Cecil and Esha helped defeat Ronios and Clemola's butler-maid combo.

As for Hayato, he also considered the possibility of coming to Revenge soon, but as expected, he could not leave the cafeteria where various objects were destroyed and return to the base, and he was in a hurry to create new tables and chairs.

The manager of the cafeteria didn't seem to mind, but Hayato said to him, "Please."

Strangely enough, I was not particularly angry, but it seemed that the area where the Bandit Guild and Assassin Guild used to hang out a long time ago was a daily tea event.

In addition, no matter what, the Hayatoes were only involved, so they were not particularly angry about the outrage.

And the customers who were eating were similar, and there was only the feeling that it was nostalgic to have a rampage in the store, and it seemed that they were watching the battle from the gap of the wall while eating while they were out of the room.

Listening to this story, Hayato created supplies for the shop that had been destroyed by his carpentry skills.And it can be arranged with five stars due to attention.

The store manager was a little shocked at this, but he said favorably, "Come again."

Hayato and the others apologize again, and then leave the cafeteria behind.

That was the story of the morning, when Hayat and Esha logged in again at night after finishing their work in reality.

As she moved from her upstairs dining room to the downstairs dining room, Maris and Cecil seemed to be talking in the dining room.Sieg is lying on the table.

Esha, who came down the stairs together, suddenly rushed out.

"Zeke, get on my shoulder again. Come on!"

That's what Esha says and hands Sieg on the table.

I was bitten brilliantly.

But Esha didn't bother.

Sieg is a tundere, right?

I don't think so.

In the case of Esha, she is simply negative in her animal training skills.Because of this, I am hated by all kinds of animals and monsters.

"I know. That dreamy moment is for me and Cecil to lead us to our masters."However, he invited me to take a walk by rubbing his body on my feet and tilting his neck slightly..... "

Does Esha remember it, or does she look up with her eyes closed? His expression was dreadful.

After a few seconds, I opened my eyes.

"I mean, Zeke can do it!"Let's see that power again! ”

I got caught this time.

I don't know whether it is a joke or a serious one, but when asked, it is a strange situation.

As long as Siegfried is an in-game AI, he can't defy the game system.Esha is disliked by all monsters and animals as a disadvantage due to her negative training skills.That's no exception for Zeke.

It seemed a bit strange that Zeke should be able to prioritize Maris' orders.

That said, the answer doesn't come from thinking, it's just guessing.Hayato stops thinking about it because it might just be a matter of system priority.

I left Esha alone and approached Maris and the others.

Were you okay after that?

"It's okay, they never came to the base."

When Maris said that, Cecil let out a sad voice.

"Even though they were strong, they didn't come after that."I said we'd see each other again, so I was looking forward to coming to Revenge soon, but I'm beating up. "

Hayato is also a little concerned about it.

They had information about Hayato and his people.You don't know the location of the base.

Even if I lost, I wasn't injured, so I could fight back to back.There may be a problem with the durability of the weapon, but it won't take long.It's so creepy not to come to the base.

(I can't log in in the afternoon, just like I do. - No, you know I didn't log in in the afternoon.Or maybe you didn't think you could beat Cecil... there's nothing I can do about it, but it's going to be a hassle.)

At least we know the name "Shooting Star".Hayato thought it necessary to look into it.

And suddenly I noticed.

There's no Surya in the cafeteria.

I could say it was still early for bed, and I usually talked to Cecil here, so it seemed strange.

Is Surya in her room?

Surya's training on the third floor.

Cecil said so, pointing to the ceiling while sitting in his chair.

Combat training? At this hour?

"When I got entangled in the cafeteria, I couldn't do anything, so I was depressed."It's common for people from the Empire.I said let's play mock battles together, but I was shaken. "

"It's not a mock fight with Cecil, it's going to be a normal fight."

"That's training, isn't it? Oh, yes, Maris, let me fight Lancelot next time.Looks like you're strong! "


She looked unusual and unpleasant to Marys, who normally smiled.

"Wow. He's reacting the same way as Surya."That's how he looked when he asked me to fight Garland.Isn't that great, there's no need to reduce it? "

When I fight against Cecil, there's going to be a lot less... of souls!

"Ivan once told me that!"You know what, right? A trained monster is stronger than a wild monster, and it's training! "

Cecil is entangled in such a way that he may have been drinking alcohol, but Maris is entangled in a stance that she absolutely cannot.

Since Esha remained bitten by Sieg happily, she thought it was peaceful, but Surya became concerned and decided to go to the third floor.

In the hall on the third floor, Surya is using her whip to attack the training doll.

Suya turned her back to Hayato, but immediately looked back to see if she noticed any signs.

