Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)

Sir Abyss Chapter 3 The Battle Behind You Part 1 ~ Isn't Yue all right by herself? ~



There was a feeling of rifting.

Shining brightly from the Holy Sword and the incarnation of the Heavenly Tree, the goddess of the Han (daredevil) --Brau Niebel screamed at all the fairy world.

From the top of the tree, he led a group of Aurora Dragons and Small Light Dragons created by the Light Attribute Supreme Attack Magic "Kamui" himself, and he was also unleashing the "Tenso Shining Dragon".

On the opposite side, the Han Goddess is in a double biceps pose for some reason, as she sprays up the vapor of sweat to raise off-track muscles.

And this again shone as the heavenly tree responded, and a barrage of branches was fired, with reflection and sweat.

It was the same thing that Aurorod once fired at the Nine-tailed Fox.Special powers to enter your body and spread your roots if you hit it.


Damn, what a nasty thing to do

I'm sorry, I can't hold it down

Dragons, dragons, great serpents, and reeds that fill my vision.....

Furthermore, there were fish swimming in the sky with monstrous birds, giant turtles in the ground, dragon demons with other creature characteristics only the head, and on the contrary, there were aliens that were dragons only the head.

Everything that has a legend related to dragons is rushing in without a sense of sanity.

Compared to the previous time when I was dealing with a horde of demons, there was certainly less power on the numbers.

However, one thing is definitely different from the previous one.

That is,

"Brow, overhead! The big one is coming!"

Ahhn, I'm already ahhh

I remembered the goosebumps on my body and raised my head. In time, a dark cloud was spreading that made lightning run like a web.

From there, giants emerged.I wondered where the Dragon God was.

Instantly, it was a lightning strike that dyed the world white.

It may leave behind the sound and extinguish all inconsistencies in the lower realm, which is undoubtedly the expression of divine authority.

Exactly the blow that should be called "God's Song" was dropped on the tree, and the barrier took it seriously.

Largely deflected, Brau Knievel's self-proclaimed chubby body pulsates.The blood vessels are raised, and a sniffle, like when the high-pressure gas cylinder is unplugged, is vented.

Don't be silly

Pausing moves into the Most Masculine Pose!The deltoid and trapezius muscles become enlarged, and both arms show off their artistic muscle lines!It's just the muscles of a single person in the Great Mountains!!!!!

Soon, the pressure of the Ryujin sitting in the heavens decreased drastically.The power to incarnate the goddess Tenju - the right to direct and absolute interference in mindfulness and thoughts - drastically reduced her power.I don't know why it works with the posing!

However, I can't be relieved by that.

We'll do it. ― ― Huge Divine Majesty.

The glowing "Divine Majesty" clashed from the front with the red dragon brace that had just been unleashed.

The illusion of the world shaking.The dragon demons blown away in the aftermath.

There, the white dragon brace jumped out from behind the red dragon.

A perfect timing, as if it had been taken in collaboration.Or maybe even the Ryujin's thunderstrike was a way to create a gap.It was a phenomenon seen from the beginning of the war.

Even though I can't feel my sanity, I'm supposed to be slamming into my mouth.....

The Aurora Dragon bracelet catches the white Dragon bracelet.

"I'm sighing!!"

I put more energy into it and poured out my magic power, and at the same time, I managed to defeat it from the front.

But my breath went up. Unlike the previous one, I won't let it kick off at once.

The reason for this is that

The flowing stone possesses divine qualities.

Many of the dragon species that came were of divine character.

Last time, Aurarod sealed off the mythological group.The demons didn't even act like they were working together.

Even though the opponent's number of moves is lower than before, we don't have the amount of violence called Hajime and Abyss Lord.


"Lady Aurarod, I'm sorry!"Even though you've given me a big role, I'm not sure!!No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Blau Knievel was a bad element in the new US, which was delegated a few months ago.

Originally, the existence of this world could not be resisted by the incarnate goddess of the heavenly tree, and even the dragon species with the divine qualities could not break the seal.

In addition, even if Earth's King Tree is resurrected and thoughts are flowing into the world, it is still not enough.Their power was not supposed to reach the level they were supposed to.

