Another Frontier Online

Named Monster

After the exchange of information with Bandit, Hayato and the others returned to the camp.

While on the move, Maris said she was in a good mood and that exchanging information was meaningful.

In the end, it turns out that Raptors can only be tamed by men.However, it seems that it can be transferred, and if you really want to be a pet, you can have a male tamer tame and then give it to you.

It teaches you how to lure a flying monster with a whip to get that information.The whip was hard to handle and Bandit's team seemed to be burning because they had to practice.

I exchanged a lot of other information.

I should say Bandit, but I knew a lot about it, a lot that Maris and Sulya didn't know.Maris says she wants to hire at the Tamer Guild.

However, Maris and Sulya are said to be the Aces of the Tamer Guild.I don't want to keep losing.

"She wants to eat vegetables as well as meat.Five stars. He wants something to shine on.You say you are not committed to quality.Um, this kid... if you confess, you'd better hurry up and be upset, but do you have any idea? "

Maris is said to be able to talk to her pet.Originally, the Tamer's Guild would have waited long enough, but this time, thanks for the information, I solved my pet's problem on the spot.

In part, there were some remarks that seemed to be really simple AI, but it seemed to be correct, and members other than the person themselves nodded well.It must have been a well-known fact.

Jolt, who was talking to Hayato away from his seat, was surprised, as he gazed at Maris with his arms tied together.

Surya didn't have such special abilities, but she taught them how to grow pets efficiently.Maris seemed a little dissatisfied because efficiency was a good way to put a lot of load on her pet.

Such an exchange of information ended.

The campsite has only Noat wrapped in a futon, and the rest of the members have not yet returned.

Hayato takes the two of them to the room they are using as an entertainment room to hear more about the exchange of information.Sitting on a chair surrounded by a round table, Hayat served everyone a cup of coffee.

"Maris said it was meaningful, but how was Sulya?"

"Of course it was meaningful. There was a lot of information we didn't know about, and I think it was pretty good to hear about the habitat of the Special Rare Monsters.I didn't know what to expect. "

Rare monsters refer to the so-called top species of monsters.It's a monster that doesn't appear much, but there are some laws, and if you're hunting a normal monster, it's how the top species appears.

Others are called by offering items to the altar, like Elder Griffons, but there are others.

Sometimes they appear under quite special conditions.It is said to be a special type of rare monster because it will always appear if the conditions are met.The information is not widely available, and the Tamer Alliance doesn't have much accurate information.

This time, Bandit taught me by exchanging Maris' correspondence and information.

"We need to try a lot where we've heard about it, but I'm pretty sure there's information about the clan over there."

I thought Bandit was quite trusted, but I saw Maris.

"By the way, does Maris have any special feelings for rare monsters?"

"Uh? What are you talking about?"

"No, I heard a lot about rare monsters in the information exchange earlier."

"Oh, is that so? Does Mr. Hayato know you're a named monster?It's a kind of rare monster. "

"Of course I do."

Named monsters refer to monsters that are named.

Basically, monsters are not named just by race names.But some monsters have names.It's like Clarken's top species is named Poseidon.

Genesis dragons, such as Agressberion, are also treated as named monsters by players.

"Actually, there are some named monsters I'm looking for.I was wondering if I could get some information on these kids, but that didn't seem to be the case. "

"That's the first time I've heard of it, but that's what it was for?"

Hayato said so and Sulah sighed.And look at Maris with a jito's eyes.

"Are you still looking for him?But are you sure you're here? You've never seen anyone, have you?It would be strange to have such a name even though no one has ever seen it. "

"Yes, that's what Sieg says.Sieg is a named monster in the first place, and these kids are also the top ministers of the King Dam.I dream of collecting them and rebuilding my kingdom...! "

Maris said so with her eyes shining, and Sieg on the table smacked Maris on her left shoulder with her right forefoot with a "please."

As for Hayato, I only had the impression that Maris and Sieg had strange settings, but they looked serious.

Maris smiled and stroked Sieg's head.Then she smiled at Hayato.

"I'm really looking forward to getting that kind of information from this event!Hayato and the others can go to various places and follow the clues of their dreams while working for the Tamer Alliance! "

"Is that what this is all about?I don't think they're gonna help us if we don't stick around for days. "

The timing at which a Rare Monster appears is probable, but a timer is often set before that.Once defeated, it can take up to three days for the next appearance.

Because rare items are often dropped, they can become stakeouts and attack priorities before it's time to appear.

Hayat saw Sieg.

"Sieg was a named monster?I was wondering if Maris had a bad sense of naming.Even though she's a slut, she's a Siegfried. "

Sieg walked around the table and approached Hayato, turning his back and attacking him with his tail.It's not "peck," it's "ba-shi." Damage is 1.

(Could I be defeated by Sieg...?)

Hayato cared about it, and for some reason Maris was thinking in arms.

"What's wrong?"

"No, Siegfried has been called Siegfried since I met her, but I also feel like I gave her a name.That's strange, I feel like it was a naming...? "

"Does that mean Maris doesn't have a good sense of naming? Ah, no..."

Hayat went so far as to reconsider that this might be the memory of Maris.

It is possible that Maris was a tamer before she lost her memory and named Sieg after her pet.It is unclear why it has become a named monster.

Master, have you finished exchanging information?

I thought it would be better not to stimulate Maris' memory too much, so I got a voice chat from Esha.

Hayat tells the two people in front of him and then responds.

"It's over. It's time for Maris and the campsite. Something wrong?"

"When I was fishing in the lake, I caught Tiamato, the top species of megalodon.Can you bring me Noat because I want to defeat him? "

"When I was on a treasure hunt, I wondered who was attracting Rare Monsters?"

Craken caught salvaging in treasure hunting was a top species called Poseidon.It is quite possible that a higher species with the name of God will appear again this time.

"Diete says that it's not my fault, at least because my training skills are negative.Well, I don't care about that, so thank you for Noat.Bring along the members of Bandit, if you like. "

"I wonder if it would be okay to fight together once.Well, I'll try calling you.Anyway, it might take some time to convince Mr. Noat. "

"I don't need persuasion, please bring it in a futon."

"Neither Escha nor Cecil is merciful to Mr. Noat, right?"

"I will not forgive your husband."

"Ah, yes...."

"Master, please bring medicine and food into the item bag as soon as possible.I just came to collect it, so I don't have much. "

"Copy that. I'll get ready. Hang in there a little longer."

Tell Maris and Sulya what happened after the conversation.

"Can I tame it!?"

Surya nods well to Maris' words.

"No, you can't, because it gets stronger if you make me angry in the first place."

"Just a little bit at the end!"

"... if I get permission over there."

Hayato then sends a voice chat to Jolt.

"What? Did you forget to ask me something?"

"No, but how many people can fight right now?"

"Of course I am, but are we going to explore together?"

"It seems that the top species of megalodon called Tiamato was caught in the lake, so we are going to fight together.It seems quite strong, but will you come? "

"... that's what I'm going to do.It's probably the first time I've learned that megalodons can be fished in a lake.Besides, I can't believe I'm fishing for that superior species.I could only fish for shirakans or ammonites... but I have to give you such valuable information and something else. "

"You don't have to be so polite.I want power, too.I'll meet you at the local meeting.Yes, be careful, because you might try Tame at the end. "

"You think about that a lot - Ah, yes.Tell Gothrilli and the others that I'm on your side now. "

Reply with approval to Jolt's words.

Next, I put the disgusting Noat on the lance slot of the griffon for each futon.

Hayato and the others headed to the lake filled with their bags of items with medicine and food.