Another Frontier Online

Eastern Country Events

When Hayato and the others arrived at a mansion like a long-established inn, the first thing they said was to take a break was to rent a room that they liked and rest.

There were several reasons for coming to the East, but the main one was to register for the Monster Seal Atlas.

The eastern kingdom is home to a monster called the Yokai.The eastern kingdom was a good place to register a lot of rare monsters in the atlas.

However, apart from that, Hayato has business to attend to.

Rather than running errands for Hayato, it's the work of Maris and Surya, who belong to the Tamer Guild.

It asks if we can build a building in the eastern country that will serve as a branch of the Tamer Guild.

There are more Tamer players coming to the Eastern lands because of Maris' petting the Yokai, and there are many inquiries to the guild because of their influence.It's a countermeasure.

The eastern kingdom is very special, and there are no guilds.

It's more like a rule set by the NPCs themselves than a game setup.With permission from Benitzur, the top leader of the eastern kingdom, we could build a branch of the guild.

Hayato took Maris and Surya to the room where Benituru and Simon were located to finish off this matter before he searched the eastern kingdom for a monster.

"Benny, can I talk to you for a second?"

All of a sudden, the spawn opens.

"You can't be confessing to love!? It's a mundane thing, but hello - I'm just kidding.A bit of play has passed.So stop killing me. Because it's a conspiracy. "

"Hayato, what do you want to tell the princess?"First of all, I'd like to hear from you. "

For some reason, Simon, who was pulling out his sword, turned his gaze towards Hayato.

Thinking that it was disrespectful, Hayato opens his mouth.

"I'm sorry I came to the room all of a sudden, but it's Tamar Guild business, not mine."Um, should I say it from Maris? "

"Ah, yes. Benitzur-san, Simon-san."To put it simply, there was a story about the desire to build a Tamer Guild in the eastern country, and I wanted to hear how it felt.That's why I need your time. "

Why, that's not true.

Simon put the sword back into the sheath while saying so.

"Um, Simon, as a guild, it's not like that..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Lord Maris." If that's not what you mean - then why don't you listen to me, princess? "

"It sounds interesting! I've heard there are many other guilds in the West, but I don't really know them."I've never been to another country. "

Although I said it brightly, as for Hayato, I felt a bit pathetic.

I guessed that it would be rare to leave the castle in the first place.

As a princess, perhaps that is natural, but it is only a setting.If you were in your late teenage years, you would want to be more free.

"Well, Benny, come to the kingdom next time."I'll show you around when I can.The base is a little small, so I hope you can stay at a huge luxury hotel in the capital. "

That's what Hayato said, but the surroundings were quiet, and everyone was staring at Hayato.

I'm coming today.

Benituru said that with a serious face and a low voice that he could not normally imagine.

"We came here today..."

"It's good, isn't it?" Let's take the boat home in the evening!Actually, I was thinking of going to the Demon Kingdom to see Luna-chi for my patience!That's right, Luna-chi is coming, so let's all go home together! "

Isn't it the first time you've heard of going to the Demon Kingdom?

"I didn't tell Simon because I said no!"Besides, you said a princess should know more about other countries!A hundred stories at first glance!Let the cute girl travel like this - honey, I'm so cute!I'll get you a reward! "

"I'm not very young, so it's hard to keep up with that snail..."

Hayato is not that old, but he is old enough not to follow a teenager.

"Princess, calm down." I told you I should know about other countries, and I won't let you go.But wait a minute this time. The Hayato have come to the eastern kingdom.First of all, if you don't treat everyone, the swords won't come through. "

"Definitely! Definitely not!"If you're lying, I'll seriously hit you in the head! "

Hoof, Hoof, and Simon, whose sniff was sobering, were grudging, looking at Hayato with their eyes wide open.

Things have a timing, though.

"... um, I'm sorry"

"Ah, no, I'm sorry."I'm not talking about Hayato being unfaithful.It's just a princess rampage. Besides, it may have been just right - I'm sorry, Lord Maris.That's what I'm talking about. "

"Don't worry, come and see the Tamer Guild next time."It might be better than me explaining a lot. "

"Hmm, that's right." It would be a good idea to have the princess decide after seeing it.Is that all right with the princess? "

"It's Ron from Mochi!" Ah, speaking of riches, do you want some mochi?Kinako is recommended! "

"... that's why you have to calm down. How long is Hayato going to stay?”

"It's not decided, but it's about two weeks."Ah, I'll pay for the accommodation. "

"There's no way we can get that kind of stuff from Hayato and the others."Please use it for free. But I want you to take the princess and her to the west country when you go home.There are a few more guards. "

"... eh?"

Hayato and Benizuru shouted in amazement at the same time.

"I really wanted to invite you, so I thought I'd show you around the King's City."If you have two weeks, you'll be ready. "

It's okay!?

Benizuru grabs Simon.It's not that my eyes are bleeding, but it's a lot of eye power.

Simon nodded, smiling as he soothed Benituru.

"The princess has been working hard ever since."It's not a reward, but it's also important to know the world.Besides, I'm not familiar with other countries, so it's about time I was not taught anymore.I'm telling you, it's not like we're going to play.Sometimes it's about the Tamer Guild, and it's just a job as a princess. "

Benitul shook his body with a burble before raising his hands.