That's why Aurarod also deposited the fairy world with Blau Niebel and embarked on a journey of revival of the branches of the world's trees.

And yet, that premise was overturned.

We're at the stage of speculation, but we have all the evidence we need.Yes, there was a dragon.

An irregular that can halve the goddess of the time with an absolute advantage.

There is no doubt that it is in response to his existence, and perhaps that is why only the dragon species was able to escape the seal, and it must be why it has the original power and has strange cooperation.

And because it is a new goddess, it is difficult to wipe out the power of the divine form at once or seal it all at once in the current Brau Knievel.

The Great Demon Class was cutting down on its power the moment it entered the realm, so even the Little Light Dragons were well-equipped to deal with them.....

The demons with power similar to that of the Divine Skill Class had to be overthrown by cutting down their strength and finally sealed up again in a state of temporary dispersion.

And if you lose your mind, it will be torn again and revived.It goes without saying that the sealing process did not take place in time.

In fact, it was already a radiance that defeated a number of bodies with a divine status, but some of them could not be sealed and allowed to resurrect.

How long have you been surpassing me?Although Tenju's backup and many artifacts had improved his ability to continue fighting, the number of dragon species that were rushing in the moment was increasing.

Glory and the others were being pushed into the ground, but they were definitely being pushed into the ground.

Even though there are clouds on the Earth side, we can't let this horde of dragon species pass.

"Of course, of course. But... I won't say it like this!"

The two of them struggled. I looked behind me as I was floating in anxiety.

there was.....

"Ahhh, come on!"Glory is a pinch! Show me your guts! "


"Don't sprain me!" Sneeze! "

"Hot blood system hah, kiraiii"

Knock it off, goddess!!

Actually, there are two more here.

Moana, the original princess of the desert world who was desperately fighting for her glory, Blau Niebel, and even the Tenku herself, activated her talented magic, Kakushika, to help her ascend the spec.

And it is an Aurarod that is temporarily (perhaps) heady because it goes back to ancient times.

Incidentally, the effect of Tenkejutsu is due to the artifact given by Hajime as he embarks on the journey of regenerating the branches of the world's trees.Moana's power as a warrior queen in other worlds is unforgivable, as she lives in the power of converting and stockpiling weapons with elemental transducers.

I'm using Moana's blessing technique, recovery technique, and other recovery artifacts and chemicals.....

Miss Aurarod, you will not recover against our expectations.I'm laughing all the time to see what's wrong.

Already, I have been receiving multiple round trips from Moana who was happy, and both cheeks are bright red and swollen, but I didn't seem to notice anything. Finally, I am receiving a serious trips from Moana who began to feel the crisis, but I am still shy.

Looking at Aurarod like that,

(This is probably more of a record of the Tian Tree......)

Aurorod, the great prime mover of the world's tree leaves, said that he had touched the great world's archives with a few touches. and the brilliance of concern.

It reminds me of a world like Akashic Records on Earth where even incarnations can't get there.It was said that if I touched it, it would be ruined without enduring it.

I'll think about it, but I'll shake it off right away.

In fact, it wasn't just the dragon species that were gradually hunting down the brilliant.

"Ahhh!! That human there!!" Drawn-in pussy!!Let's fight fair and square. "

"How dare you throw in a side spear!"Are you kidding me, you bastard!! "

"I'm not disturbing you, eek!?"Were you killed!? "

Evidently, the fury of demons who were not dragon species came with a tremendous shock.

What is distinctive is the angle of the forehead that grows the same regardless of the number.

Some have the power to fly freely, while many have fisted the barrier on the ground.

Why are you echoing even the [ghost]?

I don't know, I don't know

Yes, even a wide variety of [demons] were taking part in this conflict.

Not all demon species were coming.It's just part of it.

But still, thousands. There were many demonic classes, and the demon god class was also appropriate.No, I looked closely at other types of demons.

They shouted with a clear rage.

"" "" "" "" How dare you beat up my drinking boy!!I'll kill you!!! "" "" "

"That's why I don't understand!!"

"What does the east chief say!?"

