Are you the Devil of the Labyrinth

The head of the Adventure Book for novice Goblin adventurers.

A long time ago, there was a huge war between humans and xenophobes. The reason for the fight was simple. Humans wanted to dominate the races, and the races fought to resist them.

Humans went out and thoroughly killed heterosexuals without sharing a little girl with a warrior, and every day only the story of human victory in war floated around the world.

In the war, warriors boasted overwhelming power, and their fight, which seemed to end in a human victory in an instant, led to a long turning point at some point.

Each of the different races joined forces.

The Elves and Dwarves, who were always in conflict, joined forces.

Goblins and Orcs, who were always ignored as inferior, gathered together.

Trolls and ogres who were not interested in the world felt a crisis and began to participate in the war.

Many other factions have joined forces. Even Kobolt, who lived quietly in distant places, who lived only in the caves of the earth, began to fight with me and humans.

Humans are beginning to feel the slightest limits. I've been losing more and more battles than I've ever won. At some point, in the end, human victory began to be less.

So pushed and pushed by so many tribes, man was eventually defeated in the war. We lost all the territories that made up the majority of the continent, and humans began to flee from xenophobia.

Their refuge is a maze hidden deep underground, not above the earth.

It was the last and last resistance of humans who turned all the factions against each other.

The xenophobics began to nurture that they were adventurers to chase the humans hidden in the maze, and that kind of adventurers began to explore the maze and hunt humans.

But human resistance was persistent. Hundreds of years later, adventurers are constantly exploring the maze to kill humans that expand through it.

Even though humans are now pushed by the xenophobic coalition to hide in the labyrinth.

They've lost the blessing of the earth, and they don't know the beauty of the sun. Hundreds of years later, they no longer know how beautiful the night sky is.

They used to boast that they were God's beloved tribe, but now they're just living in the dark underground.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't ignore them. They still have the power, and they don't know what they're going to do to get the land back. So we should always be careful.

Especially if the humans who have emerged these days are called "players"....

An adventure for novice Goblin adventurers.


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