Another Frontier Online

Reporting at the Tamer Guild

As Hayato and the others headed to the Tamer Guild, the members of the base were disbanded and free to move.

The members of the Genesis Dragon decided to visit the capital, and Ren always smiled.

"Then we'll go shopping together."I'm looking for the curse item! "

Roger that. Be careful.

"Oh no, Mr. Hayato." We're Genesis Dragons, right?If you're serious, you won't lose! "

Ren takes a pose that says, "Mmm!" and makes a kabuki from his right arm.

Yeah, yeah. Don't worry about that. I was a Genesis Dragon hardliner in King's Landing before, so I'll be fine.

Just when Hayato logged in for the first time in half a year, the hardliners destroyed the main facility rather than rampaged.It was highly likely that the NPC's inhabitants were resenting them.

"... I don't think you'll find out because you're not attacking people."Please don't dragonize Mr. Sweene and Aggres. "

"You can't do it all over the city.But that's right. Thinking about it, I'm disliked by the elves and dwarves of the Land of Spirits.Next time, I'll have to apologize... "

When Aggres said that, Pat nodded.

"You should apologize soon."Randa and I were surrounded by Rosalie and the others on an airship.It wasn't bad to feel like a star, though. "

"That was a gaze full of murderous intent."If you hadn't apologized, you'd most likely have been dropped from the airship! "

Agres and Sweene went berserk during the World Tree Defense.Although they are not appointed, they are likely to be disliked because they did not apologize in particular.Especially since Aggrez was violent in the form of a human, the appearance of the elves and dwarves would have been identified.

When Pat and Randa were at Stampede, they used to stand in the way of material extraction so they couldn't defend themselves against Ney and Rosalie.I was surrounded by members of the Black Rose in a place where there was no escape from the airship, not to mention a flat apology.

"The King's Capital will be fine." Even so, Ren was still there.Cursed items. Kirka was a little -- there was something really weird about it. "

"Why did you say this a little bit again...?"But that's a welcome story! ”

Ren is stuck in Suyen's words.Ash seemed to be listening in the same way.You want to know a little about your mother, Kirka.

After some talking, Ash approached Hayato.

"Then we'll go to the capital."Do you have anything to buy? "

"If it's not a hassle, can you buy me something that might be a chemical or a cooking ingredient?"

Okay, I'll be right there.

Ash said that, and the members of the Genesis Dragon headed for the royal tourist capital.

Esha, Cecil, and Noat stayed at the base.The three consume a lot of sweets and drinks on the table.

Totally, both Esha and Cecil are rough servants, aren't they?

"The usual Noato servants will be rough."Rosé was smiling and complaining. "

"Rosé doesn't say that.Just thinking in my heart "

"No, that doesn't mean the same thing, does it?"Yes, I'll tell you, but I'll take you to the eastern country. "

Noat nodded unusually normally to Cecil's words.

"I'm actually interested in hot springs."Take the futons as usual. "

"... I wonder if it's a magic that summons Noat anytime, anywhere."

"It's the best proposal for Cecil."Please develop that magic.And the magic that can summon a futon at any time. "

I need the magic to summon food.

"You can't develop magic."But if you develop it, I'll summon you to a volcanic crater first.Esha's got a Hayato, isn't she?Speaking of which, aren't you going to summon me to cook? "

By the way, that was it.

I won't do it.

Hayato was on fire, so I refused to put my hair in it.

After that, the three of them continued their hesitant conversation, but Hayato thought it was proof that they were close.

After a while, Maris and Surya came back from upstairs.

"Mr. Hayato, we're ready." Can you go? "

"It's okay, let's go."

After Hayato had told Esha and the others that he was coming, he left the base.

The Tamer Guild in King's Landing was quite busy.

Hayato has visited the Tamer Guild several times.Many tamers bring their favorite small pets, and it's a rarer place not to bring them, like Hayato.

Tamer Guilds have the same quest requests as Adventurer Gilts, and often bring specific monsters with them.Others include preparing meals for pets and checking the habitat of monsters.

By doing so, you will increase your contribution points, and if you score more points, your rank will increase, and the number of pets deposited in the stables will increase.There are other benefits of getting information about monsters.

Maris, Surya is said to be an ace in a branch of the Tamer Guild.Naturally, the rank is the highest, and its popularity is so high that the two of them just entered through the entrance and their surroundings were rough.

But this time, it's much bigger than usual.Naturally, it is the presence of Pteranodon.

The information that there are dinosaurs has long been whispered.The shock is immeasurable for Tamers because the real thing came as a pet.The exclamation and the whisper of speculation about it will never subside.

As for Hayato, I feel good.Sometimes it is a natural desire for people to stand out in this way.

Maris and Surya were getting used to it, so they took their pets to the counter.

The female receptionist is smiling.And Maris spoke to me before he did.

"Maris-san, that's amazing!" Is the child a dinosaur!? "

“Yes, I have a lot of information I'd like to report.”