"" "" "Ahh!? Who are you,\" my booze boy!?\ "I'll kill you!!!! "" "" "

No, I didn't hear that!

"Why don't the demons talk like this all the time!?"

Thinking that they were trying to break the boundary of the Tenju trees without any compunction, they beat each other without worrying about each other's remarks, and put their energy into breaking the boundary again as soon as one of them blew up.

That has been repeated many times.

Among other things, it's a bad idea,

"You look like a humans!!"Not even the shards of existence, you bastard, how dare you take my girl!! "

Seriously, Mr. Kamigami. The ice swords and spears were beaten with unlimited perturbation, and the rain of fire was released along with the storm.The fist ripples across the barrier with a single blow, scattering earthquake-like shocks.

"Shining light, did you actually put your hand on his woman!?"

I don't remember you, Moana!

Moana looked at the light with sadness and dark eyes.It's been a few exchanges since before.

"Besides, I'm sure you're a sake drinker..."

Even so, you're a beauty ~, fuhehe ~

"The light is shining, I knew it"

"No! Moana remembers well, too!"It's true that Endo... but right now, I don't know why that's happening... "

I didn't think that he had already been summoned to Earth and had declared his marriage to Hirosuke Otsuke, the soul that had regained its sanity there.

And it's impossible that other demons and a wide variety of demons who were falling in love with sake drinking children were angry with the human man who took them and ignored them and took the woman in their heart.

In fact, about half of the demons gathered here said, "It's the first festival when you get back to your sanity!Brawl, brawl! "

"Anyway, his seriousness is disgusting!"I'll cut off your strength! "

Blau Knievel concentrated on Otsuki Maru.I tried to slowly shred my power as a demon god.

However, even if the dragon species was not sane, it was not a pig collision.

Aiming at the moment when Brau Knievel's consciousness deviated, he attacked at once.

"Divine singing," "dragon's roar," "the power of destruction and death has surged from all directions to the barrier."

There is a beeping sound. The radiance of the heavenly tree blinks like a scream.

"Ahh, this is bad!" Moanaaa, connect me to Nagumo! "

I got it!

"Assist in the barrier by superimposing the immense holy sacrifice."Meanwhile, Blau Knievel also pose as a side chest to reinforce the barrier.

But we're on the defensive.The group of Aurora Dragons and Small Light Dragons were ordered to focus their attack on the Divine Stature, but dragon species below the Great Demon Class were cracked and prevented.

Moana hurriedly twisted the key-shaped artifact in the air.Soon, a small crimson ripple spreads around the key.

Gatekey for Alien Movement: Fairy Key.

It is a surrogate that is magically limited in number of times it is used, but under the condition that it is "touching the branches of the Second World's trees", "the goddesses of both worlds are mutually assisting each other", and "minimizing the output as much as possible", it has been given the role of a communication device that can be used temporarily and correspondingly for a long time.

It should be called a prototype of the [Intercontinental Mobile Phone] that will be created later.

I'm connected, Shining!

"Nanyun! Nanyun!!I don't have enough hands! Damn it! Please help me! "

"The Demon King has a feeling of not wanting to bow your head!"All right, I'll tell you what's going on!Glory, concentrate on you! "

"Thank you! Moana! You'll help me mentally!"

{...... I can hear you? Will you do such an exchange before connecting?

I'm sorry.

Guangxi and Moana apologized in a trembling voice to the most powerful blood-sucking princess's cold voice.

"... hm. So what? I'm busy with my claws... but is it a pinch?"

"Well, that's right--hmm, that's right."I need reinforcements. "

In response to Yue-sama's persistence, he was a Moana who suddenly suddenly became a flathead and a salutation like a flat employee who suddenly talked to the president, but somehow he switched to the tone of a queen-era man.

In terms of the relationship between Guangxi and Hajime, it's because I feel sorry for Guangxi for her.

And most of all, "I can't forgive you for being called" Yue Onee-sama "by my cute Kune-tan!!!Because I'm your sister. "

When I quickly told the situation while pushing the inside out, a conversation leaked from the other side of the rippling communication gate.

... let Aurarod drink it.

