At the end of a metastasis that fell into a rift in dimension.

When I woke up, there were dinosaurs and beauties!

Mm-hmm. Something's licking my perky and awesome face.

You're making me look so sticky while I'm sleeping. Porch, I guess?

Have you forgotten your bait?

I can't help it at all.

Yeah, I got it. I got it, don't lick it so much. I'm going to wake up now.

When I stroked my pouch as I fell asleep, something tough touched my hand.

Mm, Porch, what are you wearing? Something's hard... but...

"Who is it?"

When I opened my eyes, there was a slightly dressed dinosaur-like creature there, like a tyrannosaur who had walked four feet properly. It was this guy's epidermis that felt stiff.

What is this?

No, Magidenanicole, I don't know what that means.

"Hey, what's this, what's the situation!

Right. It's a dream. Does this happen in real life? Look around you with that in mind.

Something in the woods.

The touch of dirt touching your hands, the sound of a tree swinging in the wind, the breath of a dinosaur modoki in front of you.

It's... it's so real. Especially the breath is too vivid.

Oh, really, what is this? It's a dream, isn't it?

Wait, let's just calm down. I must have been playing earlier.

I came to Ji-chan in the country on my high two summer holidays, played by the river with the kids in my neighborhood, slipped, rivered, legged and flushed...

That, I could be dead, too? Here in heaven? No, hell?

Dinosaur Modki keeps licking my confusion roughly. I wonder what it is, is it connected?

When I think about it, I feel like this big, oversized figure is starting to look cute.

I can't believe I'm opening my mouth so wide!

Right! That's right! It must have been a taste or something!

Wow, he's dying! You're dead, you're dead, you're dead!

No, I'm dead!?

"Hi-ha, hi-ha-ha."

No, it's confusion and fear, it's not turning the rhythm, it's not voicey.

The move you're about to come bite looks like some awesome slow motion.

But I can't help it because my body doesn't move.

Shit, those fangs die.


Dinosaurs disappeared from front of me when I suddenly thought I heard something loud shaking along with the light voice I heard. I also feel some great noises and vibrations in the distance.

When it was too hard to understand the translation completely, I heard a voice from above my head.

"Over here, over here"

Tuntung and I are put on my head, and I react and face up.

There stood a beauty in the style of red hair.

"Are you okay?

"Hia, hia"

I bit him again. Embarrassing.

I tried to stand for now, and I couldn't do that either.

My back is falling out. I feel sorry for you on top of each other.

"Oh, uh, thank you"

"Hmm? Oh, yes, you're welcome"

Thankfully, the woman gave it back to me with a nickel laugh.

Is he about 180 tall? Short-haired red hair, red eyes, outfit in hot pants. Poncho on top, I guess. Looks like he's wearing a white shirt inside.

Awesome beauty. Normally, she's beautiful enough to want to be close to you, but I don't think that's a bit of an idea for this guy.

Because she has a big, stupid canazuchi gripping her right hand.

What, lighter than it looks? Obviously, it doesn't seem like it weighs a kilo.

I am extra afraid that the hammer part is floating off the ground and parallel to the ground. What kind of arm strength?

Oh, there's another one back there.

I have dark hair up to my waist with grey sleepy eyes, and I think this one is about 170.

The front side of the skirt is very short and gluey long from side to back, and it looks like a great cosplay.

It looks like he's wearing leggings inside, so can I be short?

There's something amazing about the bracelet, the ankle, and the neck that's going to come out fantastically on my arms and feet.

He was weaving a robe that felt like an extremely amazing 'wizard'.

... is this a cosplay venue?

"I say Lynn. As you can see, swordsman. Why were you here? From what I've seen, it's a round back, and it looks like he was eating me."

As you can see?

Mother, have my eyes gone bad? [M]

Whatever you look at it, what this guy has just looks like a hammer.

With that in mind, I followed up with Pokémon.

"Lynn Hey, Lynn Hey"

"Mm, what?

"My outfit, look. You don't look like a swordsman."

The brunette put a penetration into the woman she named Lynn.

Yes, you don't look like a swordsman no matter what you think.

If you insist on being a swordsman, hold the sword.

"Oh, shit, I wasn't wearing any armor today. You don't look like a swordsman."

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Mr. Lynn.

Because it's not. It's definitely not the problem. Go in and get the other guy.

I'm not going in there. 'Cause I'm scared.

I don't have the courage to say bad things to someone who can wield that stuff.

"Lynn, hey, hammer"


"Yes, hammer."

"What's wrong with the hammer?

Hell, no. What is this interaction?

Could you have some more conversation?

"I don't have a sword."

Right, I'm not wrong, am I?

