Another Frontier Online

To the east again.

It was the day of departure for the eastern country.

In the harbor of the king's city, the Hayatoes are waiting for their members to go to the eastern kingdom.

Esha, Cecil, Noat's former heroic clan, Nay's Black Dragon, Ash's Genesis Dragon, and Maris, Surya, and Pet's Tamar team are already on board.

The rest were the Demon King's army and Diete.

Since there was still time to leave the port, Hayato did not take the boat and waited for the rest of the crew.Then he stretched out and looked up at the sky.

The weather is fine. It might be a great voyage day, but as a Hayato, there are a lot of things that bother me, so I don't think I can enjoy it from the bottom of my heart.

I was curious about Ronios, the female butler, and Clemola, the maid.It was the opponent who moved in next to me.

Yesterday, I was mostly at the base and preparing to go to the eastern country, but Ronios and the others never came to the base.And the other person who moved next to me didn't have any particular contact either.

It was possible that the two had nothing to do with each other, but Hayato suspected that the clan "Shooting Star" had moved next door.

The clan "Bandit" Jolt told me that Hayato was being targeted.

Even if you're being targeted, there's still a lot of trouble that you can put into forming an alliance.In fact, I could hear Ronios say that.

If you play online games, that's one of the things you can do.

However, since Hayato knows the secrets of the game and enjoys the world with the NPCs, it is difficult to team up with players and play together.

Sometimes we fight together, but it's temporary.To want to form an alliance means that in the long term, there are things that we want Hayato and the others to do, or things that we want to do with Hayato and the others.

Despite Hayato's speculation, the main reason he wanted to form an alliance was to get the help of powerful NPCs such as Demon King and Heroes.From the perspective of the other major clans, that's the only thing that is valuable about the Hayato clan.

NPCs are human beings who have forgotten the memory of reality a hundred years ago.Without the assurance that they will never recover their memories, we don't know what a player who knows about it will do for some reason.

For those reasons, Hayato only wants to play with members of the Neyden Black Dragon who know the same circumstances.

Hayato is not responsible for all the NPCs in the game, but at least I want to do something about the NPCs I know.

There is no solution.However, Hayato is not going to do it.

(It's impossible not to play this game with Ivan and Lunaria now.Nay is also close to Rosalie-san, and everyone is getting closer to each other.)

If the relationship with the NPCs were terminated, there would be no reason for the major clans to make trouble with Hayato.

But I can 't-- I don't want to do that.In Hayato, the NPCs had a higher priority than the players.

For that reason, it is necessary to solicit from the major clans while maintaining the current state.

As for Hayato, it is important that he is not held hostage to avoid unreasonable demands.

I could avoid that by staying with Esha and Ash.Even if Ronios and the others were strong, Esha and the others were even stronger.Overconfidence is not good, but I can't imagine losing in the first place.

The problem is that Hayato's acquaintance will be captured.

Nay and the others can handle it. Nay also had incredible specs in the battle for being a little pompous, and he would not be caught because he was usually with Black Dragon members.

Problem is NPC. Some of them are strong enough not to win, but some of them know each other.

In this case, it was the maid Rosé who answered the call at the base.

Rosé is also strong, but not as strong as other NPCs.It would be dangerous if it was pushed a few times.

I would like to say that I don't imitate players taking NPCs, but Hayato and some players know the rules of the game.

Even if it was a criminal act, it was fine if the NPCs didn't find out.And even if they do, they may be able to solve it with in-game currency.Some clans did that during the Clan War.

This time, Rose also invited me to go to the eastern country, but "It is the role of the maid to protect the Lord's castle", and a fervent reply came back, and it was impossible to take her out.

They also said, "If you get caught, you don't mind abandoning me."This is probably influenced by the fact that Rosé has actually been caught before and we all helped him out.

You can't be abandoned when you say so.So Hayato asked the maid of the maid guild and the gill of the Dark Ten Knights to defend the base.

"Please leave it to me, Master Hayato."Both Gil and I will be sure to protect Rose at the base.Me and Gill-sama--this is the point. "

"It seems that Lord Hayato's clan is being targeted."It was obvious that Lord Rosé, who was working alone, was troubled.Don't worry. Let's protect this place with our maids.Instead, take care of Lunaria-sama. "

With all the strongest contradictions and contradictions, maids and members of the Dark Ten Knights could be said to have come along, making the base quite defensive.I don't feel like I'm overdoing it, but if anything happens, please do it.

I also asked the Maid Guild to gather information about the "Shooting Star".By the time I come back from the eastern country, I'll look into it.

Various measures were taken.But even so, Hayato is still worried about things.

If you become a major clan, you don't know what kind of hand you're going to use.I can handle complaints about the use of force in the game, but it's hard to deal with otherwise.

Hayato sighed in anticipation of it.

Is Master still troubled?

Esha approached Hayato with a dazed look on her face.He was on a boat, but he must have come to see how things were.

"Well, I'm sorry to involve everyone in this."

"One way or another, Master is in this world."If there is anything troublesome, you can tell Master Daite. That's the solution. "

That's true, but don't you think Ditte's doing too much?

Certainly, if anything goes wrong, just ask Data, who manages this world, and almost everything will be solved.However, Diete's liking for Hayato was quite high.That Hayato himself somehow thinks so.

I don't know how to solve it, but I don't feel like it's going to be a pretty big blow to the opponent.

"Well, I guess so." I'm not going to let anyone in this world bother Hayato. "


Diete came in her usual clothes.

She could hear the conversation between Hayato and Esha, smiling but with a black smile that looked like evil.

"Thank you for inviting me. I tried my best not to have to work for about a week for this one."

“Well done, I'm sorry, but the event was just getting underway.”