…… Special Energy Drinks

... I can work without rest for a hundred years

"" Stop it!! ""

Unexpectedly, the sad voices of Radiance, Moana, and Blau Niebel snapped.Even Moana doesn't like horses in many ways with Aurarod.Well, there's a sign that Yue is even looking out for her on the other side of the phone.

"Hmph, heh, heh, heh, heh. Do you want to do it every time?"

"Enough! You can rest!"

"Don't tell me not to rest!"I meet expectations!So don't abandon me. "

Don't rest, Equal. Stop thinking about being abandoned.

Moana inadvertently clutched the pathetic goddess whose guts were stained with the spirit of this soul.The moment I was wrapped up in Moana's rich breasts, my strength was relieved and I said, "What if you're my mom?"I began to whisper the melancholy of the world, but it was pathetic.

And there, the space swirls with light...

"... nnh, it's okay now!" Yue-san is here!! "

The most powerful blood-sucking princess who reveals a line like the one that symbolizes peace with Doya's face.

Yue-san! Nan Yun!?

"... um. Am I anxious by myself?"

"No, no, it's not that... but it's the opponent!"Lots of divine qualities! Besides, if the blau doesn't seal it, only the dragon species will come back to life! "

It was probably the effect of the [dragon].

That's why it takes a lot of violence.....

"... nhhh"

Fluffy and lifting Yue. I put my arms together and put my index finger on my chin. It was cute, but my eyes were so cold that I was frightened.

Dragon gods in the sky, and numerous dragons in all directions.Even at this moment, the demons and demons were immersed in the frenzy of anger and struggle.

A ruinous, concentrated attack that can't be expressed at all by the word "outrageous", and a demonic barrier.

Shine said, "Yu, Yue-san! I really want you to call in as many reinforcements as you can, not just one person.

"... fufu"

I snorted with my nose.

A slap. The spirit of sublime magic echoes.

"--- Freeing the Forbidden Zone..."

The light burst out.A golden light spirals through the sky around Yue.

The thunderclouds brought by the Ryujin were pierced and eliminated in a circle.

A large moon floated far beyond the universe.

Immediately thereafter, there was an overwhelming, out-of-standard, transcendental, irrational pressure that trampled on both common sense and reason.

I don't think so.

The demon below divine skill level stopped moving in battle.Like a squirrel in front of a beast.

I must have felt the danger instinctively like a dragon if to shake off the pressure, he roared spectacularly and added more onslaught.....

All the luminaries lost their words, and even Aurarod, who was hello, opened his eyes and looked up over his head. His spine was shiny enough to tremble, and even then a beautiful voice sounded so beautiful that his heart was trapped.

"I command you in Yue's name..."

The spirits that directly interfere with the soul----the Divine Word infiltrates the demons relentlessly.

Needless to say, the demon who was trembling just by feeling its existence, the demonic species that was a playful sensation poked their knees without exception.Those in the air land with a crashing momentum and rub their foreheads against the ground.

For a few moments, I was stunned by what I had done.

However, I could shake off the Great Demon more than the Rock.The Ryujin Class didn't stop the attack.

But that's it.

"...... I said, 'Flank down!'"

A pitch-black ring that spreads across the sky in an instant, centered on a tree.There is only a hole in the center to avoid the heavenly tree, but the width of the outer circumference of the circle is superbly one kilometer.

Immediately after it unfolded, physical and extraordinary pressure came to Ryujin and the others.

― ― Wide-range hypergravity field sabotage

Countless growls, no, screams.Just saying that the sky belonged to me, all the demons and gods sitting on my face fell down at once.

It was a feather that was knocked down with one hand.

The shock of a giant hitting the ground spreads like a sandstorm.

”Guuuuu, what are you doing!?”

Among them, Daisen Maru looked up at the sky because of the inherent ruggedness, which barely succeeded in landing with one knee standing.

The golden spiral dissolves.The tip leaves the heavens and the earth and becomes like a sphere, leaving the cocoon and giving birth to a butterfly, and the presence of the deep is shown.

And they appeared, turning their backs, so that they might obey the pure moon.

"It's beautiful..."

