Another Frontier Online

Strange Items

Coming back from an island floating in the sky, I went to the Tamer Guild and ate at a restaurant recommended by Maris, where I was intertwined with a female butler and a maid.

I wonder what day it is today, but Hayato was quite shocked.

In the first place, this game is a player-to-player battle, and PvP is only available in Clan Wars.Each of them took out a weapon, which was no threat to Hayato.

NPCs have no limitations, can be attacked by NPCs, and players can also attack NPCs.However, if you do it all over town, you will be punished by the in-game law.The laws are slightly different in the King's and Imperial Capitals, but either way, they would get caught if they went berserk in the city.

Um, I don't seem to understand, but that's not a threat.

The butler, Ronios, was a rapier, and the maid was holding a survival knife in both hands.Hayato pointed at those weapons in turn and said so.

Yeah, I know.

"Then why--"

"I've been looking into Lord Hayato."You treat NPCs the same way you treat people. "

Is that it?

"If we get mad here, the NPCs will be annoyed."I don't think Lord Hayato will overlook it. "

"...... you don't have a good personality, do you?"

“I don't deny that I have a bad personality, but even with me, it's hard to do this, even with games.It just depends on what you prioritize.The command of the Lord is absolute for us.That's why I'll do whatever it takes. "

The idea of pledging so much loyalty in the game comes to Hayato's mind.

If so, this is not a role-play, but a real-life relationship.If the butler or maid in front of him is real, in reality he serves people of a fairly high rank.If you are bad, you can think of the Lord as a person of the foundation just like Ney.

It was only speculation, but Hayato concluded so.

If Hayato spends his time here, the NPCs will be annoyed, as Ronios said.

Bringing such trouble to the place where the couple runs the cafeteria will reduce the number of guests.Even Hayato, who operates a coffee shop in the real world, doesn't think it's any other human resources.

I don't know what will happen if I take her with me, but I decided that this store can't be bothered.

Ok, then...

And as he approached that Hayat should follow him, Maris stretched out his right hand before Hayat, and obstructed his words.

You don't have to go.

Hayato was surprised by the unusual strong tone of Maris.

"It's about Hayato-san, so you're going to go to this shop because it's going to cause trouble, right?"You don't have to do that. ”

"Huh? No, it's because of Maris, isn't it?"You're going to be banned? "

If the butler and the maid get into trouble here, it's no mistake to say that Maris has brought trouble to the store.It is highly likely that they will be banned from entering and exiting.

At that time, Hayato-san will take care of the meal!

It's not a very funny story, but Hayato got a little happier.Maris favored Hayato over himself.

"If that's all right, I'll help you."

This time, Surya put her hand on her favorite whip.

"Shopkeeper! I'm sorry, I'm a little rambling!"

Maris said that to the counter, but the manager didn't change his expression.

"All right, if you break anything in the store, pay for it."Also, come and eat more often. "

That said, the manager retreated to the kitchen with his wife.The guests also took the dishes of the food they were eating and moved to the back room.

(It is amazing that no one is in a hurry.Or are you unfamiliar with it?)

Hayat is not the only one who is surprised by this situation.Ronios and the maid were the same.I guess you didn't think it would be acceptable to go berserk.

Is this the power of Lord Hayato?

It's completely irrelevant.

“I'm surprised NPCs like you so much.Personally, I want Hayato to be my companion. "

First impressions are terrible, though.

"If it's the worst at the moment, we'll just have to go up."Now, it seems impossible to bring Lord Hayato home without first defeating both of you. "

While saying that, Ronios looked at Maris and Surya.

"I went a little crazy, but I can't help it." Be prepared. "

Each of us is ready to fight with our weapons.

Hayato gets a little nervous.Both Maris and Surya were tamers.This is when I bring my pets, and now I don't have them.

I didn't know what my opponent was capable of, but I felt like a stronger person.And Hayato saw the two gears.The clothes are butler's and maid's clothes, but the rest of the equipment is disgusting.It was a lot of high-performance divine gear that would cost a lot of money if it was put together in an auction.