You don't have a sword, but as you can see, you have trouble being called a swordsman.

"Yeah, but this is a hammer, right? Mirka knows, doesn't she?

Why are you planting it in a hammer? What's the point? It's like I don't know what that means.

You won't need a blade if you can roughly swing something like that.

Does the person with dark hair say Mr. Mirka?

This guy still looks decent to see where he got stuck.

The question is, why are you doing cosplay?

"I know. Arne is awesome, because he was stupid. He said," Make a hammer or something, you idiot. "

"Yeah, you were so angry. But I wonder why I'm angry. Isn't planting weapons cool?

"I was angry because it would be troublesome to plant a weapon that would be burdensome to hold."

"Uh, but this metal would be fine, right?

"If you're a normal person. The hammer of the hollow cavity bends with the idiotic power of phosphorus."

Leave me alone and the conversation goes on. Lonely.

Who is it?

"I'm not, and I don't normally think of a mallet. If I hadn't looked at it all the time, I wouldn't look like a swordsman."

"Oh, my God. Oh my God."

Finally got me back to the original topic.

Good. Will this be the end of the abandonment?

"Uh, by the way, can I ask if it's cocoa?

In the meantime, I'm going to ask because it feels like you're going to listen to me.

Be polite when asking people something. That's what Grandpa and the fucking dick used to say to me so much that I could get an octopus in my ear.

In the meantime, I mean the current location, or I want to know what's going on.

But you two looked at my words, what are you talking about?

"It's the sea of trees north of the Umr kingdom. Don't know. Did you come in?

"... you, you speak a rare word. What country did you tease?

Umr Kingdom? Not the sea of Fuji or something?

No, there are no dinosaurs like that in the sea of Fuji.

Words more than that. Mr. Mirka, will this be the way others talk?

Not what you're talking about, this guy. We've been talking about this for a while now, haven't we?

No, yeah, I just noticed.

I know what you mean. The words over here also make sense.

But the words you two were talking about were like unknown pronunciations.

What's going on with this?

My head's going to flat already. Help me, Poochie!

"Why do you make sense of the word?

"Uh, the magic of translation? Is that right? You can use something like that, right?

Koten, and Lynn asks Mr. Mirka as he bends his neck. Something's a little cute.

"Yeah... where did you really come from? If you're not quite in the country, you don't know the magic itself."


It's... it's a sister case. Looks like we're in a fantasy world right now.

Is it a dream after all? This. It's so real.

Yeah, I'm sorry, you can't.

'Cause I was, like, a little chickened out earlier.

I can't dream about it.

I want to change my underwear. I'm going to cry.

"... Hey, Mirka. Have you ever seen these clothes?

"Yeah. Unusual"

Ordinary polyester, but something?

"Um, I don't want to admit it somehow, but here, do you get demons or something?

"Uh, yeah, I'm leaving. You were about to get eaten earlier, weren't you?

Lynn answers as a matter of course.

Well, is there a demon? Was it the demon just now?

Please help me. Really, what did I do?

"I don't know if you believe me, but I'm from somewhere where I'm not."

"Where there are no demons?

"... where were you before you came here?

Mr. Mirka has asked me strange things.

Japan is the only place.

"Uh... it's Japan, but..."

"No, uh..."

I wonder what you want to hear.

First of all, I have no idea what my situation is, so I think it's tough to answer.

"Remember just before you came here?

Last minute?

I guess that means the last memory before you lose consciousness.

"Uh, drowning in the river... oh, yeah, I feel like I'm being dragged into something, and then I don't remember..."


"Where are you, Mirka?

Mirka, who shows you how difficult it seems to think about it, and Lynn, who is twisting her neck more than just now.

I'm very anxious to be taken seriously like that.

Am I in a bad situation right now? No, I don't think it tastes very good even with my own perception.

"It may have fallen into a dimensional rift. And maybe I just happened to get here."

"A Rift in Dimension?

"Yes. There is an unstable space that I don't even know where it leads, but when swallowed up there, the basics can't come home. There seems to be an example of a return, in which case he was swallowed by a rift in the same way"

Well, then, could I, uh, go home?

I'd like to go home if I can because I'm too scared that there's such a monster in the boulder.

"But it's basically like an accident, and there's only one story back. There were demons in this world who had the skill to create a rift, so a lot of humans are being drunk, but given that there's only one returnee, it's going to be hard for you to go back to your original world."

The hope that I might be able to go home was shattered.

Seriously, do I have to live in the world where that is?

All I can feel is despair. This.

"Oh, my God..."

"Oh, uh, you know, I'm sorry. Come on, cheer up."

Look at me. Apologize and encourage, Mr. Mirka.

But I'm sorry, but this is tough.

