The airship Anla Manyu is flying steadily towards an island floating in the sky.

The sky is clear and the wind is mild.Great flight day. Everyone was in a picnic mood.

When it comes to maneuvering ships, there is a shift system.Especially men want to operate.Hayato left the venue after lecturing on how to operate and behaved like a snack or drink to the women.

Hayato left after cooking.It feels like I can't stand being in a place with a lot of women.

It's not that women don't like it, but I'm scared when I look at the members who are flourishing there.I would say it's a wise decision.

Since the men's group was solidified a little further away, Sulya came when she tried to reach you.

"Sulya, do you need anything to cook?I'll make anything? "

"Ah, that's not what I meant. I wanted to talk to you for a minute."

"With me? Not really, but what are you talking about?"

"Don't be so brave. It's just a chat.And I wanted to say thank you. "

Hayato wonders. I don't remember being thanked.

I host a base, but I receive rent and meals.Besides, I often get tamer's story, so I thought I'd rather thank myself.

Regardless of Hayato's thoughts, Sulya lowered her head.

"Thank you, Hayato. I've been able to talk to Maris a lot, and it would be really helpful if you could take me to an island that floats in the sky."

"That's a thank you. I didn't intervene aggressively in either, but I'll take it."

"Well, now it's just words, but I'll thank you in some other way."

There's no need for you to do that, but Hayato thought that if you get something more than you need, you can give it back.

Sulu sees the thriving female team once and then sees Hayato again.

"I've heard about you, but Hayato is amazing."

"Um, what?"

"A member of the Demon King Army, Genesis Dragon, and a Clan that won the previous Clan War.It's impossible to have an adventure at a party like this. "

"It's not me, it's everyone, isn't it?"

Sulya exhales. And I saw Hayato with my eyes on what he was saying.

"It's amazing to be able to collect it.Normally, you won't come where you call.Even though Cecil's story was half full of feelings, the Demon King Army and Lunaria the Demon King usually come. "

"Originally a member of my clan, the Demon King Army or the Black Rose Ten Saints came with their messengers."

Lunaria, the Demon King, is a member of Hayato's clan, Daedalus.The same goes for Genesis Ash and Ren.Esha was also a member of the clan from the beginning, so most of us here are sure to be their helpers.

"I wonder if humility is a virtue.That's fine, but honestly, thank you.Regardless of Cecil, most of my acquaintances are Tamer's, so there are often limited places to go and monsters to defeat.This member will be able to defeat various monsters. "

"I'm not sure you'll be able to help me anytime, but I think you can go wherever the schedule suits you.By the way, when you're done with the island in the sky, where are you going next? "

"I talked to Maris, but I want to go to the eastern country next.The monster can be tamed, and there are many kinds of monsters. "

"East country."

Simon contacted me to let me know that Tamer had come to the east of the country.This is influenced by Maris reporting Cube Max, a monster to the Tamer Alliance.

Also, the start of the event led many players to the eastern country.Because the eastern country has many unique monsters and can earn the kind that can be sealed in the Monster Seal Atlas.

Hayato was about to show his face in the eastern country for a long time.Somehow Simon said, "Why don't you come play?"The invitations are quite frequent.

Lunaria seems to be getting along with Benitz, so I'll invite her.Then it will be confirmed that other members will come.

Hayato himself went almost nowhere in the eastern country, but there are many interesting places.Hayato is now trying to follow us to various places if there is no problem with combat power.

"Okay, then, when we're done with the floating islands, let's go to the eastern country.I'm sure it won't be a problem at all, and I think there's someone over there who can help me defeat anything. "

Even if Benitz can't, Simon is more likely to help.You can definitely defeat Boss Class monsters.Hayato expects it.

"Hayato is amazing that there are helpers in the eastern country."

Though it was amazing, Sulya's face was stunned.


"That's right. They say it's an island country and it's hard to be friends because of its closed spaces."

"Benny... Mr. Benitzle was very friendly."

