Another Frontier Online

Exchange of information and celebrities

It was decided this morning to exchange information with Bandit's tamers.

Because it's better to do it sooner and because Bandit's tamers are excited.

Hayato and Jolt were also surprised, but Maris and Sulya were quite famous NPCs in the Tamer neighborhood, and it would be appreciated if they could exchange information.

Maris, Sulya, and Hayato will participate in the exchange of information.

Since the purpose of sealing the monster in the monster seal book is to seal the monster, I couldn't take another action with the other members, so I decided to take a break from the attack today.

However, I was on a vacation yesterday afternoon, and it is a waste to be ragged today, so members who do not participate in the information exchange have decided to collect materials from the floating islands.

The main task is to harvest coconuts in order to make juice that has the effect of a stronger dinosaur effect on dinosaurs, but some of them fish in the lake.I don't know much about Hayato, but there's talk of catching a giant shark monster called Megalodon.

Outside the campsite building, the members gathered early in the morning, but Hayat looked at the situation and leaned his neck.

The members of the Black Rose are somehow paying tribute to Suien, one of the Genesis Dragons.

The only one approached Rosalie who stood a little away without saluting.

"What is that doing?"

When Hayato heard that, Rosalie sighed deeply and long enough to escape any happiness.

"There was a lot of respect last night."

"To Mr. Suien? Were you having a girls' party last night?"

That's right. Girls' parties are mainly about love bananas, but, well, there are a lot of them, and that one is more respectable.Lunaria, Ney, and Len are still too early to retreat. "

"... what kind of romantic bananas are you respected for?"

"I don't think you should ask.Sometimes it's better to keep having fantasies about women.For example, the words "trap," "secret room," and "alibi." Do you still want to hear it? "

"Mystery story?"

"You must be in love with Banana. Critical."

"How close are you? It must have been a little too soon for those three."

"The three of us, I think, are too early for mankind."

(I didn't expect Rosalie to say that.But I wonder if some of them are so respectable.I don't want to hear what I want to hear...)

Hayat once again turned to Suien and the others.

Words like "love is war," "women are courage," and "tomorrow's wind blows."Suien says it and the members of the Black Rose repeat it.

I'm not talking nonsense.That's what Hayato thinks.

Suien noticed that she approached Hayato.

"Oh, good morning. You've seen something embarrassing."

"Hey...? Ah, no, good morning.There's been a lot going on, isn't there?They seem to be respected. "

"Yeah, that's what happened when we talked about old love.I had a lot to do when I was young... and I'm still young! "

"... ah, yes, that's right. I just heard a lot of disturbing words about it."

"Oh yeah? But remember Hayato too.Any woman will be tough if she falls in love....! "

The clatter that it would be a Genesis Dragon faction came out of my throat, but I managed to endure it.

Sometimes I just wonder. I wonder if there are moderate women around me.

When I was thinking about that, I felt a sign of someone behind me.

"Mr. Suien was not a hard-line, but a guerrilla soldier in love."

Soon there was Randa behind the Hayats.And he's saying something disturbing.

"Randa, as I always say, love is war.And there are as many men as there are stars to fight.Ambush, ambush, trap, entanglement... you have to use every means to win the battle...! "

"I hear there's nothing left after the battle, whether you win or lose."

"It's true that it's always hard after a battle...."

After that, Hayato and Rosalie slightly moved away from Suien and Randa, who were still talking.Hayato's sincerity is that he doesn't want to hear more about it.

Some distance away, Hayato sighs.

"I know very well that Mr. Rosalie did a pretty good job."

"It's hard for Lunaria to feel that way.And Ney and Len.It's too late for the Black Roses, but we'll be able to solve the brainwashing in time.Even so, Hayato is going to exchange information, right? "

"Yes, I'm sure Maris and Sulya will be fine, but I'll join you as clan leaders."

"Are you exchanging information with Bandit..."

"What's in Bandit?"

"That clan regularly comes to Demon King Castle to fight, so you don't like it if you say you don't like it.Some of our children have lost.I've been working with the Black Knight Gills lately to push them back. "

"Oh, that's what I mean."

(Does that mean I've raised the difficulty of the game...?)

The members of the Black Rose and the Black Knight didn't get along very well, but there are many things that have improved there recently.

Hayat did not intervene actively, but it was definitely the result of involving black roses and black knight members in various disturbances among clan members.If fighting together has increased the difficulty of Demon King Castle, it can be said that it is Hayato's fault.

If Bandit can't beat him, he won't be able to beat him at all at other parties.In other words, it will become an impenetrable Demon King Castle.

Rosalie said, "Don't worry," because she saw Hayato's worried face.

"It's just a personal feeling, and I won't attack outside of the Demon King Castle.I'll do it if Lunaria-sama says I'll do it. "

It was different from Hayato's anxiety, but you must have been careful.Hayato replied "Thank you" without any particular correction.

After all, Hayato settles into the idea of whether to be strong or not because it is the Magic King Castle.

Afterwards, members who collected and fished in the lake arrived and moved on.

Finally came Maris, Sulya, and Siegfried.

"Good morning, Hayato! Let's go!"

Hayat said, "Shall we go?" and walked towards Bandit's campsite.

Bandit's campsite is almost the same as the one used by Hayato.

I'm sleeping in a metal building.There are several members of Bandit out there, making items out of production skills.

One of them, who had done nothing in particular, approached Hayato when he noticed them.

I recognize Hayato.He fought in the field just like Jolt in the Clan War.A skilled player who fights with a lot of different equipment.

"Hey, are you exchanging information with me today?Tamer's people were delighted.I'm sorry about the Clan War, I knocked it off the griffon. "

Maris was tilting her head, but she shook her hand to the side to deny remembering it.