"Of course I will." Before that, would you like to deposit all of you in the stables? "

"Please, Surya, can I leave Garland with you today?"

"Yes, I'm going to relax today.Ah, yes, I'll keep the cat like a deluxe, so I'd like this to be used as a meal. "

When Surya handed it to the receptionist, Maris gave her a very large number of deluxe cats, saying, “I'll take care of you, too.”

“I'm in awe, I'll tell the person in charge.But, Maris-san, Surya-san, where do you make the five stars of Deluxe like a cat?You bring it quite often, don't you? "

When the receptionist asked her question, they glanced at Hayato.

Of course, Hayato made the highest quality Cat Deluxe.

“That's a secret!”

Maris said that, but anyone with good intuition would find it in the act of seeing Hayato.The receptionist also glanced at Hayato, but immediately nodded with a smile.

"Okay, there's something there."So, can I talk to you in the private room over there? "

The receptionists led the Hayatoes to their private rooms.

Meanwhile, the guild couldn't hold its nerves, but there were no opponents who were going to charge in here.The gentlemen and ladies entered the room, wondering if there were many tamers.

After a while, three Tamar Guild employees entered the private room along with the receptionist.

There were Hayato, Maris, Surya, and even Sieg, so there were six of them in the room.

There are quite a few people, but I don't feel cramped.It is also a room that is often used for pet trading, so it is large enough to accommodate large monsters.

The conversation between Maris, Surya, and the guild members continues.

Hayato also explained the island floating in the sky as a habitat for dinosaurs, and then released the miniature of the airship.

The Tamer Guild officials were surprised, but it seemed a bit unfortunate that the airship would limit the number of people who could get there.

Ah, well, maybe we can go to an island floating in the sky without an airship.

When Maris says that, the officials step out on the table and close in.

"It's Pteranodon, but it seems that there is no flight limit."If you have about four bodies, like a griffin flight, you might be able to carry them to an island that floats in the sky. ”

Hayato and Surya were not particularly surprised to hear from Maris, but the officials exclaimed with admiration.

There was a limit to how many monsters could go up in the sky.You can't get to an island floating in the sky on a griffin, but Pteranodon flies near an island floating in the sky in the first place, and the ceiling is quite high.

There was also verification, and Griffon's lancelot could not be seen outside the floating island, but Pteranodon was able to fly outside.

These are the predictions that if you carry a gondola with a few Pteranodons, like a Griffon flight, you might be able to get there without an airship.

"Amazing, Mr. Maris!" I don't know if I can do it, and it's hard to collect all four, but that kind of information is helpful!I'll give you more points for contributing to the Tamer Alliance! ”

"If so, please share it with Surya and Bandit's tamers who tested it together.To tell the truth, it seems like it was inspired by the opinion of Tamer, who works for Bandit.Ah, I'd also like your share, Mr. Hayato. "

"I'm good." I don't have any pets to keep.I'll split my share between Maris and Surya. "

"Regardless of what I think, Hayato-san is the most accomplished person..."

Surya snorted and Maris nodded.

That being said, it would be a point of little significance for Hayato.I don't see any reason to move up the ranks, so I think it would still be worth giving it to Maris and Surya.

After many exchanges, Hayato's points were divided between Maris, Surya, and Bandit's tamers.Not only that, but the Tamer Guild also took the form of various advantages for Hayato.

It is unclear whether or not to use it, but Hayato decided to take it lightly.

After that, I gave him more information and the reports from Maris and the others were over.

"That's it." The information received will be released after careful review.Actually, there's something I'd like to ask Marius-san to do..... "

At the end of the report from Maris, the receptionist told me that she wanted to ask Maris for something.

Simply put, he wanted us to check it out because he wanted to set up a branch of the Tamer Guild in the East.Marius' trip to the East country was scheduled for a long time, so he wanted to get in a toilet.

With Maris registering the monster cucumber as a Tamer Guild, more Tamers are going to the eastern kingdom.However, the opinion has come that the eastern country has no Tamer Guild and is inconvenient.

“I don't mind if it's not too hard to think about.I just want you to see if the guild can buy land in the East. "

“Okay, then I'll ask Benny.”


“I'm Benitzur, the princess of the East.I know my face, so I'll ask.I liked animals, so I might get a good response! ”

The receptionist and the three staff members have dotted eyes.

"Huh? I told you when I brought Max the cucumber, didn't I?"

"I'm sorry. I may have been excited by the monster and I might not have heard about it."But is that so, Maris-san, do you know the princess of the east country..... "

Well, thanks to Hayato-san!

The receptionist smiled at Hayato.

“Would you like to join the Tamer Guild?It's a steady job to play with animals! ”

"No, I have my own shop."

Hayato thought he might be the first player to be invited to join an Alliance.

Afterwards, Hayato was explained the good things about the Tamer Guild by the receptionist and the two staff.

Along the way, Maris, Surya, and even Siegfried were invited, and Hayato was quite tired to refuse.