Astral Pet Store

Chapter 1421

Is there a traitor?

There are a lot in the minds of the darkness, such as floating light, but the thoughts have ended here.

The cause of the cause of the cause contains Su Ping's universe's power, and cuts out his universe with his body and soul!

You must know that Su Ping's primitive chaos physique is melted from the origin of the soul, the body, and the ancient immortal constitution. After transforming to the physique of the primitive chaos, many previous constitutional characteristics did not dissipate, such as the Jinwu people’s people’s from the Jinwu people. Blood -like, lurking in Su Ping's body, making his attacks containing many bloodline characteristics.

"What kind of movement?!"

Outside the palace, the disciples and guards who guarded here perceived the changes inside. Although there was no Master permit, it rushed in the first time.

When they broke into the palace, they immediately saw an unforgettable scene.

Their Master and their supreme sitting on the throne like this, their expressions were shocked and frightened. The chest and forehead were pierced into three blood -pumped caves.

The entire hall is like an ice cave hell, silent and Bingsen. After dumbfounding, they reacted, and they rushed up in a hurry to see the injuries and situations of Master. One of them hurriedly reversed time and space. Zun rescued, but the surrounding space -time changes, and their Master always sat on the throne, and it was not moved.

Due to the floating dust in the hall, the shadows shake, the time and space retrograde, the supreme rock of the dark and the supreme is like the eternal rock, maintaining a deadly state, and sitting quietly on the throne.

Time and space reversal cannot be resurrected!

In the limits of time and space that the monarchs can reverse, a thousand years ago, a thousand years later, their masters remained dead, explaining the attack, and the time and space of his master from this time and two thousand years from this and two thousand years of time and space. Middle, all beheaded!

What a terrible and spicy attack!

And this is just the space -time category that the monarch can reverse.


The apprentice gasped, almost collapsed.

His eyes were despair and fear, and there was even a short blank in his mind.

In fact, when confirming the death of Master, he knew faintly in his heart that he could not change even if he reversed time and space.

After all, if only the time and space can be reversed, his master can be revived, then the degree of attack he is suffered by his master, with the power of his Master himself, is enough to block it!

"How could this be, Master was just fine ..." The disciple who led to start the magic array had returned at this moment. When he saw this scene, he couldn't help but be dull.

"I want to see what happened!" The disciple who reversed time and space, his face was ugly. It is most likely hidden in this hall, but he did not escape.

Because he knew that the other party could not know the murder of the murder, then he was useless.

This time he reversed time and space again, but did not affect the time and space on Master, but covered the hall and wanted to peep at the truth.

Soon, time was reverse, just a while, reversed to a few minutes ago, they saw a terrible scene in the hall.

This scene is time and space projection, and does not have any strength. They only saw a few green lights. The Master rose up the universe to resist, but was instantly penetrated and killed, nailed to the throne.

Soon after, it was the projection they broke into the hall.

Seeing this scene, everyone stayed.

That's it ... dead?

There was no imagination war or the enemy. It was just a few green lights. Their Master was killed instantly, without the power of fighting back!

For a moment, everyone's hearts were shrouded in huge fear.

What exists, killing their Master?

At the same time, at the Star Network Conference.

Su Ping felt the dissipation of the cause and effect, and slowly said: "The Supreme Supreme is dead, who else is not convinced?"


As soon as this remark came out, everyone was shocked.

The response of the three people with the void and the red fire, looking at Su Ping in horror,

So, in just this moment, Su Ping really killed the Supreme Supreme? Intersection

You know, Su Ping's body is still in the room of God!

And some consciousness sank into this star network.

In this state, can be killed? Or is it accelerated by hundreds of millions of stars? Intersection

They set off a storm in their hearts, but they had to believe that the scene was true.

"Who do you lie?!"

