Oh, a fight? If you're gonna do it, mix it with me."

It is noisy every day like this.

That's the situation, but this time, I can take Noat with me.

Unlike last time, there are no Relics, Sonia and Trehan Guild members, and no Dragonbusters.

Instead, I was able to borrow the help of a member of the planned Genesis Dragon, but it may not be enough combat power.When I was worried about what was going on, Cecil told me to take Noat.

I wonder if Cecil is used to it.For the first time, I should have seen Noat holding a futon and dragging it against it, but I didn't feel uncomfortable with it.

I felt a little poor, so I gave Noat the condition that he could eat as many donuts as he liked.That's why Cecil gave me meat, and Esha gave me sweet things, but it would be cheap if you worked hard with it.

Hayato, I kept you waiting.

Thank you for waiting!

"Ash, Ren-chan, and Genesis Dragons."

Six people on schedule.Agnes' appearance was the same as when he was at the Stampede event.In reality, I have met many times, so I don't feel particularly nostalgic, and I think it is different from the usual clothes.

It's been a long time since we met in virtual reality, so Hayato glances at it.

Agres in black riders jacket and trousers.She has short brown hair and is in her early twenties at the same age as Ash and Hayato.

Pat is wearing a tengalon hat with blonde hair that looks like a brown western gunman on the whole.I only heard that I was in my 40s.

I've never seen a Suien figure in virtual reality, but a black-haired woman wearing a black robe for as long as her back.The concept is probably a witch. I heard it was the same age as Kilka, Ash's mother, so it is the same as Pat's 40s, but the person said that she is hardly in her 30s.

Randa is wearing a white clergyman's dress, as opposed to Suien.Like Suien, she had black hair and knitted three on both sides.It's not as long as Suien, but it can be said to be that long.I was about the same age as Ash and Agnes in their early twenties, but I had heard that they were the youngest of them.

Did you notice Hayato's gaze? Pat came closer with a smile.

"Thank you for inviting me today. Uncle, I can't believe I'm going on an adventure with these young people."

"I'm sorry I'm busy. I appreciate your help."

There is no grasp from the past. It is a pat with a slender feeling, but there is a lot of trust from Ash and others.

Ash said that his track record as an actor would make him do it, but his attitude, which seemed to be light in the first place, was also an act.I can respect being an actor at all times.

The person who was listening to it laughed, "Even if I wake up my uncle, nothing will come out."

Hayato took care of me a lot.Besides, I'm in trouble because I don't have a job right now.I have to earn money from games... because it's hard for old people to find a job. "

It's a tough story, but I don't earn money because the movie hasn't been released yet.It will be released when this event is over, but until then we need to manage to earn money and eat.

The NPC-treated Ashes also received a prize at this event, so it took the form of making money at the event.

I don't know about that, but Hayato also quit the company and tried to win the game, so I can't talk about people.

"Don't tell a young child that you have no dream or hope."

"Yes, I would like Hayato to know more about her dream job."

Pat, who feels blamed by both Suien and Randa, apologizes "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"Thank you both, Mr. Suien and Mr. Randa, for your help.Are you looking for a prize just like Pat? "

"... life is boring, isn't it?Besides, Vel told me to cure my height-phobia.Will it heal if you get used to it? "

Suien fell from a fairly tall tree called the World Tree in the state of a dragon.It was dropped, to be exact, but I've been afraid of heights ever since.Hayato has heard that fighting in a high place called Skyscraper Babel had an impact or could not be very effective.

"I don't know. May I introduce you to a doctor?"

I said, "Doctor, are you Mr. Mist and Mr. Damien we met at the coffee shop before?Those two are a bit handsome with thin lines...!Besides, Ruth, you have hope for the future...! "

"Suien, you should think about your age."

Randa smiled and almost blew Deadball words, to say the least.

I don't know if you're used to it. Suien didn't feel so angry, but she sighed for a very long time.

