Another Frontier Online

Restrictions on how to play

The night we arrived on the empty island, Clan "Bandit" Jolt offered us a suggestion.

Simply put, why don't we take down the monsters together?

Both Hayato and Jolt came to this island to seal a rare monster named Dinosaur in the Monster Seal Atlas.Simply the more power you have, the more efficient it is to seal more monsters.

However, there is a problem with Jolt and the others acting together.

If Hayato is alone with Ney or the NPC, there is no problem, but unlike before, there are many Black Dragons who know the situation and many Ashes who are recovering the memory of reality.

Bandit and I fought together in a Stampede event to fight Agressberion.

At that time, the members of the Black Dragon were not familiar with the circumstances of the game, and the NPC that recovered the memory was only Asha, but many people knew the circumstances this time.

In addition to being more likely to be noticed, some members of Bandit were exploring the specifications of a game called the validation team.

Hayat cannot decide if Jolt will disclose it to the public when he becomes aware of it.I have little involvement with other members of Bandit, so it's a situation I can't judge more than Jolt.

As a result, it was dangerous to act together.

Jolt went back without any particular concern and said, "Well, that's a rival," without any particular anger.

Communicating this to Diete, Diete apologized to Hayato with an unfortunate voice.I could imagine a mosquito-like voice saying something like this.

"Hayato-kun, I'm sorry...."

"I don't know why I apologized."

"Hayato wants you to enjoy this virtual reality, but it puts a lot of restrictions on the way you play.If it's true, Jolt, working with players like you is a fantastic online game, isn't it?We have restricted it due to our circumstances.I'm really sorry.... "

"Oh, that's what I mean."

It is a secret that the NPC is human, with the exception of some members.Diete asked me to keep this as secret as possible.That's why I refused to fight Jolt.

Only Hayato and Ney's Black Dragon know about the situation, and only Esha, who is reclaiming her memory.

It is also a problem to be known, but when more people know about the situation, the NPC involved is more likely to regain their memory.Nay has been told by everyone to be very careful about it.

There are measures to avoid recovering the memory of reality called AI protection, but that is not perfect.

Many NPCs that have been involved with Hayato have regained their memories.Either way, Hayato was right to be caught up in it, but it was a good result to recover his memory.

If someone other than Hayato is involved in retrieving the memory, I don't know if it will have the same good result.In the first place, NPCs do not assume that memories will be recovered, but the majority of people who enter virtual reality want to end their lives in this virtual reality.

"I invited everyone to live in this world.I don't know if it was right now.But at the time, everyone decided to spend the rest of their lives in this world.Then I have a duty to offer it to everyone who invites me to this world. "

"Somehow, I know."

"However, it is my responsibility, not Hayato's or Ney's.And I'm really sorry about the restrictions and the complications. "

"Never mind.I'm sure Ney and the others think so.Sure, there are limits, but I play in ways no one else can.You can't fight with the Demon King or any other player, can you? "

Only Hayato and Nai can do it.Compared to various restrictions, it would be positive overall.

"It would be helpful if you said so.By the way, you sure you don't want the money?Nay, I'm giving you a portion of the sales because I'm the owner of this virtual reality, but I'd like to give Hayato a portion of the sales as a nuisance. "

"I don't need it, I'm just in time for the prize money I get at the game event"

"I see. I want you to tell me whenever you change your mind.I am grateful to you, Hayato.It's sad to say that the only reward for that is money. "

"Just feel good. That's why this conversation is over.By the way, is Dieter still busy? "

"The event has calmed down to a certain extent, so it's time to make room.But what's wrong with that? "

"Then let's go on another adventure together.I'm on an island that floats in the sky now, but I'm going to go to the eastern country again, so why don't you come with me then? "

There is no response from Diete to Hayato's proposal.I didn't lose my voice chat, but I didn't hear anything.

"Dite, can you hear me?"

"... ah, oh, I'm sorry. Thank you, Hayato.Well, will you still invite me to this situation?I'll be sure to accompany you then.Let's go even if the meteorite falls. "

"It's not a meteor soam... and it really won't come down, will it?"

"Just tell me there are monsters in the ocean that use the meteor soam."

"Ah, that's right... that's right, this time without telling me.I heard a lot about Mr. Mist last time. "

"Of course, there are many undiscovered elements in the eastern country, so please find them.Especially Xuanwu, the Four Holy Beasts, and the peacocks. "

"You're telling the truth, right?I was originally motivated, but please don't say anything else. "

"Well, I look forward to going to the eastern country.I'll get back to you when I get there. "

After that, Hayato talked to Diete and then logged out.

The next day, Hayato and the others decided to seal the dinosaurs on the monster seal.

The island has buildings in the northeast and northwest, respectively, as well as buildings in the middle of the lake.To get to the central building, you'll need to switch on the northeast and northwest buildings, respectively, as confirmed in your last exploration.

We will not fight with Bandit, but we have decided to divide the attack locations so as not to disturb each other.

As a result of the discussion, Jolt and Hayat were to attack the northeast and Hayat the northwest buildings.

"This building - or the basement - is new to me. Looking forward to it!"

As he was heading towards the building, Ney said so energetically.I think the tension is still going on because I was playing card games with Rosalie and the others last night.

Last time I came to this island, I fought with two teams at the same time, but the building that Ney and Cecil headed for was on the northeast side.This is where the Demon King army, led by Lunaria, headed.

"There was a stegosaurus at the bottom.The spikes on my back are cool.But it's dangerous because it's coming round and spinning in.I'm not the enemy of the Demon King. "

That's what Lunaria said.

Hayato laughed slightly at Dieter's favorite fantasy dinosaur.

There are about three members with low tension among them.

Maris, Sulya, and Noat.

As for Maris and Sulya, yesterday's Taime situation is relevant.While Hayato was logging out, they tried to tame Raptor and Alosaurus on the ground, but they couldn't.

I don't know if there are conditions or if I can't tame it in the first place, but the tension between them is low because Pteranodon can tame and the other two are useless.

That's why the stegosaurus I'm going to have is more likely not to be able to tame, so I can't get any tension up.

Needless to say, Noat hates going to the dungeon, has low tension, and is dragged by Cecil.Esha, who saw it, said, "You look like a dog who hates vaccinations in an old video."

In doing so, I arrived at the building I was planning to attack.

Instead of being made of metal like a campsite, it was a white concrete building with nothing but an entrance and no windows.

Hayato's knowledge seems to suggest some sort of suspicious laboratory, but given the circumstances of the island, it's not always a mistake.

Hayato, Esha, and Ash and Len have been working in coffee shops since the afternoon.I set foot in the morning to get to the bottom.