The Hayatoes left the Tamer Guild behind.

A short walk away, Hayato sighs.

I was invited by the guild, but I didn't have time to do it in the first place, so I turned it down.

What Hayato wants to do in this game is create a production item and sell it in the store.And a little bit of participation in the event to earn real-world prizes.

I don't have the enthusiasm to get the bounty like I did in the clan war, and I just want everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.

That's what Hayato thinks, but Maris feels sorry for her.

"I think the pets would be happy if Hayato-san belonged to us."

"...... I'm not going to let you make cats forever, am I?"

"No way! I'll have you make more!"


Maris says, "I'm kidding," but Hayato didn't miss that his eyes were serious.

By the way, Mr. Hayato, do you still have time?

Surya spoke to Hayato.

"What? Why?"

"I want to thank Mr. Hayato."It's early for lunch, but I'll buy you a meal.This isn't enough at all, though. "

"...... I'll be fine for a while."Then I'll buy you a drink. "

As a result of various considerations, I decided to buy it.

Since Hayato can make any kind of dish, it's probably cheaper to buy ingredients instead of going out to eat them.However, Hayato has recently learned her feminine and gentlemanship skills from Ash and Ren.

As I said, don't turn down a woman's invitation.

"It's an act of embarrassing a woman!"”is Ren. However, there is also guidance that" it is out to be kind to everyone ", and I don't really know what to do honestly.

I didn't have to buy it because I didn't do anything serious, but I also had Ren's teachings, and I thought it would be good to eat somewhere once in a while, so I decided to take Surya's suggestion.

There was a cafeteria where Maris often went, so I decided to head there.

I thought it was a pet restaurant because it was about Maris and it was like an ordinary store.

However, there is no appeal at the storefront so much as to think that it is really a cafeteria.There is no signage, and it feels like it would go down the street without knowing.

It's in a slightly tricky alley, and it's not crowded.No one will come but those who are here for the purpose.

There were bandit guilds and assassin guilds in the royal capital a while ago, so security would have been worse than it is now.Since it's an in-game thing, there's not much need to think common sense, but Hayato wondered if it would be a business.

Surya was a little shocked when she saw the store.

"Why don't you eat at a shop where it's a little easier for women to get in?"

"This Sanma grilled set meal is delicious."

That's a little exciting.

In the real world, high-end fish dishes are not that expensive in the game.Hayato was relieved to think that this was reasonable because it would be attractive even if he bought a very high-end dish.

And as for Hayato, I thought it was helpful.

If you are badly taken to a shop that is popular with women, it is hard to be there.Maris doesn't seem to care that much, but any shop that doesn't feel uncomfortable with a man is welcome.

When I entered the store, I was surprised to find a customer, although it was rude.Hayato thinks that it is a shop that only regular customers have.

Ask for three Maris' recommendations on the table.Sieg didn't ask for it, but a strict male store manager in his forties glanced at Sieg over the counter and asked, "Is it okay?", and Maris said, "Please."

"The store manager is reluctant." I think I'm attentive, so I like it. "

Even though I met him for the first time, Hayato's affection for the manager was very high.

"Actually, Zeke found it for me!"Since then, you've been eating mostly here! ”

"Sieg is good."

Hayato said so, and Zeke closed his eyes while sitting on the table, turning his neck upward.Hayato interpreted it as though she was looking at Doya.

Soon, a set meal was brought for three people.It was a woman in her thirties who brought it to me.Hayato speculates that it is probably the store manager's wife.

(Couple running a cafeteria...)

A vague vision came to mind in Hayato's head, but he shaken it off before it became a clear form.

Maris, Surya, and Zeke looked at Hayato with a strange look, but Hayato laughed and said, "It's nothing," and put chopsticks on the Sunma grilled set meal.

Surya was convinced that it was "definitely delicious."It seems that this restaurant served fish dishes with five stars, and I was impressed that there was such a shop as Hayato.

Sieg was offered a normal cat that was not deluxe.This is also a five-star, and Sieg is eating it.Hayato restarted the meal, thinking that this might be the reason why Maris was travelling here.

After finishing my meal, I started talking about the future.It is mainly about the eastern country.

Maris and Surya had a lot of plans, like trying to tame Susak, or having a monster like this.

"But it would be helpful."

Surya said that to Hayato with a smile that could tell even if her face was half hidden in a clown mask.

Uh, what happened?

"There is a hand in the east country."I told you about the guild, but I was worried about what to do with Garland because there's no Tamer Guild in the East.Even camping is fine, though.

