Another Frontier Online

Alliance Invitation

Jolt's battle with Bandit and his allied clan successfully destroyed Tiamato, Megalodon's top species.

Tiamato is a monster that I don't really want to see in real life, with a huge shark's back and a woman's upper body attached to it.It feels similar to Poseidon, Kraken's top species, but it was a pretty strong enemy because the way of fighting was not well established.

There were limitations on how to attack and not be able to go ashore, but there were widespread attack magic and jet blasts that could be attacked even over long distances.

And the most troublesome was a widespread attack by a roar called "11 Monsters" scattering various Bud stats.

While pre-action is easy with certain Bud stats, there are multiple random negative effects such as poison, paralysis, petrification, and status reduction, so we had to deal with them after being attacked.

When I caught Megalodon on my last vacation, I was able to win only Lunaria and Black Roses, and Cecil and Ney's female team, but this time I was forced into a struggle.

Nevertheless, this time there are some men and some bandits.In addition, there is Esha's Destroy and Len's Dragon Curse, so it was a hands-on battle, but I was able to win without much damage.

Immediately before she stabbed Tommy, Maris tried to piss Tame off.Tiamato's magic attack killed him once, but it was a sacrifice.

Hayato was watching Bandit as everyone was celebrating their victory and checking for drop items.

(That's Bandit... even the two armies are strong.)

Bandit's lead is exploring, and he's not here right now.Only Jolt and the man who guided me today remained in the main.The remainder are the so-called Second Army fighters.

Still, as a battle force, he made good collaboration and made damage.

In addition, the production workers surrounding Hayato also made various contributions as support jobs.It's not just about production skills like Hayato, so you can fight normally.

Remembering and impressed, Jolt approached with a smile.

"Well, that's a member of Daedalus and his associates.I don't suppose you didn't need me. "

"I would have defeated Jolt and the others, but I think it took longer.I'm logged out this afternoon, so I appreciate it. "

"Well, that's what I'll do.By the way, I dropped an item.... "

"Split that over there.It's in the bag, isn't it? "

Ah, are you sure?

"I don't mind. Did you get any amazing rare items?"

Jolt smiled when he laid his hand on his chin and let him think a little.

"When I'm talking to Hayato, I can't wait to hide the information.You invited me to a fight, and even without it, I'd like to teach Hayato. "

Is that a compliment?

"Pretty good, and then there's just one item that looks pretty rare.Tiamato's swimsuit is a piece of equipment.It's exclusively for women, but it's amazing that it's completely poisonous and ineffective in terms of clothing. "

(Is it a swimsuit again...?)

Poseidon, one of Kraken's top species, also dropped his swimsuit gear.Basically, clothing and swimsuit equipment can be stacked, so there is no defense or special performance.However, some rare items have performance and are traded at a considerable price.

"Congratulations. I found a knife named Tier Matooth in my item bag.Ignore Defense Attacks are strong, but Base Damage is too low.Yeah, but it might be nice to give him some random status anomaly. "

"... that's a rarer one."

"Even if they say that.In general, I have skills in demolition knowledge, so I get good drop items. "

Hayato has acquired Demolition Knowledge Skills because they affect cooking, but they also have the ability to increase the number of dropped items and rarity.Most players tend to acquire skills in anticipation of the latter.

Jolt said, "I see." Then he put his right hand on his chin and stared at Hayato.

"Uh, what?"

Would you like to form an alliance with us?


"Of course, as a reciprocal position.I'm not talking about an umbrella. "

"Uh, no, I'm sorry, but I don't think we're going to make an alliance with anyone but the Black Dragon."

It's not that I don't like playing games with you.I don't think it's a good idea to reveal the secrets of NPCs by acting together.We didn't explore together because of that in the first place.

This time, I just decided it was okay because it was a short time, and if I formed an alliance, I could stay together for a long time.I think Jolt would have a good chance of finding out.

Can't you do that?

"That's right. We may be counting on the NPCs, but I don't think we'll ever be able to help because it's convenient for everyone.I'm putting all my efforts into the production job. "

Jolt frowned at Hayato's words.And he smiles when he says, "Oh."

