A week after defeating Tiamat, the search for an island floating in the sky was over.

Maris and Sulya have completed a Tame survey of the dinosaurs, exploration of the facilities in the middle of the lake, and the seal of the dinosaurs on the island is almost exhaustive.That's why I didn't do anything until the top species of mosaurus and tyrannosaurus emerged.

When Hayato told him that he was leaving, Jolt, unfortunately, didn't do anything to keep him.

"We're still here."

“The Bandits are out fishing, but is that relevant?”

"... my ladies are getting together in swimsuits.If we don't get enough people together, we might not be able to leave.... "

Megalodon seems to be fishing quite a bit, but Tiamato doesn't seem to be fishing very much, so it took a little more time for all the women to get their swimsuits together.

Even as a jolt, there is a nominal reason to investigate what kind of items Tiamato drops, so I don't dislike it so much, but I don't want to see sharks for a while.

By the way, Bandit was forgiven by the Rosary.Because there were not many members of the Black Rose who said they really wanted Gothrilli clothes to drop when they defeated them.

And in the future, the conversation came to an end by trading with money without having to defeat it.

The members of Joelt and Bandit seemed rather surprised by the proposal, and thanked Hayato for it.

Hayato also taught Bandit's production job how to make the items he wanted.When I talked to Esha and the others, they said it was okay.

Esha said that she didn't need too much monopoly to get into trouble.Ney, who has an Alondite replica, is constantly asked how to get it when he goes to the hunting grounds so that he doesn't have much time to hunt.

Therefore, I decided to teach the troublesome inquiry on the condition that Bandit would take over.The rationale is that Bandit's producers make them and distribute them to the market, making people think Hayato doesn't have a monopoly.

Although it is a chance to make a considerable profit, it can be said that the inquiry about it is a result that I think is more troublesome.

There are various conditions, such as having Hayato stand on the side of the arrow, but just because it is impossible to balance, Hayato was taught quite a bit how to make production items that he cannot make.

There was no monetary fluctuation, but Hayato would have been happier.

Having had a meaningful time on an island floating in the sky, Hayato broke up with Bandit and returned to Earth on the airship Anla Manyu.

A spacious meadow in the land of spirits.After everyone gets off, Hayato talks about his future plans.

"Well, I'm going to the eastern country in two days, so be ready.I'll take the regular boat, so I'll ask you not to be late. "

"If you're late, I'll rust the Alondite, so come with me."

"I'm telling Mr. Lunaria."

After such a conversation, the Demon King's army returned to the Devil's Land.

After seeing it off, Nay looked towards Hayato.

"Then we will return to our base as well.I'll have it ready by the day after tomorrow, so don't worry. "

"Roger that. Thank you all. Best of luck in two days."

“Of course. Oh, yes, I need you to rebuild the base we were talking about.”

Speaking of which, that's what I was talking about.I forgot because of everything.Should I come back from the eastern country? "

"So please, see you later!"

That's what Ney said, waved his hand with a smile, and went home with the members using the transfer ring.

The rest of us will go to Hayato's base.I used a transfer ring and moved to my base.

(... that? What? Unusual...?)

I had a short period of time, but for some reason I felt uncomfortable with the base.I can't tell you where it is, but somehow it feels different.

Agres and Sulya, who don't come here much, don't seem uncomfortable, but Esha and Ash also seem uncomfortable, so they don't enter the base and twist their necks.

Len shouted, "Ah!"

"Your neighbor's base wasn't so big, was it?"

Oh, is that so?

Ren's words finally made me feel uncomfortable.

The base in Hayato wasn't strange, but the base next door was being replaced at some point.It's something I'm not usually aware of, but it probably led to discomfort.

It is almost the same size base on the west side of the base, but it has not had much interaction with its neighbors since the time of the Black Dragon.Maybe the time didn't suit me, I rarely see her, and even if I did, I would say hello lightly.

After the doubts were resolved, everyone moved to the base, but Hayato and Esha were the only ones present.

The next base was like a shop on the ground floor.

Facing the road on the first floor, there is no wall and it is fully open.There are no items on the display shelf, but they can be placed in a significant number.