Seriously!? You did it!

Simon was jumping and joyfully looking at Benizuru with a slightly dazzled look, but it looked like a parent looking at a child with hands.

(The age shouldn't change that much, so I guess it's like my sister and sister...)

When Hayato thought about it, Surya, who had been silent for a long time, sighed in amazement.

Hayato-san has been amazed.

Huh? What?

"Normally, it can't be that easy.I thought it would take more time, but it already feels like there's nothing wrong with it.I think it's too unusual to bring a princess to the guild, even though I just came to check on her. "

“Maybe so, but that's all I can do.Looking at the guild, I might be able to talk about no guild, so I'll just have to ask the guild people to do their best afterwards. "

"That's right... if the princess of the Eastern kingdom is coming, we can't be employees."I might have to explain it to the top of the guild. "

After Surya said that, she bumped into herself.

Hayato makes sure he doesn't get in the way of any plans.

Hayato thinks this is the end of the Tamar Guild affiliation, and now he plans a plan for the East.

Hayato broke up with Benitzuru and moved to his rented room.

So I think about the future.

There is a lot to think about, but as I was told before getting on the boat, I didn't pay attention to the extra things, and I thought I'd play properly for a while.

(Let's forget about the clans and Ronios who moved next door.Sometimes you have to do something more like a game.)

Hayato thinks so and lists what he's going to do in the East.

(Maris and the others were looking for monsters, taming them, and investigating.I also wanted to defeat all four monsters, such as Vermilion Peacock and Xuanwu.The other thing that bothers me is the Kigajima I heard about before)

And Hayat had heard the name of the island before, when he was stolen by the ten swords of the holy devil.I don't know what it is, but I'm sure there's something interesting about it.

I told Simon it was about two weeks, but that was only a guide.I was a little worried that it would be enough in two weeks.

Hayato-kun, are you there?

"Ditte-chan? I'm here. Come in, please."

Fusuma opens and Daté enters.

Have you finished talking about the Tamer Guild?

"I just finished." By the way, wouldn't Ditto intervene like this? "

Data is the administrator who manages this world.If you want to, you can build a Tamer Guild in the eastern kingdom all of a sudden.

"I'm trying not to do anything."This virtual reality is everyone's world.Instead of creating the world that I want, it's more fun to see how everyone creates it. ”

Is that what it is?

"That's what it is. Well, when the world collapses, I'll intervene as a manager."

I think so, but Hayato thinks the world is in a state of collapse.

But that seemed to be the end of the story, and Daté cut another story.

"Actually, I have a request for Hayato-kun."


"Yes, as I said before, there are many interesting events and quests in the East country."However, since the eastern country is only popular with some people, even if it has been in operation for nearly three years, it is still unknown to anyone.It's not a good idea, but I'd love to have Hayato-kun do it. "

Yeah, that's it.

These days, the island floats in the sky.

There was a place there from the beginning when the game was running, but no one was able to build an airship and go.There were dinosaurs before, but they didn't even know they existed until the Hayatoes went.

"This may also be a type of intervention, but the immobile program and the invisible monsters are unaware of it."If you can, Hayato, you'll have to defeat them, and I want the other players to know. "

"Isn't that what the NPC gives us?"Why isn't it known? "

The RPG is basically about getting information from the people in the town.

At the entrance to the town, there is an NPC that says, "This is somehow a town," and it is a classic to say, "There are some monsters in the western cave."

"Everyone knows the information, but normally you have to ask me, and even if you do, you can't tell someone you've never met."It's the first time I've heard of it since I got along.However, fewer players will try to get along with the NPC. ”

"Is it realistic, for better or for worse?"

If you get along, you'll get to talk like that in a chat, but you won't tell people you've never met unless they're very chatty.

"I'm sure Benituru knows a lot, but I don't think he's very interested in this country, and he doesn't seem to remember much of the legend..."

"It seems like you like to have more fun than that... by the way, Benny is going to the western country next time, is there any problem?"


That's what Ditte says and opens her eyes.

And he immediately laughed.

"Hayato makes everyone act."From the beginning of its operation, everyone was only playing a defined role, but when it comes to Hayato, things change in a good way. "

Um, did they praise you?

"Of course, I have no problem with you, Benitzur."There's no restriction on having to be in the East.If I could go on a vagabond journey, I'd be in trouble. "

"I think Simon will take Kitin back there."

"Sure--Oh, that's what we talked about."So please, what do you think? "

"If you just want to hear the conditions of the event, not the strategy information... well, I'll try to do it as much as I can."

"I'm sorry, I'll try not to spoil it."Now, I'd like you to take a look at the screen painting in your castle.Because if you look at it, you know what to do. "

"Phew...? Oh, the screen." There is such a product, right?I see, is that what it's depicted in there...? Isn't it difficult to get information that you don't know until you get into the castle? "

"If you work hard in the East, you can invite Benitsu-kun to join us, but no one has joined us so far."Well, if you say so, Hayato-kun, you can let me in.Then I want you to go to the shrine in the artisan town and draw a lottery.I want you to complete everything from the murderer to Daiji..... "

"Why make it such a special condition..."

After that, I was taught various conditions that would not be normal, and Hayato incorporated them into the future schedule.