"It's okay! It was a clan war!"

"It would be helpful if you said so.Okay, this way. I'll show you around. Follow me. What? "

The members outside gathered around Hayato and surrounded them.And suddenly he lowers his head.

"Tell me how to make an Alondite Replica!"

"Oh, I want a replica of that Gothlori weapon!"

"Ultra Eclair and Bucket Pudding, please! Actually!"

I was surprised to hear that all of a sudden, but I understood the situation.Some of Hayato's items are high-performance and rare to say that only Hayato can make them.

I've been asked for some items that Hayato can't make, but you think you can make them.

I definitely don't want to have a monopoly, but I got a way to make Hayato's items from my friends, so I felt comfortable giving them to myself.

A guide man stops to protect Hayato and the others when he tries to refuse.

"I told you not to do that."

"Do something about it!"

"No, you can't. Come on, get out of the way.I know how you feel, but get through it.Or do you want money to say something like that clan? "

The words wobble around the players.

Then he apologized to Hayato and walked away.It was the last thing I expected.

"I'm sorry, everyone in production has always been interested in items Hayato can make."

"No, I don't care.If there's an item that only that person can make, I might be surprised to learn how to make it. "

"If you don't mind, set up a meeting next time.I'm also interested in replicas of Alondite! "

The man then prompts Hayato to enter the building.

The place I was guided to is that big room.It's not gorgeous because it's a metal wall, but the round table in the center has a variety of sweets and drinks, and it has a welcoming atmosphere.

"I'll get Jolt and the others, so just hang on a second.You can eat whatever you want on the table. "

"Thank you."

Hayat thanked him and the man gently waved his hand before leaving the room.

Hayato and Sulya, Maris and Siegfried Cat remain in the room.

After all, Hayato-san is at a glance from the production job, right?

Sulah said that while pinching the cookie on the table.

Before saying no, Maris somehow turned her chest and looked good.


"Why are you so proud of Maris... well, that's fine.But Bandit. This clan is famous.It's a lot of talk at the Tamer's Guild.It's usually amazing to be seen by the craftsmen of that clan. "

I think it is a clan that will be a topic of discussion among NPCs, but there are times when that happens.

As Hayato, I wanted to know if my clan was famous.

"Um, by the way, how does Daedalus feel?Maybe a little famous? "

When Hayato heard that, Maris, Sulya and even Sieg looked stunned.

Sulu opened her mouth with a little sigh.

"Mr. Hayato, you don't seem to understand, but you can't normally put a Demon King in your clan.And there's that Esha, and there's Maris.There was a lot of talk during the Clan War, wasn't there?However, after the clan war, it stopped being discussed for about six months, so now it's on fire.I forgot, too. "

"I don't hate it, but I wanted the product there to be famous for its good quality."

That said, the door of the room opened.

"Hayato is quite famous, isn't he?You can make lots of replicas of unique items. "

Jolt came into the room saying that.Behind them are two men and one woman.The three had small monsters with them.

Hayat lowered his head slightly to Jolt and the others without feeling particularly uncomfortable that he had been trained by Esha, who did not knock when he usually entered the room.

"Thank you for today. Thank you."

"That's my line.I can exchange information with the two famous people.Let's get going, shall we? "

The exchange of information began after everyone had delivered their greetings.Let's start with dinosaur relations.The three tamers are listening with a serious face that doesn't hear a word from Maris or Sulya.

At first, Hayato also listened, but gradually Tamer began to talk like common sense that he knew, and it became difficult to understand, so he gave up listening.

"Hayato, why don't you come talk to me?You don't even know what I'm talking about, do you? "

That's what Jolt asked me to do, and that's what I thought. I left the central table.

Sit on a chair at a long, thin table by the wall.Jolt sat in front of Hayato at a table.

"I was just talking about..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Hayato is famous. I've made a lot of replica gear, but I'm pretty famous for playing this game with NPCs.Especially from big clans. "

"That's the first time I've heard that. But a big clan?"

"It's about a clan like us.Don't you know a large clan other than ours? "

"I know some of them, but I haven't had any online information since the Clan War began.I don't think I've looked into it much since then.It was famous back then, "Imperial" or "Over the Top"? "

They were both famous clans at the time, alongside Bandit, and the players who played the game were so familiar to everyone.

I was pretty high during the Clan War.Hayato does not know the final result, but recalls that he was within the fifth place of the prize until immediately before that.

"Yes, such a clan. The leader sometimes asks me to tell you about Hayato."

"Yeah? Isn't that a leak of personal information?It's in the game. "

"No, no, you can't even say that.I have a rival relationship with the clan over there.Except for the price. "

"If there's a price, what do you say?"

"That's the price you deserve.If you could show me how to make a real Excalibur instead of a replica. "

"Then tell me how to make it. I'll teach you everything."

I'm glad it's famous, even in games.Hayato is also happy to be in a clan with as much visibility as he knows.

"Speaking of which, Hayato seems to be famous among the NPCs, right?That's what I heard earlier. "

"I see. Well, it's only natural that the Demon King is in the clan... Ah, yes, Bandit seems to be famous for some NPCs."

"Huh? Really? Why again?"

"I don't know why you're famous for your Tamer Alliance, but you're being held hostage by the Demon King army.You've defeated Godzillari and the others in Demon King Castle, haven't you?I think we should be careful not to let the Demon King attack our base. "

"... what game is Las Boss attacking even though it's not a stampede event?Or is it a mechanism that makes you feel less favorable if you defeat too much? "

"By the way, the Devil King and Godzillo are here on this island."

"... I need your help to make me feel better."

"I'll just tell you that I'm sorry."

Hayato and the others had a different exchange of information than Tamer and the others.