Another Frontier Online

Difference in Experience

Esha and Cecil, who had entered through the entrance, each held up their weapons.

Sieg on Esha's shoulder jumped off the floor and walked leisurely between Ronios and the others towards Maris.It's an elegant way to walk like a fashion model.

Looking at it, Ronios covered his face with his left hand, shaking his shoulders and laughing.After laughing all the way, she exhales with a smile.

Apparently, it seems that Mitsuko-san has already won the battle.

I have more than I can think of.

In the first place, even if they were defeated here, Ronios and the others would have no problem.All we have to do is see another chance and come after Hayato.Hayato decided that he could afford to come from there.

If you want to go home like this, I'll clear the way for you.

"Come on, Esha, what are you talking about?Let's do it when we get here! "

Troublesome Esha and motivated Cecil.And Ronios with a smile and Cremola with no expression.

The Hayatoes are already outside the mosquito net.The battle was about to begin, so I moved to the wall.

Ronios puts his left hand on his chest and bows to Esha and the others with his face raised.

It's Esha Crown and Cecil Arven, isn't it? I can't believe the rumors. "

Esha and Cecil narrowed their eyes a little.Never minding that, Ronios turned his face toward Esha.

"Esha-sama is a militant maid who is super attached to the maid guild."You're strong enough to fight alongside your heroes in past clan wars and defeat both heroes and demons at the same time. "

"That's not true." The super cute maid is the right one. ”

“I see. Let's fix that.”

Ronios looks toward Cecil next.

"Lord Cecil will fight alongside the brave like Lord Esha, and will be able to master all kinds of weapons."He's also the leader of the Imperial Special Forces Dragonbusters. "

"I don't have enough information. And it's super strong enough to stick to it, but it's losing it."

"I apologize for this."Let's add that information... Now, let me try a little bit on how strong it is. Clemola "

Cremola jumps out at a high speed shortly after.He tried to slash Esha by crossing the knives in his hands.

There is a high-pitched sound in the room.

Cecil, who was right next to Esha, came out before him and prevented him with the sword in his hands.

Let's play with me after the maid battle? Esha!

I'll guess if it moves flashily.

And Esha said, and Cecil leapt forward, and Esha leaned backward.

When Cecil attacked with an Excalibur replica and an Arondite replica, Cremola was struck with a knife.

Shortly after, Sha's Belzave attack attacked Cremola.

Cremola took the attack with a knife, but frowned.

(Esha targeted Cecil, didn't she...?No, did you attack the maid by anticipating Cecil's movements?)

If Cecil hadn't moved, it would have hit the trajectory, but since Cecil had moved to attack, she didn't hit Sha.And it hit Cremola.

Cremola is likely to prevent attacks from such a blind spot, but the exchange will show us how much we can do each other.Mutual alertness increased considerably.

Let's do it!

Preventing that is a troublesome opponent, isn't it?

Cecil looked like a predator who had found his prey, and Esha looked troublesome.And keep fighting.

Cremola frowned at first and now has no expression.It seemed like I was on the defensive, but it didn't seem like it was that hard on Cecil and Esha.

(Cecil likes to battle more dynamically around weapons, so it's a bit difficult to do.And Esha was no good at melee battles.Even so, it should be quite strong, but that Cremola person is also very strong.They say there hasn't been a single clean hit in that many attacks.But it seems even more troublesome--)

Hayato looks at Ronios.

Ronios is not helping Cremola, he is just looking at the battle with his left hand on his chin.I can't see because it is hidden by my forehead, but I feel like I am observing it closely.

"It reminds me of the old clan war."I'm scared because I don't know where Esha's attack comes from.Cecil will attack with a smile, and I don't want to be hostile again. "

"I got permission to go berserk, but if I can go berserk like this, I'll be a little scared afterwards..."

Surya seemed a little stunned, and Maris was in a bit of a panic.

It must be because the tables and chairs in the shop have been brilliantly destroyed during the battle.Hayato was determined to make amends with a table and a chair of five stars.

Shortly after, the equilibrium collapses.

Cecil's kick destroyed Clemora's posture.

You're not the two who miss it.Cecil attacks Cremola with his sword in both hands in return for his first attack.

Cremola, who was in a collapsed position, couldn't shake her, and was attacked one by the other with a knife in both hands.

There, Esha attacked with a bellsave.

Cremola, who is already under Cecil's attack with a knife in both hands, cannot be attacked or subjected to that attack.

And Esha was not sweet enough to loosen her hand in a single attack.I attacked Cremola as long as I had MPs.

Cremola lost her HP and fell on her knees.

Immediately after that, applause resounds.Ronios is slowly clapping.

"Excellent. I was afraid that we would defeat Cremola."She's a super militant, too.

Even if you were a militant, you were an amateur as a maid.

Esha said that and took the melon juice out of the item bag and drank it.

