Another Frontier Online

Yamatano Orochi

The day after the Hayatoes arrived in the eastern country, they immediately began to act.

First, it was decided to defeat four monsters called the Four Holy Beasts.However, the Hayatoes sometimes only have time in the morning, and the plan is to defeat them in the morning.

At first, there were only so many people, so it was said that they would be divided and defeated, but it was rejected.

In the first place, I came here to register monsters in the Monster Seal Atlas.

I felt like some named monsters, like Genbu and Vermilion, but Daite said I could register this monster.Hayato thinks it's too famous to be treated like a race.

Also, Maris and the others wanted to see if Tam could make it.I know it's probably impossible, but I'm motivated enough that I can't make a vague report.

And it was Ditto's idea to defeat them all.

"I had to fine-tune the strength of my monsters."However, I don't have enough information because of the small number of battles, and I expect to get more up close data than information logs. "

Incidentally, Ivan, the hero, was wandering the world and taking on the dungeons.Ivan had just the right amount of strength to check his strength, as he had the same strength as a party.

That said, Lunaria, the demon king, was the first to object to the fight.

When this was over, I was told that I could invite Benitzur to the Demon Kingdom.So I was in a hurry to finish what I was going to do in the east country.

"The demon king is not free, so let's go back to the demon kingdom quickly."Besides, I had to treat Benny like a demon.I want to show you how to make lots of Demon Lord cookies. "

Diete was the one who calmed down Lunaria, a line with a lot of flavor.

"Well, well, Lunaria-kun." If everyone fought in pieces, you wouldn't be able to see the demon king's good looks. "

Lunaria nodded happily as she paired her arms and looked at the ceiling with her eyes closed.

"That makes sense. After all, we all fought to see how good the Demon King was.Diete said a good thing.Give me the Demon King cookie. "

Simple or easy to handle, I wonder why the Rosary follow Lunaria.

Just in case, when I checked with Daté, she said that she hadn't altered her memory.Rosalie and the others were simply serving Lunaria.

Then, after the discussion with everyone, Hayato approached Diete.

You're good with Lunaria-san, aren't you?

"I guess I can understand a little bit about humans."Lunaria, I thought about what I could say to you and how I could convince you. "

Ditte said happily.

"I've learned about humans for hundreds of years while wandering the universe, but I feel like I can understand humans better every day since I met Hayato."It seems that information alone is no good.Look, listen, it's important to feel.Thanks to Hayato-kun. "

As for Hayato, he didn't do anything in particular, but he only replied, "You're welcome."

That happened last night.

Today, we will first defeat the Vermilion Falcon in Takamagahara, and we will all be aiming for it.

Sometimes I'm defeating them, and I think it'll be over soon.I knew the tactics, and the last time I had a weapon that would give me an advantage, it was easier to fight.

However, since many members climb Takamagahara for the first time and cannot use a transfer device that can move to the middle of the abdomen, it is necessary to climb from the foot to the top.

In addition to the members who came to the eastern country, Benituru and Simon were to join us.

It's a nice story, isn't it?

The princess told me to wait for you at the castle, but I had to ask her after all.

"I thought I'd shake my sword for a long time!"Besides, isn't it nice to fight with Luna? "

"Benny is as strong as I am, so she is definitely a fighting force."And I'll show you where I'm dressed. "

Indeed, Hayato knows how strong Benitzur is.

Benitzur's mistake drove Hayato into the harbor.At that time, Lunaria helped me, but Benituru was under pressure, but he was still attacking.That alone makes me a strong man.In the first place, Benituru had the title of Licensed Swordsmith of the Azuma Style.

Alright, let's finish the plans of Hayachi and the others and go to the West!

“Benny says good things.I ended it immediately and led them to the Demon King Castle.There are demons roaming around, but it's a pretty good place. "

"The devil is wandering."

Led by Lunaria and Benituru, who were exuberant like that, the Hayatoes began to climb Takamagahara.

Takamagahara is surrounded by trees like a forest at a low place, but the more you climb, the more trees are gone and the more rocky it is.

The monsters that emerge change depending on the situation, but there are no unusual monsters, which is basically equivalent to being in the West.

However, the bossy monsters that come out of there are different.

Hayato and the others slipped off the path to the top where the vermilion sparrows were, and they were aiming for it first.

In the first place, the reason for choosing Takamagahara as the first place to take control was other than the fact that it was easy to defeat the vermilion sparrow.

I can't use the open-air bath in the Mansion.

The reason is the same as last time, because the source of the hot spring was stopped again by the great serpent.

Once defeated, it was safe for about a week, but since the great serpent appeared again, it was said that the vermilion sparrow would be defeated while the great serpent was defeated.

(Vermilion sparrows are treated like a bonus.)

When I couldn't use the open-air bath, everyone was quite discouraged.

Especially the way the women mourned, at the level of the end of the world.And since the men were expecting a lot, they were quite motivated.

For that reason, the great serpent in Takamagahara bought considerable grudges from its members.

"Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, please wait until I can see if I can tame you...?"

Maris calmed down everyone with an instant expression.

This is what the Tamers want, but it can't be helped.As expected, it was troublesome to wait for a monster that would not appear for a while after defeating it once.Even if you stay in the eastern country for a while, you have one or two chances.So this time, we're trying to make sure that the verification is done.

Originally, Hayato wanted everyone to help Maris and Surya as much as possible, so there was no problem, but it was an atmosphere that she forgot.