Who muttered it?The sound of swallowing raw saliva is not there either.

The Golden Goddess. Or the Incarnation of the Moon.There was something worthy of being called that.

Behind the shiny triple wheel backlight (apple ko), the black dress-like object is hoisted into the body of the adult mode, and the black swirling spherical gravity field and several black crystal jewels are turned around like satellites.

A beauty that is hard to put into your tongue. I can't help but remember the pressure of the water pressure at the Great Falls.

I was stunned.

My eyes dazzle.

Those whose thoughts are mother's dreams are disappearing.

It's impossible, because the power felt by her sitting in the heavens on behalf of the Ryujin is completely beyond the incarnation of the Heavenly Tree.

”... just be a good girl?”

Words that are spun with a tilted neck.How seductive, how terrifying.

But that's why it's hard to forgive.

The humiliation of licking the ground stimulates the pride of the dragon species, even if it is insane.

Vague impulses - the need to join the great ancestors replaces the anger and struggle against the powerful enemies in front of you.

Exploding roars rose all at once.The dragon species jumped at once with their divine qualities at the forefront.

"Hey, that's great. From the looks of it, you're a Western demon?"He'll make me a woman too!! "

The demon species smiled as fiercely as if they had found the best prey.The demonic nature is wildly raging as it holds the golden goddess in its palm.

"... mmm. About half my heart broke?"

Yue pointed her lips slightly unhappy.However, immediately after that, there was an invincible smile that resembled that of the beloved Demon King.

One finger snap. One of the surrounding black crystals suddenly shatters.

"... mmm. Magic power refill complete." Then you may die ~ ~ ~ "

The merciless proclamation took the form of the creation of a dark calamitous star that unleashed a spark.

― ― Gravity Magic Deep Black Tianhui

Unprecedented magnitude. It expands simultaneously in four places, from east to west and from north to south, mainly in the Tianjin Tree.

The presence in the unfolding range was unrelenting even in the Divine Skill class, and the demons around and on the ground "Even though I fell down!?It sucked me in like that. "

The sight of incomparably powerful gravitational forces devouring the demons seemed to be a nightmare.

Unlike the same gravitational magic, Black Tianxiao is not a magic that crushes and turns it into dust.It's the magic that wipes them out.

As long as you have thoughts and mindfulness, you are a resident of the fairy world who can be revived somewhere. Otherwise, the caste power balance in this world may have broken down.

"...... That's a waste of time. Can you seal it off from the one you just defeated?"

Yue, who was in adult mode, looked down at the top of the Tenju tree, and groaned at Blau Knievel, who was stiff with his mouth open.

Back to me, the bright red eyes and eyes met, and the Han Goddess's cheeks were dyed gently.The goddess Han nods at the incredible beauty of being captive regardless of gender, age, or race.As if Yue were the God of Blau Niebel.

"Ha!? I just looked right at you!"I almost fell in love with her... "

The light murmured as it wiped off the cold sweat.When I was doped by the demon king,

"It's like confessing to being in love at the time of saying that."

Moana's eyes are <●● >.But you can't say it as strongly as you usually do.I was in love with myself too.It is the first time I have seen Yue's earnestness, and it seems that the shock will not come through.

No, that's the same for Radiance.If you think about it carefully, this is the first time that Yue has taken it seriously since the myth showdown.And the truth of Yue's truth, as Shining knows, is that it is about the VS Gokibu○ battle at the time of the "Great Labyrinth of Daiki" attack.

That's why there was only a level of recognition comparable to Nan Yun.I didn't have to.....

- Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Should I say that the Rock possesses divine qualities?"Ryujin, who had endured while being swallowed by the Black Heavenly Bracken, roared.What a breakthrough from the inside.The other Divine Dragons did the same.

From the beginning, it's floating the giant.I wonder if they have the power of gravitational interference.

In addition, all [Black Heavenly Badge] disappears or not, and shuns its appearance.If you think of it, it's over Yue's head again.Spatial interference is also possible.

The dark clouds gushed out again. Lightning bears and the storm rages.

The Heavenly Tree barrier would surpass the attack, including their power, but Yue smiled and dared to go outside the barrier.