As for Hayato, I have a lot to say, but I'll be patient.

"Oh my God, I lost my vigilance."I thought you were coming for us.Don't you want to fight? "

"No, no, I would definitely like to have a match."We won't be able to bring Lord Hayato back, so we'll get scolded by the Lord if we don't bring back at least some other information.Thank you very much. "

Shortly after Ronios had politely bowed, he jumped out at high speed and poked Cecil with the rapier in his right hand.

Cecil takes out the attack with his sword, but Ronios quickly moves to the next attack, without stopping the series.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!"

Cecil was going to take it this time, but he looked happy.

"Hey, Esha! He's strong! I'll do it, so let's do it!"

Esha, who was holding Belsave, wrinkled between her eyebrows, then turned her muzzle upward to release her position.

"Have you been sick?Well, that's fine, but if you lose, I'll laugh. "

Oh, my God!

When Cecil said that, he played Ronios' attack heavily before turning to attack.

Ronios was also happily attacked.

"I see. It's not just that you have two swords, but that you're good at using them."It's different from the other people around here. "

(Even Ronios is under attack.)

Ronios is attacked by Cecil with one rapier.I was pretty good at receiving it, not only from Rapier's blade, but also from the hammer and knuckle guard.In addition, Cecil lost a little of his posture without attacking so that he could not attack in a row.

"Oh! I'm doing something like Ivan!"

"Ivan--you mean a brave man."So, is there such a thing? "

Ronios jumped into Cecil's chest like a stream after he stopped attacking him.Then he grabbed Cecil around the chest with his left hand and slammed Cecil on the floor like a toss with one hand.

That's about a second of the event.All the Hayatoes were surprised.


Late, Cecil shouts in surprise.

"Hmm. It looks like there's no damage."Are you able to deal damage only with weapon slashing and blows? "

Cecil strikes at Ronios' feet as he is struck on the floor.

Ronios rolled backwards.

Cecil stands up slowly as the distance increases.

"You, don't do it! You broke your center of gravity and kicked your feet lightly, didn't you?"I couldn't stand it at all! "

"Master Cecil is also wonderful."Did you understand that at that moment? "

I'm not sure from Hayato's point of view, but Cecil probably explains the principle of being thrown easily with one hand.

“Tell me your name.I'll remember that. "

"I apologize for this."You didn't call yourself that, did you?My name is Ronios. The maid is Cremola. "

"I see. Looks like you knew, but I'll call you by name."I'm Cecil. Cecil Arven, thank you so much for now. ”

Yes, thank you.

"Nnh, I'm going to give you a little serious." You don't have to hold back, so come seriously. "

Ronios looked surprised for a moment, but immediately smiled in his mouth.

I'm looking forward to it--

So I immediately played Cecil's attack on Rapia.

Cecil threw an Excalibur Replica at Ronios.

Cecil was surprised when he collapsed and bit Ronios with a tackle that hit him from his shoulder.

Melee skill has no effect and no damage as long as it is equipped with a weapon.However, Ronios was blown away by its power and was hunted down to the edge of the wall in an instant.

I threw an Arondite replica at it.

Ronios barely smiled at it.

I guess I had no choice but to laugh.The throwing attack was overwhelming, but it was hunted down in the corner of the room.Rather, it was a way of hunting them down.Ronios already had no escape.

And despite the fact that the store was not that big, Cecil was just swinging the Dragon Eater Replica from the upper section, saying that it didn't matter.

It wasn't a single hit, but it did a lot of damage.There's no escape, and they're cornered.

Still, Ronios attacked.

Cecil receives the attack without fear.But I didn't just take it.She grabbed Ronios's right arm with her left hand the moment she was attacked.

It's getting worse

Well-behaved battle is over already, isn't it?

The weapon on Cecil's back and waist fell to the floor.Your weapon has been removed and your melee skills have been activated.

Shortly after, a body blow exploded in Ronios' abdomen.

Ronios was also damaged by removing his weapon, but he didn't seem to be so distracted.She attacked Cecil with her left hand unrestrained with a rapier, but it certainly didn't do any damage.

It's a battle that breaks through the gaming system, but this is also a difference in experience due to interpersonal combat.Cecil lost Ronios' HP in a melee attack.

The battle was almost settled. Even in such a situation, Ronios had a happy expression on his face.

I didn't know there was a way to fight like this.

"Send the study fee to the Empire."Bye, you were strong. "

"It's a delightful word. See you soon.”

Cecil's Body Blow explodes further, draining Ronios' HP.Cecil let go of the arm he was holding, and Ronios fell to the floor.

Shortly after, it disappeared with Cremola's body.

(Is the effect of the black jewelry that the maid had not effective on herself or her allies? No, it's better to go to the base than that... No, let's repair the shop first.)

Hayato saw what was happening at the store and immediately took out a saw that had to fix the furniture.