"You should keep your eye on love a little longer.How quickly did you get young? The time I was shining really quickly..... "

"Words weigh too much"

It seemed kind of dangerous, so Hayato decided to change the subject.

"Well, Randa is a skill maker who's good at healing magic, right?It helps because there are few healers. "

When Randa smiled at Hayato's words, she raised her right thumb, closed her left eye, and slightly put out her tongue.

I'll leave it to oneesan!

You were younger, right?

Dite, who can use healing magic, does not participate.

Immediately after the event began, there were many emails to the management and they were being followed up.

Basically, the contents to be returned are the same, but if there is a problem, it is necessary to send a request for correction to Infinity, so it is not done mechanically, and each case is thoroughly investigated.

Some members of the Black Dragon and Black Rose can also use healing magic, but the more healers the more efficient the battle.We can expect a battle on an island floating in the sky.

"Hey, Hayato, thank you for today."

"Agnes, please."

Agres is real and often with Ash, and comes to coffee shops frequently.At the same age, I was told, "I don't need any respect."Since then, we have become friends to the extent that we call each other Hayato and Agnes.

"Maybe you joined me today to fight height-phobia with Mr. Suien?"

Ver is Spartan, isn't he?If you're going to do an action movie, they'll tell you to get used to it.Well, it's only negative that I don't like high places, so I want to overcome it somehow. "

"That's positive. Whatever the reason, thank you."

"Oh, let me handle it - it looks like the Demon King army is here."

Agnes turned his gaze behind Hayato and said so.

When Hayato turned around, Lunaria and Rosalie, the demon kings, and members of the Black Rose were walking towards us.And Gil, one of the Ten Knights of Darkness, is here.

When she arrived in front of Hayato, Rosalier, dressed in Gothlori, bowed gracefully.

"Thank you for waiting.Lunaria-sama has fallen asleep, so it is late.It looks like it was because I had too much fun last night and couldn't sleep. "

"The Demon King sleeps whenever he likes and wakes up whenever he likes.Rather, I thought it was time to make a promise when the Devil came.I was supposed to be a week late to make my swimsuit.I want you to think about that. I'm not bad. "

As always, I want to think about the philosophy of "what is a demon king", but Hayato makes a smile after stopping thinking.

"The Demon King Army is as peaceful as ever.Or did you say you couldn't make a swimsuit after a week.... "

"I want Lunaria to wear an elegant swimsuit."

"Rosalie's swimsuit is more like using my material than elegance.I can't accept it as a swimsuit. "

I thought it was a swimsuit that utilizes materials, but I stopped thinking about it because I didn't have to poke my fingers poorly.

It took about a week for Nei and the others to go together, and the members of Genesis Ryu are the same, so there is no particular problem, but I feel a little weak when asked why.

Nevertheless, Hayat is in a position to help.There's no way to complain there.

Hayato turned to Gil.

"Will Gil come with you?That's very reliable. "

"No, I'm sorry, I just came here with everyone."

"Oh, really? That's a shame...."

"I'm glad you said that.If you have the next chance, please. "

"Yes, I would love to. But drop-off is unusual, right?"

The Black Rose and the Black Knights didn't get along very well, but there must have been a lot of things that improved the relationship.Hayato was a little surprised because he was on the same boat when he came to the eastern country, and somehow thought so, but someday he was close enough to see him off.

Gil shook his head sideways.

"Haha, I'm not here to see you off, I'm going to King's Landing, so I came with you to say hello to Lord Hayato."

To King's Landing?

"I had an appointment with the maid.Apparently, they will guide us to King's Landing.The Maid Master is a good man! "

Oh, is that so?

The maid captain is in love with Gil and is a correspondent.Hayat speculated that there might be various strategies in place, so he decided to be careful not to poke him again.

A member of the Black Rose has cast a close gaze on Gil, but he doesn't seem to have noticed.Even Suien looked at Gil with a grudge, but Hayato didn't see it.

The members are now all together.Hayato was a little worried that he would be okay, but he set out on an airship to an island floating in the sky.