Archive's Financial Talents

Chapter 1 Fund Manager Lin Feng

The night shredded in the darkness is like a bright lantern in the dark. The whole city is the scene of the red wine. As one of China's first cities, the coastatic position of Binhai has quickly become the most prosperous gathering place in the Mainland. .

Binhai Hotel, as the only six-star hotel in Binhai, the car flow in the door is always in Sichuan, the luxury car is like Maserati, the Rolls Royce picks a one, and the Mercedes-Benz BMW can only be a member of the general public.

The third floor of the hotel is holding a carnival banquet, Lin Feng is the protagonist of this banquet.

After graduating from the domestic three colleges and universities, Lin Feng entered the securities industry as a hand, and all the way fell. After more than ten years, I finally finally became a slightly scale fund manager. Tonight is the next feast for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng forgot this is the first few glasses of wine, he is really very happy, and strive to have a good achievement for more than ten years, and we must let go of it tonight ...

The glare sunshine is on the face of Lin Feng from the window. Lin Feng's eyelids move, but the headache is very powerful. The eyes are no way to open, but the ear is constantly coming: "Lin Feng, Lin Feng, don't sleep, wait There is also a old-class class! "

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, surprised to look at a young boy in front of him, and the mind could not help but float. "Is this not my high school death party Yuan Fei? Because of the business bankrupt, I have been to join the mourning. "

Lin Feng suddenly noted the surrounding environment, seven or eight beds, this is not the dormitory of his high school school?

Lin Feng returned to take a closer look at Yuan Fei in front of him, how to see it is a seventeenth year old, this is not the way Yuan Fei high school?

"Lin Feng, you don't scare me, isn't it lost love? Bai Jie and you broke up are her losses, you must not think about it."

Lin Feng, I finally recalled Bai Jie and myself, myself broke up, and I bought four bottles of beer, stealing four bottles of beer, sneaked, stealing four bottles of beer, and got each other after leaving.

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Lin Feng looked up with her hands and looked at each other. When she cooked brown sugar in the past, she didn't see the right thumb. Now I am a white tender book.

Looking at the bald sunshine outside the window, Lin Fengzhen is forced, is this going back to the student era? Isn't this a bridge? Then my wife will do a stupid thing because of my cross.

Lin Feng really didn't have a sense of excitement. After all, in that time space, he had a deep love of his wife. The cause of struggling for more than ten years has finally had a little achievement. How can I suddenly return to my high school in my third era? This is a dream, you must be drunk, I haven't woken up.

Lao Dong also continued to talk about various inspirational "chicken soup" on the platform, and constantly speaking, if they spent the college entrance examination, Lin Feng sat quietly in the back of the classroom, and looked at the old Dongkou's water. His confused eyes proved that his thoughts did not listen to what Lao Dong said.

In the morning, the class has passed, and Lin Feng did not listen to the first lesson. He still had no way to accept himself returning to the high school, it seems really not a dream, it is terrible.

"Lin Feng, what is still doing, no longer have a dish." Yuan Fei in the same table pushed Lin Feng.

Lin Feng suddenly stood up, scared Yuan Fei, "Lin Feng, how come you today, don't pick it up in the morning, a Bai Jie you as this is like this."

Lin Feng side looked at Yuan Fei, "Go, you don't mean there is no dish, no longer go." After that, he will go directly from the back door from the classroom.

Yuan Fei is a face to follow "Wait for me."

When the earth was shrouded once again, Lin Feng lying on the bed has already thought about it. Since the facts have not changed, they will live every day, think of this, Lin Feng began to excite, I also have the grandfather to help, the system Attachments or gold fingers.

Lin Feng quickly broke, find it all over the body, no gold fingers, there is no system to open, Lin Feng lying on the bed looks at the dormitory ceiling, God is playing me, the protagonist in the rebirth is not all the system attached Hang, is there a peak of life?