Another Frontier Online

[]/(n) foreigner/

The Hayato airship arrived safely on an island floating in the sky.

However, this is not a very good situation.

Because there was a customer there.Hayato cursed the shallowness of himself, although there were only a limited number of players who could go to an island that floated in the sky.

As Hayato descends the slope-shaped tarp, some people approach with a smile.I dress like a barbarian, but I only know one of them.

"Hey, it's been a while. How is Hayato?"

Jolt, leader of Clan "Bandit", called out with a smile.

"Jolt looks fine.I've been fine for a while, but I'm getting a little slow. "

"You don't have to look so disgusting.I've fought together before. "

Talking about the clan that is the most aggressive in this game raises the name of "Bandit".

In addition, even though it is sometimes assumed to be a bandit because it eats top and takes prizes in any event, it is probably the clan that collects the most envy from players.

Hayato's clan, Daedalus, fought and won the Clan War against Bandit.

Afterwards, even in the stampede event, Hayato fights together to defeat Aggressberion, but it is difficult to say both the enemy and the allies, and Hayato feels that it is a rival relationship.

However, I have brought Foundation officials to this sky island before.Though I had no choice, I brought Hayato troublesome guests, and honestly, I don't have a good impression.

Hayat doesn't like Jolt as a person in the first place.I'm tired of being with someone who seems to be getting a lot of information just by talking to me, because I remember working at the company.

"I'm really in trouble when you look so disgusting to me. Let's at least hide it."

"I don't want to talk to Jolt and get a lot of information.Is that what it looks like in real life? "

I'm not good at role-playing.

"So that's how it feels?I don't think I want to get too close to you. "

"Are you mad at me for bringing in 'customers' before?I can't say no to that. "

"Sure, I'm not mad at you for that.Normally, I just don't like Jolt. "

"That hurts better. But you didn't seem to have any particular problems, did you?I don't know exactly what you did, but did Hayato make a lot of good changes to the game? "

"At least not because of me."

"Hmm? Well, I don't want to pry into reality.Besides, Hayato's clan has been quiet lately.Looking at the ranking of the event, it's a ranking that doesn't have a name, rather than a ranking.Are you loose? "

I'm not loose, I'm just involved in something else through the game.Therefore, they cannot be actively involved in the event and do not have a prominent ranking.

I have a feeling that I want to enjoy the game more purely, but if my friends or acquaintances are in trouble, I want to do something about it.

Some problems affect reality, others are only in-game, but the NPCs are humans anyway.I have a needy acquaintance and want to help if I can.

"I'm not relaxing, but I'm busy.You're doing great at every event.I think you're getting quite a prize, but are you still after it? "

"I'm getting a bounty, but there are a lot of clans allied with me.If you divide the prize by the number of people, you won't get that much per person.Well, I made a lot of money in the Clan War... but maybe Hayato won the Clan War with the NPCs, so did he get enough men alone? "

"No, it was for one person. I'll lay down the details."

Diete's suggestion was to add 100 million yen instead of eliminating the NPC.Hayat turned it down immediately, but what would have happened if he had accepted the offer?Hayato's idea is that he doesn't want to imagine much.

"I see. It's quite a sum for one person.I think I'm playing the game slowly now. "

Hayat remembers things recently, but denies in his heart that he is not playing slowly.

Genesis dragons' stampedes, treasure hunting treasure hunting, drug knowledge gathering and disturbances in eastern countries.Not at all slow, but everything settled down in a good direction, so there is no particular problem.

"That's right, I'm enjoying it."

"That's good. Oh, yeah, what about the apology?I didn't say anything, so I left him alone. "


"Yes, I'm sorry I brought the 'customer'.I told you before, but I'll give you the information.They asked me about Necropolis, but I didn't say anything. "

Hayato remembers that there was such a story.But suddenly I don't think of the information I want.

I don't think so.

"I don't have a deadline, so come and ask me anytime. Hayato is welcome..."

Jolt stopped the conversation by saying so.Behind Hayato, we have eyes fixed on the airship.

When they caught me looking at you, Maris was about to come down from Tarap with her pets.

"Mr. Hayato, I've finished shipping my luggage, so I'll have the ship miniaturized."

"Thank you. I'll be right back. Go to the campsite first."

Maris replied, "Yes," and took her pets to a temporary metal building.There was also Sulya next door with the dragon Garland, and they looked around and talked a lot.

After dropping it off, turn your body toward Jolt.

"Sorry to interrupt - what is that face?"

Hayato can't help being surprised.Usually Jolt, who was showing a spare smile, looked at Maris with his mouth half-open.

"... that's Putellanodon, right?"

Behind Maris was Petranodon walking on the ground.Rather than tokotoko, she walks like a dong dong.This is Maris' pet that Tame just succeeded in. I don't have a name yet.

"Yes, I was on my way here, so I tamed it."

"... how?"

"How...? I was taming normally?"

Jolt sighed and looked at Hayato.

"That's not what I hate, but what I'm really saying.I'll explain because you don't seem to understand, but Tame has a valid range.It's quite narrow. We need to get close to the monster.Normally, monsters flying in the sky will first aim for wings and wings and take them to the ground.I'm talking about how to tame a petranodon that spits fire without getting close to an airship... maybe you didn't see where it was tamed? "

Oh, is that so?

Hayat doesn't know much about the Tame around here, but he knows it's hard to tame a flying monster.

Putellanodon may not be able to fly if weakened, but it will not fall on the ship's deck.Jolt asks how he was able to get as close as possible to Tame.

As far as Hayato is concerned, this is the case.

Sulya used her whip weapon skill "Atract Whip" to draw Petranodon to the ship's deck.After that, Putellanodon did not escape the whip and began persuading Maris Taime on the deck to pet safely.

Whip attack range is about three meters, albeit wide.It has been difficult to get that close to the Pteranodon, but it is likely due to Hayato's steering skills.

The easier it is to ask what the answer is.

However, there are some things that cannot be answered by assumptions and preconceptions.Hayat wondered if Jolt and the others, who had all kinds of information and many good players, could not answer.

It's not much information from Hayato, but because Hayato is not the inventor of the technology, it's not free to talk.There was no reason to provide information.

"I'm sorry, but can you tell me?"

"Sure... but I guess I did.You should have chatted more normally.I was so surprised that I said, "How?"Does Hayato say, "I tamed it normally?"So I went crazy. "

"Please don't blame me.In general, you give me information, right?Why are you trying to get information? "

"That's it, that's it.Well, I'll be here for a while, so come and ask me if you need anything.I want you to tell me how to do it, if you can. "

"I don't really want to go because I feel like I get about three pieces of information every time I get one."

I'm going to take about five of them?

"Not so bad. Well, I'll ask if I need any information."

Hayat says so, then breaks up with Jolt and moves towards the campsite.

I knew it was easy to use because it was the same place before, and I was already ready to camp as a temporary base.

Hayato started collecting manpower to start collecting coconut juice with a Dinosaur effect.