Benitz is the type that steps into the opponent's personal space from the beginning.

It seemed dangerous, but now he's studying under Simon without reluctance.Simon reported it with pleasure.It would be popular to hear such a story and want to see you.Curiosity.

"Mr. Benitzle is not a princess of the eastern country.I'm surprised we've met.Is that right, Benny...? "

Speaking of which, she was a princess.

"Speaking of which, Do you think the Holy Devil's Ten Daggers know each other?"

Have you heard from Maris?I know a woman named Simon the Ten Swords of the Holy Magic.I know all the other Holy Devil's swords, but they're caught.I didn't ask what happened. "

Sulu's face is half hidden in a clown mask, but even half of her face looks pretty complicated.Hayato thought it was like finding a biologically strange animal.

"I knew it was amazing. You mean you know all the clans that made the top eight in the last clan war?I heard that there was a member of the Immortal Mist, and there was also a member of the Dark Ten Knight Gil, so is that Hayato's virtue? "

I think Hayato is, and I remember it in my head.However, when I thought about it carefully, it was different.

There are only seven remaining clans that Hayato knows.

"Blackjack," led by Evan and Esha, "Ambrosia," led by Lunaria the Devil King, "Dragon Seoul," "Undead," "The Samurai," belonged to Simon, "Nightmare," led by Gil, and "Black Rose," with Rosalie.

It was the name of the time and it is different from the current one, but I have heard it from Asha and Mist.

When I asked Dite why he changed his name, he said that he would take action to not recover his real memory.

However, I made it clear with items such as Dragon Seoul's hidden treasures.Hayato glances that he simply wanted to change the name to something that feels good.Except whether it actually feels good or not.

Apart from that, the last one is the tamer group Circus.

I have heard that Blackjack is a defeated clan of five tamers and five pets.However, I don't know the current name.

So Hayato finally notices.

A woman dressed as a clown in front of her.Hayat has never seen a circus, but he knows it as knowledge.

"Perhaps Sulya belonged to the top 8 remaining clan?"

"Yes, but haven't you heard from Mr. Escha or Cecil?My clan lost to the clan of the brave Ivan. "

"I hadn't heard about Sulya, but maybe she was too common sense to say it.Is it possible that Maris also belonged to Surya's clan? "

I've never heard of a clan that Maris belonged to.I didn't hear anything like that in the first place, so I didn't know if I belonged to the clan.

Sulya shook her head sideways.

"I asked her out, but she turned me down because the sleigh wasn't right for me anymore."

"Did something like that happen?By the way, didn't you call the clan members?I think a dinosaur tame would be more efficient if it had more tamers. "

"I didn't call you. The clan is disbanded."

"Ah, I see...."

"To tell you the truth, I didn't say goodbye to fights, but the members back then ran Tamer Guilds in various countries.Everyone likes animals and monsters, but now it looks like they're going backwards.Me and Maris are field-based. "

Hee, that's new.

The members of Blackjack, who had Esha, also appeared to hold the position of General in the Empire and were Cecil's bosses.I also heard that people called Archbishops were the same members.

I asked Asha why she was a maid, but she said she had no idea.For some reason, Diete was looking at the shade with a smile on her face.

I don't know if it was the person's request or Dite's preference, but it seems to be giving NPCs various roles, and now I live with it as a reality.

I don't know if that's happiness, but at least Lunaria and Rosalie seem to be having fun.

I don't know what's right, but Hayato thought it would be wild to cheat on the people who decided to live in this world.However, there is only a little interest in seeing Lunaria and the others who have regained their memories.

"Hayato, what's wrong?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Think a little bit..."

Hayato was about to say, "Putellanodon!"She shouted.

Sulu smiles when she hears that voice.

"There you are! Let's try tame!"

"I'll blow the fire, so be careful."

"... unlike the petranodon I know?"

I wasn't aware of it, but, well, Hayato evacuated to a safe place.