Another Frontier Online

Unique Equipment and Ace-Class NPCs

"I'm sorry! Tame couldn't do it!"

Maris sounds in a room lined with underground and cylindrical tanks in the lab.

Maris tried Tame to find out if it was possible to pet Stegosaurus, but she was brilliantly angry with him.

If it's real, it's just angry, but it's a game.The power of Fury raised the stat of Stegosaurus.

Nevertheless, this is within expectations.I knew to some extent that Tame couldn't be angry.Still, Maris tried Taime just in case, with the permission of the members here.

Lunaria, the demon king, laughs invincibly in such a situation.

"Even if angry, the Demon King goes on top of it.It's good to be an Alondite rustler.It's a vacation this afternoon, so I'm in a bit of a hurry. "

"Is that why you're hanging out?"

There is a lake in the middle of an island that floats in the sky.The sandy beach and the constant sunshine make it perfect for a vacation.Last time I came, there were days when exploration was stopped, so I was on vacation in that gap.

I had a swimsuit prepared, so I was planning to do it this time.Hayato knew it was today for the first time.

"If you think it's just a vacation, it's a big mistake.Play in the lake on a nice day.It's the style of the sun. With the power of shadow, I work hard to overcome the weakness of the sun.Praise the Demon King for his strength and perseverance.I grow when I'm praised. "

"So the Demon King is not in the shadows, but in the darkness.I don't care. I need a stegosaurus. "

"Mr Hayato seems to be dealing with me in a miscellaneous way these days.I'll tell you what, I'm the Devil King.It's not very strong, but the Demon King is super strong.If you make me angry, it looks like a demon. "

"Did you learn that tone from Benny?Well, that's fine, so let's fight first.Rosalie is holding her head.If Lunaria is serious, she'll kill instantly, right? "

"Fufu, it's easy - no. I really can't afford it."

Lunaria stormed the angry Stegosaurus.

After a glimpse of Rosalie's struggles, Hayato sighed and looked around.

There were many members who looked at the interaction with Lunaria with astonishment, but came closer with a feeling of favoritism or surprise.

Pat and Agnes.

"It's amazing how Hayato talks to the Devil like that.I think they would kill me if I did that kind of treatment.Hayato, aren't you actually stronger than the Devil? "

"As far as I can see, it's definitely the Devil King.Maybe Hayato is the Great Demon King or the Devil?Let's fight me next time. "

Pat turns the gun around with his right hand, and Agnes says that while hitting him in front of his chest with his fists together.

"That's not true. It's just that Lunaria is sweet to her friends."

"It's amazing to just be recognized as a friend by the Devil.Well, is that okay? Then let's do our best.If you show me something nice, I might be able to call the girls on a vacation! "

"I don't know if I'm serious or acting, but that's Pat's awesome... acting, right?"

That's how they headed for Stegosaurus.

From the shape of the weapon in use, Pat was at an intermediate distance, and Agnes began to fight in a melee battle.

Hayato watched the two attacks carefully.

I've seen them fight several times, but this is the first time I've seen them fight a strong enemy.

Pat has a "showtime" gun.

It's a magic gun that shoots magic bullets just like Esha's Belzeve, but it's not a rifle, it's a revolver-shaped gun in which the magazine spins.The type that attacks in numbers instead of a single hit Special Attack consumes less magic per shot.

Each time you rotate a gun with a gun spin, it gradually increases its Attack Rating and multiplies the damage up to times.Only one shot after Gunspin is active, and once fired, the Attack Up is reversed.

Quick Draw - Quickly pulls a gun from a holster and shoots it, so-called quick shooting always gives you a bonus to damage.

Pat was firing the Quick Drow attack from a distance.The same attack is repeated over and over again with speed and accuracy, which is also called precision machinery.

(Wow. They admired the Western play and practiced it, but I wonder how accurate it could be.And Agnes, who's in a melee battle, is attacking constantly.I heard that I was aiming for an action actor, and I learned various martial arts in reality.)

Agnes is approaching Stegosaurus and attacking in a martial arts style.Not just punches, but kicks, strikes across elbows, knees, and everything, causing continuous damage.

The goal seems to be to "captivate" an actor, and when an attack strikes - it stops moving for just a moment at the moment of impact.From Hayato's point of view, it was like performing a movie or a martial arts game.

The gloves that Agres is equipped with are "Dead Heat".

It has two capabilities and is a tool for switching between them to fight.One is the ability to gain Attack Rating instead of gradually losing HP.The other is the ability to regain HP each time you attack, but with minimal Attack Reduction.It's a way to use it.