"Oh, Hayato, are you ready to go to the Eastern kingdom?"

When Hayato and Esha were logging out, they were sleeping in their own room, or creating production items in their own room.This time, I was logged out of my room because I was preparing to go to the eastern country.

"We still need to get ready, but we have tomorrow, so today is over."Did you get in the way? "

"I was going to take a break, so it's okay."But it would be nice to have a place like this. "

"There are a lot of militants living in my house..."

Rosé, who often uses this place as a maid, is probably the one who hires it.It's not like I can't, but sometimes I think I hired a maid.

"By the way, it was your first time using this place, right?"I heard it was combat training, but what's wrong? "

"Combat training...? Oh, that's what Cecil said."There's a lot of things going on today, so I was just thinking while moving my body. "

Could it be today's battle?

Well, that's right.

"I don't think you need to worry too much."In the first place, the skill structure is different, so Tamer's main idea is to cooperate with pets, right? "

There was no Dragon Garland, Surya's pet.If I had been there, I wouldn't have lost to Ronios and the others.

"Uh, uh, that's not what I'm talking about.I'm just curious about Zeke, which may be a little different. "

“You mean Zeke?”

"At that time, Maris ordered Sieg to bring Esha and the others immediately - I asked her to do so."Sieg sneaked out with the store managers as they left the cafeteria.Now that I know that, I also helped to buy time. "

"Was it such a situation?"But what do you care about Zeke? "

"I think pets need to be strong."That makes Marius angry. "

The question is not answered, but Hayato nods.

I've heard Maris say that before.As for Marius, he said he didn't like it.

However, I don't dislike Surya just because she doesn't like the way she thinks.Rather, as a tamer, I remember saying something I admired.

"However, Zeke is the one who protected Mr. Hayato in today's battle."I thought I was wrong about that, and I was fooling around.That's why I was thinking while moving my body here. "

Yeah, that's it.

“Pets can't survive unless they're strong.That is why we should be strong.But Zeke is the one who survived today's battle.Marys won't say anything, or think about it, but I feel a bit sorry for losing. "

I thought the word survival was a lot of noise, but Hayato nodded silently.

(I don't think I'm going to stick with my thoughts that much, but I guess I feel like a rival to Maris...)

Somehow, I understand the circumstances.It would be nice to say something clever here, but Hayato has no such merit.Hayato himself knows it best.That said, I don't think that's why I'm not saying anything here.

Hayato thought a lot and then opened his mouth.

"Well, it depends on the situation."It just happened that Zeke was an active player this time, and even Garland was an active player on an island floating in the sky. "

Surya smiled after seeing Hayato with a slightly surprised face.

Could it be that you're comforting me?

"Oh, no, I have to say something."

When Hayato said so, Surya spurted out.

"What is that?" Hayato-san is serious... I don't think it's a good idea to be honest with him. Especially for the opposite sex. "

"It's often said."

Especially from Ren. To be foolish and honest is said to be the peak of foolishness.It has been strongly argued that there is an advanced rush to make the opponent imagine by not saying anything about love.

Well, I think it's okay to say anything to Esha-san.

I wanted to say why I was telling the story of Esha there, but I kept my mouth shut because this was an extra thing.

And I made a hard smile.

Oh, silence? But your face is still clinging to it.

Surya giggles.

The idea of being teased passes through Hayato's head, but I can't think of a word of counterattack.

After a laugh, Surya let out a big breath.

“Thank you. I don't think I'm feeling much better about what's bothering me.”

That 's--it's good, right?

"Of course. Recently, I didn't want to lose to Maris, so I started to think that my pet should be strong. When I looked at Hayato and Sieg, I thought it was okay to be weak...?"

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

Surya laughed again as Hayato said troubled.

"Well, I was joking when I said I was weak."Hayato and Zeke are strong.It's not my ideal strength, but it's definitely strong.That's what Marys wanted to say. "

"I don't think Maris is thinking that much.I just like any animal. "

"It's terrible, but it's more likely."Fine, I'll talk more with Maris today.Tomorrow is a day off, and we'll talk about pets all night long! ”

Yeah, well, good luck.

After that, the two of them went back to the cafeteria.

And when Surya said to Maris that she wanted to talk about her pet, she immediately said, "Take it and stand!”.

While Esha was being bitten by Sieg, she said, "Well, I'll tell you about the cat's charm." Cecil said, "If you're talking about a strong monster, I'll take care of it!”.

Surya's intentions seemed different, but the four of them started talking about animals and monsters.

Then Hayato was asked by everyone to prepare a night meal, and went to the warehouse to pick up the ingredients.