(It looks like an eight-hundred store from a long time ago.Seeing the product from outside is likely to attract customers)

Hayato stores have lots of windows on the roadside walls, making it easier for new customers to come in because the interior looks good.But the shop next door is easier to enter and it will be easier to see what you are selling.

Depending on what you sell, if you have such a large store, you will sell a lot of products.Rather than selling drop items from monsters, they are more likely to sell production items for business.

When Hayato had a slightly dark face, Esha opened her mouth.

It's a rival store.

I think I'm going to be wearing something for sale.

“I'm glad it wasn't real.”

"Sure. Better than having a coffee shop next to us."

"Well, there's no one weird enough to run a coffee shop in a colony."

"Are you calling me a weirdo?"

After such an exchange, Hayato was slightly shocked by the increase in rival stores, and then turned to the east side of the base before opening the door and stepping inside.

Everyone in the dining room sat in the chair of the dining room in a squeaky shape.You may not be physically tired, but you may be mentally tired from returning from your journey.

The table was stocked with sweets and drinks, and everyone seemed to be properly pinched.

Meanwhile, Rose, who was asking for an answering machine, approached with a smile.

Welcome back, Hayato.

"I'm home, Mr. Rose. Thank you for your message."

"No, it's my job. I have a report. Do you want to stop it today?Hayato will be tired too. "

"I'm fine as long as I get a report." What kind of report? "

Rose nodded with a smile and began reporting on the store's sales.

Simply put, sales are doing well, making between 200,000 and 300,000G a day.In addition to Hayato's equipment, food and medicine are the most important contributors to sales, covering 80% to 90%.

As a result, the quantity in stock has decreased, so I would like to ask you to replenish it.

Equipment is still in stock, but we need to replenish food and medicine.I will go back to the eastern country the day after tomorrow, so I only have a chance to replenish it today and tomorrow.Hayato makes a plan to make it early at night.

"So, Master Hayato, I think you've noticed...."

Rose said that and glanced at the western wall.

That was all Hayato knew.

"Neighbor, it looks like you're starting some kind of business.It's only natural that you don't sell anything on the first floor of the street because it's a rotten treasure. "

"That's right, but those who lived next door moved in."


"I came to say hello before we moved, but Hayato wasn't here, so I got to say hello instead."

Then is that a new building, not a renovation?But I used to let go of that place. "

Hayato thought so much and felt a little lonely that he might have retired from the game.Even if you are a player with little interaction, if you have retired from the game, the reason is that you miss it.

"He paid me nearly ten times the market for everything..."

Ten times!?

I knew it wasn't retirement, but it blew up.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is close to King's City, or almost King's City, and the market is said to be more than 100 million Gs.Ten times that, more than a billion.

This area is unlikely to be in trouble with in-game currencies, as only older players have access to the land since the start of the service.Because I have some kind of money policy.

However, many players would let go if they were told to do it tenfold.

It's a place where value will continue to rise, but if you're doing business, you don't need to be here if you're just using it as a base.

Hayato decided that convenience alone would not be a problem near other towns, so it would be fine near the Grand Bell, which is the base of Hayato's previously built Black Dragon.

But sometimes I wonder.

Speaking of in-game currency, only large clans can afford to spend more than a billion dollars.

Maris and Sulya approached me thinking it was going to be a problem.

Hayato-san, Rosé-san, are you finished?

"Yes, Master Maris, I'm fine with the report."Now, Hayato, I'm going back to the store. "

"Oh, yeah, hi."

After seeing Rose return to the store, Hayato turns to Maris and the others.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm going to the Tamer's Guild, but I was wondering if Hayato could come with me.I'm sorry for your tiredness..... "

"What? Me? I don't mind going, but why again?"

"I need to make a report about Tame the dinosaur, but I think we'll need information about the airship as a way to get to the island that floats in the sky.Could you show the crew the miniature airship? "

Ah, of course, I'll make sure you don't have to tell me anything about the airship.

Sulah adds to Maris' explanation.

Airships are still rare and the information is valuable.I'm not going to get any money with that information, but I'm grateful for your consideration because it's troublesome to be raided here in search of information.

"Roger that. Let's just leave the luggage and go.I want to see how surprised Pteranodon is at Tamer's Guild. "

Hayato said so and started preparing to go to the Tamer's Guild.