The other Supreme responded, and looked at Su Ping in a doubtful face. One of the Extreme faces was gloomy and said, "I didn't expect you to be so despicable. While we held a meeting, I went to sneak in the dark. Followed his head easily. I was in the secret of Tianyu that year. So dangerous, he did not die. His life -saving ability beyond your imagination! "

Su Ping glanced coldly, without nonsense, and turned to Master: "Master, do we have us in the dark star area? Or, invite his apprentice in, and let his apprentice look at it at a glance. His master knows the truth. "

God resolved reacted, and immediately said, "I will arrange it right away."

He did not say that in the dark star area, of course, there are him in it, not only the black star area, but also other star areas. Similarly, in his god's court, there are other stars. Some of the things that are unreasonable can be tracked out, and some nails are very deep, and he may not know.

Like the one he arranged, he was the disciple of the Supreme Murder.

When the other party worshiped the Supreme Heroes of the Wilderness, he had already been his person. He had suffered great kindness and was erased by him and reshaped his life.

However, at this moment, when he is a crowd, he will not disclose the matter, but he can secretly contact.

Soon, God Zun distributed some consciousness and contacted the disciples with special codes to understand the situation.

At the same time, on the other hand, he sent a communication invitation to several disciples of the heavier Supreme through the permissions of Starnet Supreme.

Soon, one of the disciples connected his communication.

God Zun quickly explained the situation and asked him to see his master's situation.

"The family teachers are well in the situation, and they are not worked with their hearts." The other party replied quickly.

When God respected, he naturally would not doubt Su Ping's words, and soon understood the other party's thoughts, and sneered: "Is your master just happening, already dead!"

When I heard God's words break, the other party obviously stunned, and soon thought of all kinds of things, and gritted my teeth to God: "Is it you doing it? Although my master opposes the league, it is definitely not opposed to the alliance itself, but that you borrow the alliance. Focusing on self -interest, you are the supreme, the leaders of the universe beings, in such a critical juncture, they actually killed each other and attacked my master! "

"It is ridiculous, what kind of virtue is your master, you know yourself, let your disciples choose a leading person, give you three minutes, I invite you to come to the conference room."

The opponent's face was ugly.

Their master died, without Supreme Sitting, relying on the magic array left by the Master, they did not have the confidence to clamo with God.

After all, the magic array was launched before, and the Master was killed. He didn't even see any means, and he didn't even see God's appearance. Such a terrible means was unheard of.

God has no nonsense, disconnecting the contact with the other party. At the same time, the projection of the God of Respect in the Supreme Conference room said, "I have asked the disciples of the dark, Long Chen Tianjun, he said that his master was dead. Once, I asked them to choose a talker and come to attend the meeting. You do n’t believe in contact and understand it yourself. "

Hearing the words of God, other Supremes were a little shocked, and they looked at each other.

In fact, without God's instruction, they have already started contacting the disciples of the Supreme Supreme and those who are inserted over there to understand the situation.

Soon, one by one learned the supremacy of the situation, his face was gloomy.

They looked at God Zun and Su Ping, in addition to anger, they were more afraid.

A supreme man, saying no, for so many years in the universe, they rarely fall in their supreme.

Even if there are, it is also the most dangerous top mystery damage, and the number of internal consumption of each other is very small.

Within a hundred years, two supremacy has fallen, and they have died in the internal fighting.

If God has joined forces with the red fire, the void, and the four Su Ping, it can indeed kill the zechida supreme.

"God's respect, disaster, do you come like this?!" The Longyang supreme face was gloomy and looked at Su Ping.

"Hu Lai is you!" God Zun said coldly: "Alliances to resist the wave of insects and reduce sacrifice. This is a good strategy! Due to our own interests, you delayd delayed. Do you know how many people we die every day?"

"Then why do you disagree with our conditions? Is our conditions too much, but we just want to retain our own power. Isn't we even a voting right to vote?!" Another Supreme Extraordinary is angry.