"Wait, I didn't tell you to build an alliance with the NPCs.Not at all, but I wanted Hayato's power. "

"My power? Isn't that what the NPCs are about?"

"No - Hayato's contingency is a productive part of the fight.I didn't realize it while we were fighting, but I asked a lot of members of my production team. "


"Hayato's way of fighting. Hayato said that the speed at which items are made is a bit different.Rather than speed, it's the reaction rate or the production menu selection rate.Does Hayato see the situation and make the necessary items on the spot? "

Hayato has a low STR, so he can carry fewer items.As a result, they often carried materials that were lighter in weight than the finished items.What Asha told me to bring this time is mainly the material of the item.

Tier Mat's scattered Bud status. Hayato was precisely creating an antidote or an antiparalyte to recover it.

In the case of Hayato, you don't have to look at the three-dimensional menu displayed, and it's so cluttered in your body that you can choose where to find the desired item.Create items while watching the battle without looking at them.I wonder if it looks faster from around.

"I was impressed that the burden on people who could use healing magic was considerably reduced."

"I just looked at the situation and made it.Besides, I can't control the weight, so I'm asking for the timing individually. "

Hate is a number that determines who the monster is targeting, but it is not visible to the eye.For that reason, I can only remember it with a sense of body, but Hayato, who does not participate very much in the battle, has no control over it.

"Really? But that's the support job that was singing in the futon over there... right?I have a reputation for providing better support than that person.The fact that Hayato's clan is friendly with the NPC is also attractive, but I really want to form an alliance with someone who can fight the one-of-a-kind. "

"Appreciate it, but I don't think we're going to make an alliance.It's not as tight as Bandit, and I don't basically fight.It just so happens this time. "

"Isn't it good to be forced? But I don't want to get along without an alliance.Let me chew one of these things. "

"If it's the right time."

"Nice to meet you. Yes, of course not.If you have any problems with your clan, you can name us. "

Hayato leans his neck.

I don't really understand the situation where there is a problem with clan relations in the first place.

"What is a clan problem?"

"As I said during the exchange of information, Hayato's Daedalus has attracted considerable attention from major clans.Everyone wants to form an alliance.I'm sure the NPC's power looks attractive. "

"Anyway, I've never heard of the Alliance?"

"That's right, it's the first time I've said that.Besides, it was only at a meeting attended by a major clan.Everyone in the big clan knows that they have demon kings and heroes on their side.It's enough to get into a lot of discussion at that meeting.And there are some big clans that are not behaving well, and some clans will make rude demands, so you can name us then.Bandit is turning on the enemy. "

"Thankfully, that doesn't change anything from being under Bandit's umbrella...?"

Jolt smiles loudly.

"It's important to bury it from the outer moat, right?"

"... I knew I couldn't trust Jolt."

"I'm often told. Well, don't worry, the story of the outer moat is a joke.It's just a friendly clan.However, it is true that many clans are targeting Hayato, so please be careful.Especially since emerging clans don't understand implicit consent, they're more likely to be reckless. "

It is a story of indifference.

There were clans that threatened during clan wars, but since it's a virtual reality game in the first place, it can only be harassed.Whatever you say, there is no reason to follow it.

It can be said that the other side is in danger in the first place.There is no PvP for players to fight against each other except in Clan Wars, but the NPC has no restrictions.If they make unreasonable demands, they will respond immediately.

Nevertheless, it is not Hayato's wish to get into trouble.

"Then sweeten your words, and if anything happens, I'll honor Bandit's glory."

"Well, there's a possibility that you won't do anything in the first place, so I don't think you need to stand up that way.That's why my clan and Hayato are close, right? "

"What, all of a sudden?"

"I need you to convince the Gothrillers who are holding their weapons and looking at us there.As a friendly clan.And I wonder if you'd like me to ask... "

Going after Jolt's gaze, there was a rosary of armed men.He said he would not attack except at the Demon King Castle, but he must have obtained permission from Lunaria, the Demon King.The Lunaria was about to equip the Helm.

That's the way it is. Let me talk to you for a second. Come with me. "

Hayat and Jolt headed for the Rosary.