That night, the kingdom of Heilland overflowed the streets of Egdiel, the king's capital.

It was an oddly < Star Festival Night >, - a festival night to celebrate the day when the first king founded Heilland by virtue of the blessings of the guardian stars, and if they were meant to be, people were supposed to be dizzy with lights in their hands and flush it down the Elam River across Egdiel.

But instead of the lights, the people were like hawks and axes, and ghosts driven by hatred. Anger in their eyes, distorting their mouths into hatred, they scream and practice in their mouths.

"Kill him!!

"Kill Aaldar's dog!!

"Kill what makes Heirland proud!!

The flag of Heilland, stained with the deep blue of the night sky, flies everywhere, and the fire smoke rising all over the king's capital carries signs of intense clashes. As time passed, an ever-increasing stream of people was stretching for a long time to the magnificent Egdiel Castle, which soars in the heart of the King's capital.

As descendants of the Chester family, who had ruled Heilland over the founding of the country, now King Fritz was the queen, and Alicia Chester Jolm had fled the corridor early with her servants.

Sky blue hair that shines as if it trapped the sky, with clear blue eyes as well. White skin was like silk, and people once praised her for her unique beauty. But the beauty of the Blue Rose Princess is not even a tool to deceive the people now.

"Dear Alicia, there is no shadow of the mob yet beyond this"

"There is an aqueduct ahead. If we go that far, we can make our way."

"I know. I know."

But Alicia's response is dull to those who rush to let the queen escape. Her interest in seeping rush into her beautiful eyes and searching around her busily was elsewhere from them.

"Your Majesty, is Master Fritz safe? I can't see you. I wonder if it's in the hands of the mob."

"My queen!

The voice of the squire is mixed with slight but frustrating, but Alicia's ears never hear it. Not so much, he had guided his beloved husband, who had never shown himself since the riots began.

Of course, it's not safe with Alicia. The wave of uprising that gushed at the same time the sun set on the horizon had already pushed it out the gate. It's not just the citizens who stood up, even the young nobles and Kingsguard Knights mixed up, and it's only a matter of time before the mob fills the castle.

The squire continued patiently to Alicia, who looked back to care.

"I don't have time. Only Alicia no longer draws the blood of the proud Chester family. If there is no queen, who will unite Heilland? Now, hurry up."

"Say what?! King Fritz is the only one who can control Heilland. I will not forgive you for taking it lightly."

The squire's words were right, but ironically made him determined the opposite of those who aimed at Alicia.

"I come to save you, Master Fritz. Only the like-minded will follow."

No one has a squire to answer the proclamation that was exalted. But his eyes were talking about things as much as his mouth. Alicia looked over at the squire with beautiful eyes, sighing and then turning back on her heels.

"Fine. Go ahead and keep your path clear. This is an order. I will surely bring His Majesty."

Alicia ran down a complicated corridor, softening her long hair with light in any way. The sound of swords crossing in the distance played a rhythm, but fortunately I don't see the shadow of the mob holding her back from going.

I know that the majority of the people are neglected by King Fritz, the absolute monarch of the neighbouring Empire of Aardar, the son of Empress Elizabeth and named after him at the head of the right to inherit the throne of Aardar.

In the fate of the two countries bordering the border, there were many wars between Aaldar and Heilland. This marriage was also founded after the loss of life in the earlier war by his predecessor, James, under the arrow of the Aardhar soldiers, and many see it as the dominion of the defeated nation by the victorious nation.

But whether his country was the enemy of his father, Alicia loved Fritz. From the moment we met at the court ball, Alicia's heart was taken away by him.

Yes. King Fritz's heart doesn't have to be this way or for himself.

"Your Majesty!! Dear Fritz!!

Running through several halls, on the back of a loved one who had finally searched, Alicia called with her best thoughts on board.

During the star frost, - a corridor lined with statues of the great historical kings and saints, who made the most sense of Heilland's history, just in the middle of it, turned to whom Alicia had called.

Alicia's smile hardened, trembling at the joy of reunion, as her brilliant face turned to this one, riddled with soft wavy blonde hair, angels to be glorified by inheritance.


"Your Majesty, Charlotte, Dear"

The king of beauty, nestled between countless pillars, let his gaze wander backwards, holding his lover in his arms. While the burden was felt, Alicia's heart was distracted by the appearance of frizz sheltering her spouse as she hid it.

If you want to honor in a nutshell the man held in the king's chest, he's a poor man. Alicia's dazzling beauty doesn't line her up at all, but her curly, round eyes don't know what fear is, and above all, her impressive red hair attracts the beholder.

As I knew back then, it's just plain easy to get stuck in front of me again. Only this, Charlotte Yugdrasil, lives in the heart of King Fritz.

"There he is!! Between the starfrosts!

Both stared at each other for a long time and were stiff, returning to me much to the voice that went up behind Alicia. The countless footsteps that run through the stone floors speak of how little time is left. Shaking off his desire to chase him away, Alicia indicated the front of King Fritz.

"Hurry, Your Majesty. Please make your way to the waterway. My servant will be waiting for you there."

"But the Lord,"


King Fritz, who was hastened, opened his mouth to say something, but squeezed his expression and nodded as he rethought. And he held Charlotte's shoulder, except this one, to care for him from between the redheads, and ran down a corridor lined with countless stone statues.

Shortly after Alicia let her beloved king and his spouse escape with the thought of a final death.

Before even dropping that back off was fulfilled, about ten armed men came all the way between the starfrost, blasting the noise of chatter and metal rubbing.