Another Frontier Online

Strongmen and Convergence

Whether it works or not, I wanted to try it if I wanted to fight the Yamatano Orochi.

Strong enemies have a variety of strategies.It is unclear whether there are random rare monsters, but the act of getting drunk with alcohol will come to mind when speaking of Yamatano Orochi.

Because if you throw alcohol at it, it seems like you can't attack temporarily, or sleep, or something like that.

But unfortunately, I can't make alcohol right now.I don't carry a winemaking kit because of its weight.

For Hayato, it would be the ultimate abomination.

That's why I fought normally, but Yamatano Orochi was quite strong.I also imitate it to increase the difficulty, so it can be said that it is quite a strong enemy.

It opened because Maris' tame angered Yamatano Orochi.

It was a good idea to tame them after weakening them.

"It's a bit like taming a single Yamatano Orochi..."

and Maris said.

If it is the same as the operation, it will knock down the neck one by one, so if it is weakened, it will only have one neck.I don't know if my neck will heal, so even if I can pet it, it was everyone's opinion that I don't like Yamatano Orochi with only one neck.

And Lunaria said with an open heart, “Even if I make you angry, I'm more angry than that, so I'm relieved”, so it became the opening tame.

And as you can see, Marius was defeated in a single blow, angry with Yamatano Orochi.It was a result I didn't understand, but when I saw it, my companions were indignant.

Besides, it may be because of my imagination, but Yamatano Orochi was soaking in the source spring of the hot spring, and it seemed to feel good.Seeing that, our side also exploded with anger.

Some systems were created by Hypnos to improve the status of NPCs by their emotions, but they were discontinued, so there was no way to improve the status.However, it seems like my behavior is more irritable than usual with my anger.

And to this day.

"Aggres! Breath is coming! Take it!"

"Think of me as a shield...?"Aura, turn around! "

While disliking Ash's words, Aggres uses his Taunt skill to temporarily raise his Hate stat.When everyone retreated from Agres' surroundings, Yamatano Orochi's brace attacked Agres.

By far the most active one was Aggres.

Agress has the trait of being a Dragon.Physical Attacks are weak, but they have the property of nullifying all Attribute Attacks.When it comes to Aggres, Yamatano Orochi doesn't take damage from any of his attribute braces.

There were some physical attacks, so it wasn't invincible, but it wasn't as deceptive as the Attribute Breath.

The basic tactic was to slam the attack into the gap after the brace.

Maris and Surya were also active as decoys.Surya and Garland were particularly impressive.

It was quite an open place, so Maris and Lancelot, Surya and Garland combined were the mainstay of the riding tamer.

Both of them were flying around the Yamatano Orochi at high speed, earning the hight value of the neck that everyone was not aiming at, and guiding the brace in the direction they were looking for.

Hayato was surprised to see Surya fight for the first time, as he had only fought in a narrow space.

(That's a fighter jet.....)

Surya and Garland flirt with Yamatano Orochi in an acrobatic motion.Hit-and-away repeatedly, but Hayato, who was watching from the ground, seemed to turn his attention.

I was careful not to attack everyone else by flying around in a movement that could be called songjitsu, such as a sudden descent from a whirl, a flying squirrel flight, or slipping between my neck and neck.

Maris and Lancelot didn't lose either, but they weren't as good as Surya.It was such a sophisticated move.

(I guess you have some riding skills.But did you learn it in the game?)

I had the skill of riding. It is a required value for riding a pet, and is a game-like number used to increase the attack power of a riding pet.In fact, there are quite a few techniques to manipulate a riding animal.

Unless you're hit by an attack that unlocks your riding, you won't be knocked out, but you'll need realistic, non-numerical training to manipulate it.

In the first place, the hurdles are high after you start walking, stopping, and running on horses to improve your riding skills.However, it is said that the NPC of the Tamer Guild will lecture, so if you get used to it, you can ride a horse in reality.

Even so, when it came to Surya's ride, I was wondering what I could do.

"Master, your hands have stopped making melon juice." Please make it quickly. "

Esha approached Hayato and said such a thing, as if to put an end to the thought.

Didn't you get the full MP just now?

"I won't shoot Destroy anymore, but I'll attack auxiliaryly, so I need MPs."And I can't afford to lose to Pat's gun. "

Esha seems to be more motivated than usual by her opposition to Pat's gun.

Hayato doesn't think he lost because he blew his neck off with Destroy after he pissed off Tame, but he thinks he's inspired by the precision shooting that aids all of Pat.

It was good to be motivated, and Hayato started making melon juice as he was told.

And I observed other battles as I made them.

As usual, Ney and Rosalie were working well together, and they were attacking each other out of the way.And they were moving like they were protecting each other.

Except for the two of them, there were other members who were fighting in a combo.

Cecil and Simon.

"Ah! I remember!" The Samurai who fought in the Clan War! "

"By now. Well, let's just try to remember."I'm telling you, I haven't forgotten how sorry I was for losing to the Lord. "

"I had Noato's support at the time!"Let's do a simulation next time! "

“Wherever you want, you can leave time for the afternoon.”

I can talk to you!

For some reason, they were getting along, and they both liked fighting, so I thought they would like it.Even though they were having such a conversation, the two of them were damaging Yamatano Orochi in a race.

Lunaria and Benizuru seemed to have room to spare in the battle against the strong Yamatano Orochi.Each of them was in charge of one of the necks.

"Wow, Luna, isn't that weird?"Why can't you do it? "

"Because I'm the demon king. I think it's strange that Benny-chan can't attack with a sword like that."Besides, it is strange to break the bracelet. I can do it, too.

Thanks to the sword that Hayachi made for me!