It also disappears. Use the instantaneous spatial transition "Tenzin" without using a gate, and place it in front of the Ryujin.

The two (...) extremely thunderstrikes fell simultaneously.

Yue does not dodge. I didn't even defend myself.We just attacked.

The result is.....

- Gahhhhhh!?

Ryujin was the only one who screamed and hit me in the air.

Looking at Yue's lightning strike, it wasn't just a lightning strike.

― ― Gravity Transformation Sublimation Lightning Attribute Mixed Attack Magic Devil Type Extreme Thunder Dragon

A giant lightning dragon that is a semi-autonomous monster woven with lightning.

With a giant that was no less powerful than Ryujin, he ate into his neck, scored, and thunderstruck inside, while disabling gravitational interference for flying, and went straight to the earth like a lightning strike.

Then, once again, an intact Yue appears in the clear sky.

One burn, one tear of clothes, on the contrary, there is no hair disturbance.


When did you fly in?Daiyu Maru threw a boulder-like fist at Yue's shoulder.You thought if you blew up one of your arms, you'd cry and beg for forgiveness.

Yue did not dodge or defend.One arm bounces off the shoulder.Daisen Maru herself was so confused that she could not help but wonder.

I just couldn't react.And I just passed by and looked back over my shoulder...

After all, one arm that existed as if nothing had happened was lightly lifted, and it was confirmed that it was snoring its fingers.

In an instant, the space shifted. Over and over again, countless times, at every angle.It was like a cracked mirror being slapped over and over again.

--Spatial Magic Thousands

Literally, a thousand spatial tears.A cage without a place to escape, definitely a cage of mutilation.

It was not only the space but also the view of Otsuki Maru that was shifting.As your consciousness disappears, you can see your body falling apart in a block.

(T-That's unbearable....)

I won't turn around.After paying for the fly, Daisen Maru dreamed of the appearance of the Blood Sucking Princess.I wondered how much better it would have been to have this Blood Sucking Princess sacrificed to both sides with the Sake Drinking Boy.

"... take care of yourself"

(Ha ha, this is tough!)

Is that what you said to yourself, or is it not?Without being able to confirm it, Daisen Maru's consciousness disappeared.

Then, on the battlefield where the gods had left,

"Ahh, I can't do this..."

Just as the surviving demon muttered with a bitter smile, a sense of surrender and retreat was spread to the demons below the Great Demon.

Of course, Daisenmaru, an exceptional demon god, was killed in an instant, but more than that.

"Seven Heavens Demon Dragon"

Because I understood that the seven dragons covering the sky had no future except to be ravaged.

The Five Heavenly Dragons of Thunder Dragon, Azure Dragon, Stone Dragon, Storm Dragon, and Ice Dragon are familiar to you.There, the Light Dragon made of "Kamui" and the Dark Dragon scattering all kinds of bad statuses like the Poison Dragon were added, and they were all greatly expanded and demonized.

There are seven Divine Dragon Classes.Moreover, as long as the surgeon Yue is present, he can play immediately.

Besides, even that Yue is immortal as long as she has magic power.

Words even interfere with the soul, manipulate gravity and space like limbs, even create a life called a dragon, and besides, even regenerate the time interference system.Sharpened moves include those of the rank of authority learned and stolen from gods of other worlds.

Leave the enemy's attack to the immortal body without dodging or defending, and in the meantime explode deadly and unavoidable magic - no one here is unaware that this is the original fighting style of the strongest Blood Sucking Princess.

So when does the magic run out?

What brought despair to the question was the presence of black crystals that were scattered three times at once, but were immediately summoned from the [Treasury].I don't know how many of these there are, so I have to conclude.

”Yue-san is... invincible with unlimited magic power”

I didn't want an absolute advantage like the goddess Tenju.

Just screw it down with force.

It was terrifying when the infinite magic power generating device was miniaturized and a system for transmitting and receiving magic to and from remote areas was established.Yue was not talking about infinite magic power, not about the golden rod.It could be worse than the Demon King. Moana and the others, as well as Shining, twitched their cheeks in awe.