"It's all right, Mr. Maris." But I don't know what the serpent will do after Taim's verification is complete...! "

"That's right. I can't allow you to stop the hot springs, which may have a rejuvenating effect."Now I'll stop the snake from breathing -- you're still young! "

"It's better not to say that because Mr. Hayato is having trouble with words."Most of them know their age.That said, I want to get into the hot springs.Your skin is about to tingle. "

Perhaps the most motivating thing was the Genesis Dragon group of women.

It seems that Ren is burning like in the previous Revenge, and even though Sien has no such effect, he doesn't say that the effects of virtual reality will affect reality.Randa was like that date, but she seemed interested in the benefits of being influenced by virtual reality.

"When you enter the hot spring, you may be able to improve your status the next day."It seems like it will be limited to the eastern countries, but that may attract players. "

Diete seemed to have a lot of ideas about how to boost the eastern kingdom with Diete.

(Nevertheless, the people of the Eastern kingdom will not defeat the great serpent?I think it would be troublesome if the hot spring could no longer be used.)

Last time, the Black Knights led by Gill defeated the Great Serpent.It was more defensive than offensive, but it was still defeating it.

Hayat thought that there should be strong members, including Simon, in the eastern land, so that they could not be defeated.

Aren't you going to beat Big Snake regularly?

Simon's face was slightly distorted by Hayato's question.

"Well, it's true that I've been busy for a while and couldn't deal with it, but this time it's for a slightly different reason--hm?"Hasn't it been passed on to Hayato? "

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Usually, it's a big snake, but this time, the top species are stopping the source."That's why I relied on the strength of the Hayato people.I should have told Lord Lunaria through the princess..... "

"... I've never heard of it before?"

"What...? Princess, have you spoken to me properly?"

Simon looked at Benizuru with suspicion, and Benizuru shook his head vertically and repeatedly in a panic.

"I told you, you talked properly!"Luna-chi, did I teach you!? "

"... what was that?"

"It's about the big serpent!" I told you yesterday that the great snake that is stopping the hot spring is dangerous because it is the upper species!?Could it be that you didn't tell Hayachi? "

Lunaria claps her hands.

“I did hear that yesterday. But it was the Great Serpent who bought the Demon King's wrath that was most dangerous.That's why I decided that there was no problem without saying anything in particular. "

The surroundings are silenced by the words.

Lunaria's face turned red as if she had made a mistake.

”Luna-chi, Simon used to say that it's important to report to the Minister.”

"Fu, Rosalie used to say that too."However, the demon king is not the one who receives reports from the consecutive ministers. "

Ahahah, that's right, Luna-chi, I'm serious.

The Demon King has a sense of laughter. He's invincible.

"Hey, everybody, stop right there, maneuver time."

Despite the monsters coming out of the mountains, I decided to devise a countermeasure here.

The information from Benituru and Simon gathered some information in advance.

East country. Great Serpent. The upper species.

A monster that most people can predict.

In other words, Yamatano Orochi.

It has eight necks, each with a different attribute.Each head has the attributes of Light, Darkness, and Poison and Thunder in the Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind, and spits a brace that matches the attributes.Self-healing ability is high, but once defeated, the head does not regenerate.

That's why it became a basic tactic to knock down one head at a time.

Because there is a system that leaves rare monsters behind too much, if they are left alone, they will one day replace ordinary great serpents, but this time they have only recently emerged and cannot afford to wait for them to replace them.

That's why I was hoping to defeat them with the help of Hayato and the others.

"I'm sorry... it was the first thing you should have told Hayato..."

"Never mind. In the first place, I was locked up in my room in the afternoon for productive activities, so I probably didn't have the time to say so."

There is a possibility that I would have been more prepared if I had known various things in advance, but in the first place, there is little information about Yamatano Orochi, and there is a subtle point about what measures can be taken.Besides, even if I heard it last night, I could hardly do anything.

Besides, Hayato carries materials for production.I was able to deal with it on the spot.

It's not all bad.

Some of them had quite a bit of morale before the battle.

Ney, Cecil, and Aggrez are the excited ones.Defeat it and you'll be breathing.

And so did the Tamers of Maris and Surya.When I checked if I could tame him, my nose was rough.

Esha and Rosalier were in awe.Before battling the Vermilion Sparrow, I sighed as I fought a monster that seemed to be stronger than that.

Especially since Destroy's Cool Time was involved, she seemed to be worried about where to shoot in the second battle.

The other members are quite motivated, but unusually so is Noato.

"If you didn't put it in the hot spring, you wouldn't have come far."I'm a woman who does everything to be filled. "

Noat said that with a strange pose on his face, but Hayato only said, "Oh, yeah."

With that in mind, it's Ditte who looks happy.Then he whispered to Hayato.

"I didn't expect Yamatano Orochi to appear."In fact, during this event, we are increasing the probability of the appearance of higher species, but that's a good way to allocate it. ”

"Oh, that's how it feels."To be honest, even on an island floating in the sky, there was a monster called Tiamato, so I was suspicious that Diete would come. "

"Did you catch a tiamat?"Then I would have liked to have been there.By the way, she's the first monster to appear.It's good to see the sun. "

I've been defeated by Bandit's clan.

”... well, I'm glad you can fight even if you're defeated”

I don't know how sensitive the emotions are, but Hayato imagines that a simple AI is going to be tough to stand by all the time without doing anything.

In this way, the battle against Yamatano Orochi began, even though each thought was different.