Since Hayato-san was liked by Benny and Simon, I think you can lend him a base this time!

Maris said so proudly.

Hayato nodded. Whether you liked it or not, I had a promise that you would lend it to me.

"I was contacted by an island floating in the sky, but I was told to lend you as much as I could."It looks like Benny and Simon are also looking forward to our visit. "

I've heard that before, but it's amazing that the princess of the eastern kingdom and one of the ten sacred demon swords will like it.

"Because Hayato is popular in the East."

“Popular people. Well, I guess they appreciate it.”

In the eastern country, I was involved in various things, but the problem was solved in a good way.Hayato's contribution is high, such as the technique of destroying demon swords, fighting with the Holy Demon Ten Swords, and making the famous sword Yata glass.

Simon has been contacting me regularly since I came back.Although the eastern country itself has not changed that much, it is headed in various good directions with the new close friends of the country, mainly Benitzur.

And every time I get a call, I'm invited to set up a base in the eastern country.

“That's why I don't think there are any bases or pets to worry about in the East.”

"If I hadn't bought a hundred samma grilled set meals, it wouldn't have been a good fit."I'll buy it in the Imperial City next time.

Um, uh, before that, I'm going to have a treat for both of you.

Hayato said so, but Maris and Surya tilted their necks.

There is a reason for this.It was at Ren's study group.

No matter what the reason, it seems that if the woman buys it, the next time she buys it, it will be Sji.In doing so, he taught us that we should be fitted with the promise of eating together next time.

And he said unto Ash, by the way of Hayat, with his mouth open.

I tried, but it didn't seem to work well for Maris or Surya.Hayato thinks that this is a technique to get along with women in the first place, and that it has nothing to do with women's hearts.

"This is a thank you, so you don't need to buy it for Hayato-san, do you?"

Um, well, I've been able to help a lot thanks to Maris and Surya, so just think of it as a thank you.

"Then please leave the cat in a deluxe!" With five stars! "

"If that's the case, I'd like to ask you to do the same."

"... if that's all right with you."

I thought that Ren's study group was subtle, but I began to think that it could be helped because they were both a bit special.

After that, I was still chatting, but the time to log out was approaching, so Hayato opened his mouth to the two of them to leave the store.

Shall we go home?

A man and woman dressed as a butler and maid entered the entrance of the store.Then, after looking around, they approached the table where the Hayatoes were sitting.

The two bowed their heads in front of Hayato.

Hayato-sama is here, isn't he?

Hayato is surprised. If she thinks she's a male butler, her voice is female.If you look closely, it was certainly a woman.I didn't know because my eyes were hidden by my silver hair, but I was definitely a woman when I saw it nearby.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Ronios and I'm a butler at Clan Shooting Star.I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but could you give me some time?My lord wants to speak with Lord Hayato. "

Hayato is quick to think.

The butler and the maid in front of them are players, not NPCs.His name appears on his profile, but the lettering is blue.It's a testament to the player.

And the clan "Shooting Star". The first clan I heard of, at least not during the Clan War.It is Hayato's view that he may have missed it, but is not at least a top 10 clan.

Jolt told me that Hayato is famous among the top clans, and there are a lot of people who want to form an alliance.I don't know if "Shooting Star" is the top clan, but I'm starting to think so.

I'm sure it's Hayato, but do you want to form an alliance?

“This is a quick story. Exactly, and the Lord wants you to form an alliance.”

I refuse that kind of thing.

"Can you do something about that?"If there are conditions, please show them and we will do our best to fulfill them. ”

No, it's more of a playstyle thing.

The butler stared at Maris and Surya from the back of his forehead for a moment.

“Are you referring to the style of playing games with NPCs?”

I thought that Hayato shouldn't say NPC in front of the two of them, but I remembered that I didn't hear it with AI protection in the first place.However, if Maris and the others are having too much incomprehensible conversation, it will be troublesome to explain later.

I thought of finishing my talk at once.

“That's right, I'm sorry, but I'm leaving now.”

Ronios supported his right elbow with his left hand, and put his right hand on his chin, making a thoughtful face.Then put your hands back and lower your head.

I understand.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

No, I'm sorry, too.

Reassured that he understood, Hayato saw Ronios and the maid smile in his mouth.

I apologize first because the Lord wants me to bring you in with a little forceful hands.

Ronios and the maid had their own weapons.

Hayato thought molestedly that the popularity was painful in one corner of his head.