(Agnes also has dragon state performance, right?Attribute attack is invalid.I am vulnerable to physical attacks and have the disadvantage of not wearing other armor like Ash, but I can fight quite advantageously depending on the opponent)

Ash also seems to be attacking to compete against Agnes, as Stegosaurus's HP bar fades away.Despite Tame's angry state, he was strong enough not to do anything about it.

(Ren-chan's dragon cars are also the same, and Mr. Suien and Mr. Randa must have some pretty strong performance... but they didn't tell me.)

Suien was focused on summoning spirits to fight, and Randa was healing her allies with healing magic that was as sacred as it seemed.Hayat speculates that they both have unique looking weapons, so their performance is quite good.

The equipment that the NPCs have has has the performance that everyone wants from the player, but for now there is only less performance than the original equipment called "replica".

Diete said that he would eventually implement the same performance equipment, but that was still ahead of him.

(It's like a beta test reward that is common in online games.I don't know if it's almost the most powerful gear, but Diete-chan said she prepared it to make the world a pleasant place to live.If you think about it carefully, do NPC people in town usually have such equipment...?)

Some NPCs don't fight at all.Some people do business, while others do reception at the facility.There will be some bandit NPCs.Hayat wondered what kind of unique equipment all those people had.

Hayat saw Maris and Sulya.

That's because they could have some kind of equipment.

When I thought about asking later, Esha's Destroy was decided on the Stegosaurus and won the battle.

Hayato stops thinking and starts looking for treasures in the basement with everyone.

They then retrieved the switches and treasures that would remove the barrier in the centre of the island before returning to the campsite using the Transfer Ring.

Upon returning to the campsite, the women entered the building immediately for an afternoon vacation.

Men don't seem to know what to do in particular and talk to a lot of people.

Hayat thought of logging out to prepare the coffee shop, but just as Bandit's members were back, he headed for Jolt.

Jolt recognized Hayato as he approached and smiled.

"Hey, looks like you've finished your attack, too, huh?"

"Well, I need to talk to you for a second, okay?"

"Of course. What?"

"Actually, I was hoping you could set up a clearinghouse for Tame's dinosaurs.Two women, me and NPC Tamer. "

"Hmm? But is it okay to exchange information instead of providing it?"

"I don't think you can just talk to Bandit and give him information.You're going to take five each time you give them one, right? "

"It feels good. But what about the dinosaurs that Tame can share?You're NPC Tamer, aren't you two Tamer Guild Aces?What do you need from us? "

Hayato leans his neck.

Indeed, Maris and Sulya were each talking about Aces in the King's City and the Tamer's Guild in the Imperial City.But that's what the NPCs are talking about, and I didn't think it was what player Jolt knew.

"You know those two Aces, don't you?Is it a famous story? "

"It's a famous story in the Tamer neighborhood, but I'm surprised Hayato doesn't understand it.Don't you know that not just the Tamer Alliance, but every Alliance has an Ace-Class NPC? "

Hayat leaned again, but remembered.

(Speaking of which, Mr. Rose said the Ace of the Maid Guild...)

"I knew Ace was here, but I didn't know which guild he was in."

"I didn't know you two were friends with that level of recognition.I've heard that our tamers have taken a lot of care of NPC.I heard that putting a pet in that person's custody would make them pretty strong, and it would definitely solve their pet problem. "

"I've heard that before.I see, you're pretty good. "

Hayato has heard a little about Maris from Rose.It's almost the same as what Jolt said.

Whether she's lying or honest, Maris can talk to her pet.Hayato thinks it's true because she sees how she interacts with Sieg.Besides, it is highly likely that Diete had Maris carry such a performance.

"Pretty good, or NPC with that kind of setting.That's why I don't want to exchange information with those people.Could you give me a moment to ask them? "

"Then may I receive the report tonight?I'm logged out this afternoon. "

"Yes, but what about the NPCs?You're staying here, right?I don't think it's a problem because there are players other than Hayato. "

"Most of the women take a vacation in the lake.I wonder if the men are answering in the camp? "

"... Hayato too, but isn't NPC too free for this game?Let's see what a vacation is like. "

"If they find out because of the men's restraint, they might take enough damage to get rid of the campsite?You got a hole in the airship before, didn't you? "

Jolt distorts his face.

The reason was to protect Jolt, but the airship that came aboard was perforated by Esha's Destroy.

"That maid has been doing a lot since the Clan War.I'm surprised you said it wasn't the Ace of the Maid Guild. "

"It's definitely an ace in combat, but it's terrible as a maid.I don't work as a maid, and I demand the highest quality chocolate parfait every day. "

"You don't seem to hate smiling while saying that, do you?I'd rather hire one at home if I could be a fighter.Well, that seems impossible.Then I'll check it out. "

Nice to meet you. I'll see you at night.

Hayat cut the conversation with Jolt and greeted the members of the Black Dragon before logging out.