Yue, who had become such a god without the need for metaphor, looked down at the earth and laughed brilliantly.

If you're coming, come. Let's do this.

The demons in the Divine Skill class roared at once.As if the dragon species had completely forgotten the original purpose of the Dragon Elephant Summoning Order, they just stared at Yue and roared.

Besides, Yue narrowed her eyes.

"... nnh. If you do your part here, Shia and the others will respect each other."Recently, I really felt like Yue-san was being licked! "

Bumps, bumps. Still a student.What's wrong with rattling on holidays?How much am I disgruntled to be a humorous genius?A noble eagle is a Yue who hides his claws.Guys, you don't get it.Even the vampires of Earth are retreating during the day!Yue is totally flirty at home!If that's the case, you'll be called the Neeto Blood Sucking Princess in the future. That's not how it works!I don't have time for just one, and I don't bother people when I'm lonely!It's just a fight with Kaori, isn't it?Almost all of them are badly woven, right?I think the treatment of problem children is terrible, even if the occasional prank turns into a police soda!

That's why, that's why!

Take a look at Yue-san's irrelevance!

Later on, I will play the screening of the past and carve my amazingness into my soul!

"...... Yue-san"

The radiance that I could hear clearly covered my face with my hands.The gap was too big to see.

After all, while muttering such a thing, the group of dragon species of the divine skill class that attacked again are blown up by heavy rainfall of lightning spears and the swordshaping of the earth, the storm of aurora artillery in the sea of hijacking, the disturbing direction of gravity and the supergravity field, or the space of tearing and vibration crushing.

With a demonic and unstoppable smile, I put my arms together under my rich chest, and graciously put my legs together in the air to show off my spare time.

Then, a gate was opened around the heavenly tree.

"Tiannihe, how's it going?"I wonder what would happen if Yue were here.For now, I've brought you an extra magic stock. "

Hazy. Apparently, you came to see how the work was divided up to some extent.

"I guess I'll manage..."

Gently point your finger into the sky.I don't care about Yue.

I wonder if Yue-san can do it alone anymore.

"Oh, oh..."

As a matter of fact, Yue's full strength fight with Sublimation Magic [Forbidden Zone Unlock] in use, and without worrying about the amount of magic power remaining, was the first time she saw it.

Hajime stares at Yue with a dazzling glance.At the same time, she bitterly smiled at Yue's heart, which was muttering with a bump.

When I noticed the gaze of such a clam, Yue suddenly came to me.

The cold face of the transcendent instantly turned into a girl's plump smile.

If you think about it, the next moment,

”...♪I'll let you slap me?”

It appeared in front of the claws and claws.It floats and hugs my neck.Politely, I left a phantom Yue in the sky.

What, you didn't have enough magic power after all?

"... mmm. I still have the stock, so it's okay"

Then why? Yue licked her tongue in a sloppy mood as she tilted her head.The narrowed gaze was so demonic that his spine trembled.It is an adult mode, so it is superfluous.

"... I think I can do more with the blood of my claws"

Indeed, among Yue's abilities is the [Blood League Agreement].The ability to draw blood from the only target was greatly increased.

"I see," Hajime nodded, convinced.

"I was originally thinking of having a drink if I didn't think I could afford it."Looks like there's no problem in the situation, but if Yue wants to do it, that's fine. "

"...... nh♪"

With a smile full of joy, Ka-poo.

Chu, chu, chu chu, chu chu chu.Nh, ahhh ~.

"Shine! Don't look!"

"Hmph, Glory. Me too ~"

"Oh dear, bold!!"

Moana closes her glowing eyes with both hands behind her, Aurora Rod crawls and bites her glowing feet, and Brau Niebel twists and twists her ears in the Abu Domingo and Rhino pose.

With that in mind, Yue's expression that was in a bad mood... gradually turned into something strange?

"... nh? nh? nh!?Nnnnhhhhhh!? "

Amazingly, Yue leaves Ba and Hajime.

I wondered what was happening to the brilliant guys in response to the unusual reaction.

Yue rolled her tongue and saw something. She looked at him with an unbelievable expression.