"I think that would be very dull for the price Mr. Hayato made."Even though it doesn't look bad. "

"That's who I am!"This might have made me stronger than I was then!I'm really Tianqing! "

"... but I'm still stronger."The demon king is really bad, but... "

"Oh? Don't tell me, Luna!"All right, let's see which one can do the best!If you win, it's a treat for you! "

"Fu, it's easy... but there's only one thing you can do."This month's pocket money is already on the cliff. "

"I guess I'll be in pain this month too.""... it's painful every month..."

I know.

Lunaria and Benizuru fought with a lot of leeway.There is no doubt that it is reliable, but I also feel that I want you to feel a little more nervous.

The way they fought was quite polar.Lunaria attacks forcefully from any state, and Benitzur can do any attack.

Benitur uses the star of the famous sword Yata glass made by Hayato.

It only had ordinary sword-like performance, but there seemed to be no problem in defending it, and even though it seemed impossible to attack, Benituru skewed his attack quite a bit.

And when attacking, it wasn't that fast, but it was attacking Yamatano Orochi with a flowing movement that was not in vain.

It was only Hayato's imagination, but I thought it was the sword technique of the counter subject.

(How strong would it be if you gave me five-star yata glass...?)

It was never easy to fight with such trusty friends, but one and the other head was knocked down, and the last head was knocked down to win the Yamatano Orochi.

Everyone is joyfully saying, "Here you go," but you can say that the production is about to go on.

When it comes to fun after defeating strong enemies, it's a drop item.

Everyone's Item Bag contains a drop item the moment they defeat it, and they're checking it out.

(Another controversial item......)

A drop item in a Hayato item bag.

It is an amanomurakumo, a sword also known as the Sword of the Grasshopper.

The effect changes to the target's Weak Point attribute and strikes.An enemy with a weakness always gets a damage bonus.It must be the conscience of the development that the basic damage is somewhat subdued.It was going to be Diete.

Of course, it was Cecil who caught up with the drop item debriefing.

"Alright! It's mine!"

"Why would that happen... but I don't need anyone?"

Selling would be a lot of money, but I think it would be a waste.Besides, the members other than Cecil had weapons they loved to use, so no one wanted them.

The members of the Black Dragon also said they were happy for Hayato that they didn't need it because they had a weapon that Hayato had made for them.

I finally gave it to Cecil and came to the conclusion that there was no problem.

Then I'll give it to Cecil, but I don't have any bags, so I won't give it to him until I get home.

Cecil has the disadvantage of not using an item bag instead of removing the gear restriction from God-Dette or equipping his gear slot with a weapon other than his hands.I can't have a new weapon right now because I already have a limited gear range.

"Oh! Oh, yes. Give me the yataglass that Benny has.It's nice to dress up like that, but it's dull. "

"What? No, no, no, no, no, no! This is mine!"

"All right, I'll pay you."

"This is my treasure!"

Benitul holds Yata glass as if holding it in both hands.And he was threatening Cecil like a cat.

"This is something Hayachi made for me, so I won't give it to you no matter how much it's stacked!"

"What, can't Hayato make it?"Then you can make it with five stars for me. "

"Don't say it easily." I think the sword belongs to Benny, the princess of the Eastern kingdom, so I won't make it for anyone else.And I promised to give Benny five-star yata glass someday. "

Hayato doesn't want to do the emotional part of the mass production if he wants to strengthen his fighting power and make money.

"Ha, hayah...!"

Perhaps he was moved by Hayato's words, and Benitzur tried to hold Hayato with tears in his eyes.But Simon stopped it.The movement was very fast.

Lunaria, who had silently listened to such an exchange, pulled Arondite out of the sheath.

"Harassing my best friend... means that the day has come to settle things with Cecil."Think about the words you will engrave in the grave.If not, the Devil King will carve it into the best pieces

"Hey! What's up!? Let's go to battle!"

“Please call me back later. If you're going to cause trouble, I won't give you the spider."

"Guru... that's a problem... okay, I'll give up."I like the design, though. "

"Besides, Mr. Lunaria, please calm down."I know you're acting like a friend, but if you run into trouble here, I'll ask Rosalie to cut your pocket money. ”

"Threatening the demon king is quite shameful."I'm going to do what I didn't do... so please ask Rosalie to increase my allowance. "

"I don't have the right to ask Hayato for Lunaria-sama's pocket money in the first place...?"

Of course Rosalier said that, but the words laughed at the surroundings for some reason, and the strange atmosphere was paid off.

Now that there are no more problems, Hayato wonders what to do now.

I could fight the vermilion sparrow like this, or I could change the day.

The consumption of production items was quite similar.The durability of my gear was also quite reduced.You should definitely go back once.

However, considering the strength of everyone, Hayato concluded that it would not be a problem to fight the vermilion peacock like this.

"Well then, let's fight against the vermilion sparrows."Once that's done, we can take an open-air bath and do our best. "

Have you forgotten about the bath? Everyone who remembered Hayato's words got even more tension.

"Hayato is good at inspiring everyone."I put it all together. Ivan, I don't think you can do this. "

That's what Ditte said, staring at Hayato with pleasure.

It just so happens.

I didn't mean to be inspired, but being motivated is not a bad thing.

Even though I summarized it, I didn't do anything serious.

Everyone, including Cecil, is a slightly problematic child, but since he is not a bad person, Hayato thinks that if he talks properly, he will listen to what he has to say.

By the way, there's no such thing as a superior species of Vermilion Bird, right?

"I'm afraid not." Because Vermilion Birds are event bosses unlike normal monsters. "

I don't know what the difference is, but I guess it's a problematic boss monster if the type of monster changes.

After the break, Hayato and the others headed for the top of Takamagahara, home of the vermillion peacock.