It seems like you'll be flying into an unexplained world before you know it, and you'll live normally.

Now the one who doesn't snap is a little too tough on your mind.

"No, but that's amazing. You know exactly what you're talking about."


"Sometimes this translation becomes a blurry way of telling people that there is no education to some extent, and it doesn't really convey it. I know exactly what you're saying, and I can tell you exactly what we're saying."

"Is it upbringing? I went to high school after my compulsory education."

"Compulsory education? Are you obliged to educate me over there? Heh, that's amazing."

"It's a lovely country. There seems to be no demons, and it must be a peaceful place."

I don't know, outside the country just because our country is at peace. Not so.

You won't even have to say that and make me sorry. I can't go.

"But the way I put it, it looks like Lynn has some education, and it's uncomfortable."

"Ha ha! Don't say it!"

That's what Mr. Lynn says. He slaps Mr. Byrne and Mr. Mirka on the back.

Then Mr. Mirka blew up about four meters and took his passivity and rolled away.

Surprisingly - when I look at Mr. Lynn softly, he looks like he's done it.

"Oh, Anone, Mirka, add and subtract the force, you know, make a mistake, you know, sorry?

I apologize in a hurry, Mr. Lynn.

Mr. Mirka stood up silently to see if he was listening to it or not, and disappeared from the spot.

... uh, disappeared?

"Don't Avoid It!!!

When I looked at him in a hurry, Mr. Mirka stood where Mr. Lynn had just stood, sticking out his fist.

I thought you were a common sense guy. This guy seemed to be flying, too.

Why are you behind this when you think it's gone?

This guy is apparently not a wizard in the first place. The building is in the hall.

"No, no, no, Mirka! If they hit me with all their strength, I'd avoid the boulder too!

"Not all the way! About 90%!

"Almost all of it!

"As light as phosphorus!

"It's a lie! To the boulder. That's a lie!

"I'll hit you one shot anyway!

Mr. Mirka, who says so and disappears again. Mr. Lynn stopped looking good, too.

I know you're there, but your movements are too public to know what you're doing.

We're both moving at such a speed that the remnants remain faint.

Seriously, is this the natural world? I'm dead.

"Stay put! Because it was bad! Sorry!"

Mr Lynn apologizes, but Mr Mirka does not answer.

Am I quite angry?

Oh, I recognize this.

What's Mob doing with those guys in comics and stuff? That's the state.

Wow, I could only see unrealistic experiences in comics -!.

And sadly, I've been able to recognize myself as a mob in another world.

It's too dark ahead.

As they understood the sad reality but escaped, they stopped.

Mr. Mirka breathes on his shoulders and Mr. Lynn exhales hehe but seems to be able to afford it.

"Ha, ha... not even one shot... already...!

"No, you've grown, Mirka. You're faster than before!

Looks like Mr. Mirka's anger has increased further to the extra words. What's this guy doing?

"Oh, I'm sorry, nothing now! Because Mirka always buys the cake in line. I'll get the cake in line! So forgive me!

And Mr. Mirka reacted with Pickle.

It stopped as the system stood the moment I tried to step in.

"... and pudding."

"Got it! Because I get it!

Lovely interaction. If only we hadn't beaten each other up earlier.

"Uh, is it time?

I'll make a statement because it seems forgotten.

No, it's really forgotten. It is.

"Oh, I'm sorry. In conclusion, you're probably not going anywhere."

Mr. Lynn, Zuba. Reality sticks out and tough. I'm going to cry.

But you're right. I am confident that if I am left alone, I will die.

I don't feel like I can resist such a dinosaur. There's no way I can.

"So, Sodesne"

"So, if only you'd like me to take care of you? Me or us."

"Oh, is that good?

In an unexplained situation, I can't even hope for nothing.

It is very helpful to have such a strong person to help me.

"I know it's because it's the words of someone who helped me instead of going, but you should doubt the sweet words of the first person you meet."

"Ah, hi."

When I was honestly pleased with Mr. Lynn's words, Mr. Mirka calmly stuck me in.

Well, that's the first time you've met me. You're not too alert, are you? Me.

"... hehe, sorry, you were mean"

What a lovely smile. Your sleepy eyes are a lie.

But I immediately fell asleep. This guy basically looks like this.

"Well, say hello! Uh, is that your name?"

"It's Taro. Taro Tanaka"

It's a name like the one on the sample for filling out the paperwork, but it must be rare here.

"Tallow or hello Tallow. I'll work you out so you can live alone!

Oh, is that what you mean by taking care of him?

You're telling me I can fight too?

Mirka says something about blessing this guy. What are you scared of?

I guess it's okay, me.

Can I really live in the future?