"Oh, that's a stony gem." Yue. Do you understand? "

"...... Ha, Hajime? Could it be... it's served?"

"It's bad to hear. You added cheat mate ingredients to the iron in your blood and made it into a Yue-exclusive artifact [me], even at the showdown with Echt?"

"... yes! But not that!"Why, what are you doing? "

The taste○ of monsieur is subtle from the blood!?and Yue.The brilliant ladies were also throbbing.

"That's right, nobody drinks my special ingredients..."

"... nnh!? Hajime, your mother-in-law, your father-in-law!"Why do the people of the Nanyun family want to make them drink enadri!? "

"I didn't mean to, but... it was hard."It was hard to create an original monje that would be okay even if○ it was driven into the blood....... said Emily. "

"... a waste of talent!? That means you're using it too conveniently for Emily's sake!?"

"The most difficult thing was to add the○ flavor of Mongai."I said it was okay, but when I got here, I wanted to stick to it, and I finally succeeded.Awesome, a genius in medicine. "

"... Emily!?"

After all, should I be called the genius Mudd in the making of plays?

Yue grabbed Hajime with tears as she felt the power surging from the inside more than bloodsucking.

"... that's why I'm so frustrated! Why don't you give your beloved wife a bite like that!?"

"No, because, look, the taste of blood is always the same, right?"So, it's the same as the liquor, and it passes out over time and returns to its original taste, so it's twice as delicious with one grain, or two birds with one stone... anyway!I thought it was a good idea! Think of it as a good thing! "

"... think I'm good!?"

"Hey, what is it?" Yue, when you were on your journey through the Great Labyrinth, you were blending monsters and mysterious substances into Shia's cooking, right?I thought it was good, and you were explaining it to Shia, who makes it look good. "

"...... Really boomerang!?"

Away from Hajime, Yue plummets and strokes at the fact that he is in a state of "pushing the limit and crushing the conquest."

"... ahhhhhh"

With tears in my eyes, I said such a thing and disappeared.

Over the sky, the golden light explodes.Even though it was vicious, the power jumped even higher.

The backlight of the triple wheel grew to a straight thirty meters.From there, an army of apostles created by light, once used by Jehutu in the sanctuary, emerges one after another.

Naturally, the situation finally leaned toward Yue.


Shine, Moana, and Blau Niebel suddenly turned their attention back to the voice they heard nearby.

There, the figure of Aurarod is injected with something with an ampoule-integrated cylindrical syringe on his neck.

Of course, it's a slurp that's pruning.

"So, regarding the situation on the Earth side......"

"" No, no, no! ""

A natural Moné○ infusion that you'll miss out on.

Bickenbicken and the jumping Aurarod like landed fish are indisputable.

"Oh, you!" It's a complete crime!? "

"No, because I think it's better to inject rather than drink it because it's dizzy."

"That's not the problem!" Something that looks like such a bad-- "

What's wrong with you, Kirishi-san?Now we have to focus on the situation. ”


There was Aurarod with a crisp expression.He's back. He's scared.

"You guys are misunderstanding something."It's like making Enadri look like evil.Well, it's not a good idea to drink too much, but it's the same thing with alcohol, right?No harmful ingredients, I swear.It's the same thing to rest well later, but don't you think you should drink it when you need it? ”

"Well, that might be the case... no, is that so?"

"Shine! Don't let it flow!"

"Enadri is God. Worship Enadri.Do you have the type of beverage you ordered before? ”

"Oh, there's one."

"Master Aurarod, don't get stuck!"It must be a bottomless swamp! "

Hajime took out four shakers with a terrifying expression of compassion from Yan Yan Yan and the noisy brilliance.

- Sure.

Kwang Hui and the others took a step back.Aurora Rod was the only one who seemed to be stepping out, so she grabbed her head.

Outside the barrier, the moment and intensity increase.The intensity of the ravage drama is getting stronger.

Overhead, Yue started laughing with a high tension she hadn't heard before, somehow raising her voice like, "Fluffy, fuck off!"

But after all, the most terrifying thing

“There is still work to be done.Now, for the sake of the economy, here you go. "

It was a look full of the devil's care.