"The same is true for events, but with the increase in the number of people, the number of inquiries has certainly increased."But there's almost no problem anymore.I'm going to enjoy my vacation for a while. ”

It felt interesting to say that AI would take a vacation, but Hayato thinks that it might be tiring if you have feelings that are so close to people.

"By the way, Ditte-sama, don't you think I'm going to let you live in this world?"You can't say that? "

Are you interested, Esha?

Yeah, well, it's Ditte that's bothering you the most in the world.

"... that's not a mistake, but if you say that, there's no word to return."But it's no less than me, isn't it, Esha? "

"I'm aware of that. In other words, I'm annoying even in real life.If you look at the total, I would be the best. "

"No, no, even in reality, I'm bothering Hayato-kun."I guess the most important thing is me.

"I don't want you to dispute which one of you is bothering me?"

Whichever was higher, it was just a problem for Hayato.I don't want you to have that kind of barren battle.

After seeing her face, Esha and Ditte laughed a little.

"I'm kidding. Even though the weather is really nice, I was just trying to calm the place down because my master has a dark face."I won't tell you to switch immediately, but I can't help but worry, so please forget about it and enjoy it. "

Well, that's right.

"Esha is right."Hayato has put a lot of restrictions on playing in this world.If anything happens, I'll take care of it, so you can rest assured. "

"It's nice to hear you say that."I'll do my best to solve it without any help, but if anything happens, thank you. ”

"Leave it to me." That's why Hayato-kun wants you to enjoy this world to the fullest. "

Data is AI, and this is virtual reality.Even so, it sounded like a true word to Hayato.

"Thank you. Then I'll do it."

"Yeah. By the way, I wonder if they're not all there yet?"It's time to leave the port. "

"Lunaria-san and the others are the only ones left."As expected, I think I'll be there in time. ”

When Hayato said that, he saw a group of people running towards the harbor.I was with Lunaria and the others.

When Lunaria arrived, she laughed unstoppably as she had been in a hurry to groom herself like a lie.

"The hero will be late, so safe."

You're the Demon King, right?

"...... even the Dark Heroes will be late."

"I'm fine because I'm not late."But why do you think you're going to be late? "

"If I had been up since the day before, I would not have been late, so I sank in the morning.Even the perfect demon king has the weakness that he can't beat the Sleeping Beast. "

(Apart from that, there are other weaknesses.I'm scared of ghosts and I'm vulnerable to centipedes)

Hayato sees the rosary that came after Lunaria.

No matter where I look, I'm tired.There must be some mental fatigue.

Rosalie and the others spent the whole night with Lunaria?

"That's right. Lunaria-sama said," If I go to bed, I'll be in trouble. "If I had the brush and ink, I would have done my best.In other words, it was hard to wake Lunaria-sama who had fallen asleep in the morning.I fell asleep and was rampaging.... "

"... is there a medicine to wake me up?"Or should I use sleeping pills? "

"I'll sleep normally from now on, so I don't need either."However, if possible, I would like the ship to have a good quality bed for the number of people. ”

I'll take care of it.

Hayato vowed to provide the highest quality beds in the cabin with sympathy for the Rosalies.

The boat journey went well and arrived in the eastern country without any particular problems.

During the voyage, the Demon King's army, including Lunaria, and Noato slept in the cabin, so nothing happened.

A strange face came to pick him up at the pier in the harbor.

Benitul, the princess of the eastern kingdom, and Simon, one of the ten sacred demon swords.

They dressed in the same clothes as Hayato and Hayato returned, with Benitul in a peach kimono designed by Rosalier and Simon in a red kimono made by Hayato.

And Benitul uses his whole body to express his joy, waving his hands with a full smile.Simon was not particularly moving with his arms crossed, but his face looked happy.

Lunaria, who had just woken up from the boat, waved her hands at Benitzur.

As soon as the ship reached the pier, Lunaria got off the ship and rushed to Benitzur.

"Luna, noooo!"

Benny-chan, noooo!

They touched each other with their hands and then clapped each other's hands rhythmically.And finally, towards Hayato, the two of them pose in a leaning state, lying down on pieces near their eyes.

It was symmetrical from left to right, and from Hayato's point of view, Lunaria was on the left, and Benitzur was on the right.

The two of them stared at Hayato while they stopped.

Whether it was a coincidence or an intention, there was no one around, and Hayato had to say something.

"... you practiced?"

"I'll tell you that I've been trained to bleed blood and sweat.But you can also say that this has polarized the yin and the yang. Exactly no enemies. "

"That's the princess too!" So what do you say!? "

"... I thought the world was at peace."

"What's your impression? Well, I wonder if that kind of surrealism is hitting on you...?"

"It's disappointing that Hayato doesn't know how good this is. Study it."

(Though it would be terrible to be told, I don't think it's anything other than peace for the Devil King and the princess of one country to do this)

I feel that way, but I thought it was a movement that suited my breathing.You've practiced quite a bit, but it must have been a long time since the two of you met, even if you were in correspondence.You'll know how to do it in writing, but you'll need to practice with someone who can do it so well.

When Hayato wondered, Rosalie and Simon, who were nearby, had a rather dark face, so they thought a lot.

The two of them must have been made to practice.I don't know if that would prove it, but Rosalier and Simon shook hands hard to see what they felt when their eyes met.

I feel like I want to see the practice scenery, but if I say that, I can see that it will be slashed, so Hayato decided that it was nothing.

"Um, Simon, it's been a long time."I'll take care of you again. "

“Thank you for coming. I owe the Hayatoes more than I can repay.I can always entertain you, so you can come over more often.Anyway, you must be tired from the boat trip.I prepared the same place as last time, so please relax first. "

Thank you, I'll let you do that.

The Hayatoes were taken by Benitzur and Simon to the mansion they had rented last time.