Bank of the Universe

Chapter 1-What the fairy king owes me

Biquge, the fastest update I have the latest chapter of a world bank!"One generation is a slave, three generations are slaves!"

"Your grandfather is a slave, and your father is also a slave. You will be a slave for the rest of your life. Even if I beat you to death, you have to take it!"

"Li Xiandao, your ambitions are quite lofty, you are thinking of practicing, and you don't look in the mirror to see what virtue you are?"

"I don't have any talent at all. I just train a dog that is better than you. The dog knows to beg for pity at the owner. Are you a waste?"

"Li Xiandao, you dare to secretly learn from my Zhou family's martial arts, looking for death, today I will kill you as a dog slave!"


Li Xiandao opened his eyes and wanted to stand up. He knew he was not in a very good situation now.

He is a traverser, who traversed three months ago and became a small domestic slave of the Zhou family, who was humiliated by others.Of course, Li Xiandao refused to admit his fate, and began to steal the Zhou family's martial arts, and then he was discovered, and then the young master of the Zhou family led someone to kill him and left him in a chaotic grave outside the city!

Opening his eyes, Li Xiandao looked at everything around him in surprise!

This is not a random grave!

This is a magnificent palace, and Li Xiandao lies in the palace room!

"Master, are you awake?" At this moment, a gentle female voice sounded, causing Li Xiandao to stare.

"Who are you?" Li Xiandao asked.

"I'm the steward of Tiandi Bank, Xiaoqi!" the gentle female voice replied.

"Heaven and Earth Bank?" Li Xiandao frowned and looked at everything around him, and saw Xiao Qi.

A beauty!

A peerless beauty!

Li Xiandao swears that even under various cosmetics, beauty, and filters in his previous life, he has never seen a woman more beautiful than Xiao Qi!

Xiao Qi's beauty is too beautiful to be true!

It's like a delicate piece of paper, which can only be viewed but not touched. Once touched, it will break!

"Heaven and Earth Bank is the most mysterious bank in the universe. Master, you became the ninth master of Tiandi Bank when you came to this world!" Xiao Qi replied.

"The ninth master? What about the first eight?" Li Xiandao cleverly grasped the crux of the problem, he was not dizzy by everything in front of him.

"Dead!" Xiao Qi said regretfully.

"How did you die?" Li Xiandao asked immediately.

"The cause of death is unknown. Xiao Qi is just a helper spirit. I can't go anywhere except Heaven and Earth Bank. I don't know what the first eight masters did outside!" Xiao Qi replied.

"You are Qi Ling?" Li Xiandao said with a little regret, such a beautiful woman turned out to be Qi Ling?

"Yes, I am a tool spirit, born in the world bank, the world bank will not be destroyed, and I will not die!" Xiao Qi nodded.

"Then what is this world bank?" Li Xiandao asked suspiciously.

"Of course the bank is used for trading. Everything in the world can be used for trading. The difference is only the size of the price!" Xiao Qi replied.

"Anything can be exchanged?" Li Xiandao's eyes lit up.

"Yes! Since the birth of the Tiandi Bank, countless transactions have been completed. It's innocent and white. Once the contract is signed, it will take effect!" Xiao Qi said proudly.

"Trading requires capital, what else does Tiandi Qianzhuang currently have?" Li Xiandao asked.

Xiao Qi's smile was stagnant, and he lowered his head and said, "Because the previous masters did not manage well, Tiandi Qianzhuang is currently empty. Many facilities and places are blocked, and only this palace is still in operation."

"Poor management?" Li Xiandao frowned.

"It's just that a lot of debts can't be collected, which leads to a default. Once the contract is breached, the owner will be punished. I guess the death of the first few owners has something to do with this!" Xiao Qi replied.

"What kind of debts are these? These people are also true. It is natural and righteous to owe debts." Li Xiandao stood up, dissatisfied.

"These are debt contracts." Xiao Qi waved out of thin air, and a lot of contracts appeared in front of Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao took out a copy and took a closer look, his eyes straightened.

[Eternal Immortal King, loan one supreme immortal artifact from Tiandi Bank, two pieces will be returned after three thousand years, one will be added every one thousand years after the deadline]

"Eternal Immortal King, is the invincible immortal king who is preaching for nine days and ten places. With an eternal fairy sword, all the immortal worlds killed have changed owners?" Li Xiandao's voice was trembling.

"Yes, he's the one who doesn't pay the debt!" Xiao Qi nodded.

"The eternal fairy king, the ruthless man who killed from the nine heavens and ten places to the immortal world, his weapon is the eternal fairy sword, and it is a symbol of invincibility. You say he is a person who is in debt?" Li Xian swallowed.

The world he travels through is an extremely huge universe, from the highest immortal realm to nine heavens and ten lands. It has a vast area, a large population, and a very strong cultivation style.

Li Xiandao is now in a corner of the'Great Leap' in the nine heavens and ten places.

But now Xiao Qi tells him that the invincible eternal fairy king in the immortal world that countless people worship owes the world bank and owes him a huge sum of money?

It's ridiculous!

Why is this coming back?

Xiao Qi corrected Li Xiandao and said: "Master, the eternal fairy sword of the Eternal Immortal King is not his, but from the World Bank. Now you are the master of the World Bank, that is to say, the eternal fairy sword belongs to you!"

"Is it mine?" Li Xiandao's eyes lit up and murmured.

"Yes, the eternal fairy king knows that the contract is there, but he has not fulfilled the contract, and he has violated the regulations long ago. According to the contract, he has to pay for an immortal tool of the same quality every thousand years. It has been 10,000 years now. In other words, the eternal fairy king owes you ten powerful artifacts!" Xiao Qi waved his arm and said in a loud voice.

"Ten powerful artifacts!" Li Xiandao was stunned.

Xiao Qi also took out two contracts and said, "This one belongs to Fairy Hanyue, and this one belongs to Venerable Taikoo. They are all known bad debts. If the contract expires, the owner has the responsibility to get it back. "

"Fairy Hanyue, the legendary first beauty in the fairy world, has countless admirers?"

"Venerable Taikoo, one of the ancient gods of war, these are the highest masters in the immortal world!" Li Xiandao exclaimed.

But now, these people owe him something.

Taking a closer look at the contract, Li Xiandao's eyes brightened.

[Fairy Hanyue, the best face of the Loan World Bank, which will be returned 10,000 years later, and the life will be paid for overdue!

[Venerable Taikoo, borrow the life span of Tiandi Bank for a breakthrough, and after the breakthrough, repay the life span of Tiandi Bank with a ten-fold increase!

Fairy Hanyue turned out to be the best face she bought from Tiandi Qianzhuang before she could become the number one beauty in the fairy world!

The Venerable Taikoo even owes a life span of 100,000 years to the Heaven and Earth Bank, which is ten times longer than that, which is one million years of life span!

Li Xiandao breathed quickly, and said excitedly: "It's just right to pay off debts, what about he is the fairy king, what about the first beauty, what about the Invincible God of War, one day, I will surely let them repay them all. ."

"I support my master. I don’t know how many of these bad debts are. In the whole nine days and ten places, the previous masters borrowed many, many things. After their deaths, they all became bad debts. Now the master needs to take them back and rebuild the world. The prestige of the bank!" Xiao Qi said excitedly.