"I have said this countless times, and there is a need to continue arguing?" Said the Ahaku supreme: "You have the right to vote, but you want to establish a supervision standing committee. Come out, who really said, you know! "

"We are not the same front. You have four votes. Those who add them, as long as you can say that you can move the two or three people, you can have great power, isn't it enough?" Some people said.

The dignified void sneer sneered slightly, and said: "You seem to have not been on the same front. In fact, in order to protect themselves, the spearheads are pointing to us. Weakness is your unified line, because you can't fight us alone, so you are naturally there. Will hold the group! "

"This is just your guess! To put it bluntly, you just want dictatorship!" Someone said angrily.

God's respect was about to speak, but Su Ping was stopped by Su Ping's hand.

"Let the disciples of the dark deserted come in." Su Ping said, his voice could not hear his anger and was extremely calm.

But when he heard Su Ping's words, everyone's face was slightly changed, and the meeting room was a bit quiet.

God nodded, when he contacted the disciples of the Supreme Supreme of the Wilderness, he quickly confirmed the talker with the other party and issued an invitation.

Soon, a virtual shadow appeared in the conference room, and gradually became clear. He was a tall and handsome young man. He looked around and saw the supremacy present, and his face turned slightly on his face.

These Supremes have seen him in the past. At this moment, he was swept away. Except for Su Ping, who was not the most eye -catching in the crowd, he found that except for his master, the rest of the Supreme was there.

In other words, only their Master fell.

For a while, his brainstorms had various possibilities, and even suspected that everyone had joined forces to kill their Master.

"Dear contexts."

The youth lowered his head slightly, and said with a slight low, it seemed not humble.

"Han Ji Tianjun, is your Master happened, what is the situation, is God's respect they attack your Master?!" A Supreme Supreme Pat in the table road.

Han Ji Tianjun was stunned. The previous speculation suddenly dissipated. He was a little suspicious. He looked at God and others, and immediately found the atmosphere of the meeting room, which was faintly divided into two factions.

He knew something in his heart, bowing his head, and said, "The family teacher did die, but the murderer did not show up. The juniors used time and space to reverse, only to see a few green mang, without the murderer."

"Green Mang?"

Everyone was stunned and looked at Su Ping suddenly.

Previously, when Su Ping quit the Supreme Supreme of the Wild Wilderness, he waved his three green sword gas. Could it be said that the green mang of Hanji Tianjun was the sword gas released at that time? Intersection

Just those three swordsmanship, did he shoot the black waste? Intersection

And is it in Starnet?

They feel a little teasing, like the night, but the apprentices who say this is no possibility of lying.

"God, my Master is really you killed?"

Seeing that the room was in silence, Han Ji Tianjun suddenly felt a little strange, but as an apprentice of the Supreme Supreme, he still had to ask for a statement for his master.

Although Master has fallen and has no backer, he knows that it is meaningless to just show weakness and gain sympathy.

The strong ones who can sit here are Shura who killed from the blood of the corpse mountains, expecting the other party to have mercy, and it is more ethereal than expecting himself to suddenly realize that he suddenly realizes the Supreme.

Seeing the perseverance of the other person's perseverance, God's asks, knowing that the other party's questioning was a great courage, he looked calm and said, "It is not the killing of the deity, but your master offended Xiao Su and was cut by Xiao Su beheaded by Xiao Su beheaded kill."


Han Ji Tianjun was stunned and never heard the supreme name.

"You Master I killed me, you can send you on the road if you don't accept it." Su Ping said directly, the words were very straightforward, and it was also brutal with blood.

He looked at the crowd, and said, "I kill him, nothing else, but just to kill chickens and monkeys, let you know that I want to kill you with the supremacy, easy to oppose the palm, and argue with you just waste time. I only say it once, Within ten days, mobilize all your strengths and the bottom of your family, come to Shen Ting to form a unified line of defense to jointly resist the tide of insects. "

"If you don't come then, you don't have to come again!"