While I was thinking about it, the battle began.

At first, it was reversing, but gradually began to be pushed.

As expected by Hayato, the opponent was made up of Vulture's Combat Ability.It also had good physical abilities and gear.

Maris and Surya also have combat abilities, but nearly half of them are Tamar abilities, making them inferior in many ways.

There was also a small place to fight.Maris has a long lance and Surya has a whip, both of which work at intermediate and long distances.It's hard to fight in this store and you can't show off your skills.We've been fighting for a while now.

"This is no good..."

”Yeah... I wanted to protect you...”

Surya and Maris each threw out a soft sound.

It must have been unavoidable.It was highly likely that Ronios and the others had been in contact because they knew this would happen in the first place.Even if the battle is unscheduled, Hayato wondered if they were acting to their advantage.

Hayato-san! Please use the transfer ring!

That's what Maris screamed.

If you transfer to a base with a transfer ring, you can escape.There will be invitations for alliances after that, but they won't let up.

It's just that Hayato has something to worry about.

The opponent who was so thoroughly prepared couldn't possibly have thought about it.It is likely that there is a situation where metastasis is obstructed or even metastasized.

Hayato looks at Ronios.

Ronios noticed the meaning of Hayato's gaze and smiled as he waved his rapier.

"It seems that Master Hayato is suspicious of being able to transfer - that's correct. Clemola"

Ronios called the maid Cremola.

Cremola nodded and took the distance from Maris and the others in a backstep before removing the black jewels.

Hayato was the first item to see it, but I was surprised to see the description of the item.It was an item that blocked the surrounding metamorphosis, and even the return to voice chat and death.

"What is that...?"

It is not surprising that Hayato said so.

I questioned the raison d 'être of the item.

I still know about the metastasis. Some enemy monsters have rare monsters that escape when they become dangerous, so it's no surprise that they have items to block them.

But I don't know why we should stop voice chatting and going back to death.This is because it is a game that has no PvP except for Clan War, but it is clearly an item that can be restricted for players.In the first place, we will talk about what to do by closing off the transfer and voice chat.

Now is the right time to think about how to use it, but there is a problem with having items to catch someone.

"We have also apprenticed Master Hayato."


“I got along with the NPC and they taught me how to make these items.It cost a fortune, but don't you think it's the perfect item for this one? ”

"... I just want to protest against the operation."

Whatever the reason for the item's existence, the fact that it cannot return to death does not mean that it will be attacked by Maris and the others and resurrected at the base.The transfer is also sealed, so the Hayato can't escape from here.Furthermore, it is not possible to call for help by voice chat.

I was able to convince myself that it was an item prepared for this occasion.

(Let's question Ditte. But that's later.)

"Now, Master Hayato, I'm here to help you understand the situation."Will you stop the barren battle and surrender? "

Hayato-san won't give it to you!

Well, if you're going to force me to take you with me, then let's fight this outright.

Maris, Surya said that and stood in the way of defending Hayato.

Ronios looked troubled.

"But you're both tamers, right?It looks like you have a triple-cat pet with you, but you should be able to beat us by specializing in combat-- "

"Ronios, wait. We don't have a triple-haired cat."

Cremola blocked the words of Ronios.

Hayato also noticed it now. At some point Siegfried was gone.

Maris is looking at Doya.

I thought we couldn't win alone!

For some reason, Maris was cheerful and sad, but Surya nodded in agreement.

I don't mean to insist, but it looks like we've bought some time.

Time was bought, and Hayat understood by the words alone.

Immediately after that, the door of the store behind Ronios and the others opened.

There was Esha with Zeke on her shoulder, and Cecil with her hands behind her head.

They must have looked inside the store and understood in an instant.

“Is that why Zeke took me for a walk without biting me?”

"Quarrels, right? Quarrels, right?Alright! I'll do the same! "

Hayato stroked his chest as he turned the situation around.And looking at Siegfried, he said to himself, "I'll prepare a lot of deluxe cats," and Siegfried replied, "Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii