Qinhuangdao, inside a very shabby old residential building.

After work, Fang Chenyi, who was taking a cold meal, dragged his exhausted body and leaned on the simple wooden bed.Although Fang Chenyi has a handsome face, but in this society, handsome cannot be eaten.

He just graduated from an ordinary third-rate university, and he can only get the poor salary of only three thousand yuan in a small company.

Lazily relying on the bed, for a poor person who has graduated from college for two years, but still uses a six-digit password to lock a three-digit deposit in his bank card, the most economical entertainment is nothing more than a short brush without money. Video up.And this is the most relaxing way for him.

Just like now, Fang Chenyi has been using his mobile phone when he was in college to scan one by one. He occasionally encounters interesting short videos. He will not hesitate to give a little red heart. Maybe this is because that little red heart is The reason for not spending money.

Swiping, a small video of a game advertisement suddenly appeared on the screen:

Do you want billions of wealth?

Do you want to fly into the sky and become a master?

Do you want to rise to the pinnacle of life and marry Bai Fumei?

what are you waiting for?Hurry up and click the open button to start your journey from picking up rags to billions!

Option 1: Turn on!

Option 2: Do not open!

Seeing these three brainless questions, Fang Chenyi was speechless for a while, aren't all these questions nonsense? These three questions should be said to be everyone's unattainable dreams.

It's just that Fang Chenyi's speechless, or the following sentence, from picking up the tatters to the billionth man, Nani?This designer won't be a funny brain show, it makes players pick up the tatters, it's not that only people with watts of brain can play.

Shaking his head disdainfully, Fang Chenyi picked up his finger and prepared to swipe this small video over.

But his finger touched the position on the phone screen, and it happened to be in the'open' position. Before he could slide his finger up, he heard a beep.Immediately, a mechanical prompt sounded directly in his mind.

(Ding! The selection is successful. The system is loading...)

"Damn! What the hell!"

Fang Chenyi was taken aback by the sudden sound. He immediately sat upright. It wasn't that he was making a fuss. The sound he had just heard was true. It was clear that the sound came from his mind.

When Fang Chenyi was shocked, the mechanical voice rang again.

(The system is loaded successfully and the host is being bound. Put the item in...)

(The item is successfully distributed, please receive it as soon as possible and start your journey of picking up the tatters!)

At this time, with the sound in his mind, Fang Chenyi's feet suddenly added two things out of thin air.

One of the broken woven bags meets red and blue, and the other is often seen by sanitation workers..Garbage clips..

"I'm knocking, what do you mean? It's not really asking me to pick up trash! What else is there? The system? I rely on it, it's not that I have been illusioned by reading too many novels recently!"

Reaching out and subconsciously touching the garbage clip at hand, a beep suddenly came from my mind:

(The host is equipped with a trash folder, attribute: it can clamp all things, and is immune to heavy objects; and with purification attributes, it can shield and kill all viruses and bacteria, and can expel all harmful viruses and bacteria within two meters of the host.)

"I knock, so awesome! Immune heavy objects can also kill any viruses and bacteria. This is really a good thing for Tammy to pick up rags."

Fang Chenyi, who reads novels every day in addition to watching videos, quickly accepted the fact that he really had the system. Most importantly, the voice in his head and the two objects that appeared out of thin air made him have to believe.

It's just that he is a little depressed at this time. The protagonist's system in this novel is all sorts of awkward coaxing, how come this is here, and it becomes a tattered one?

However, when depressed and depressed, Fang Chenyi is still looking forward to it. Regardless of what system this is, it is also a system anyway, as long as it is a system, it will be awesome.Maybe he can really become the world's richest man by picking up the tatters himself.

Thinking about this, Fang Chenyi directly picked up the woven bag. This shelf has attributes, so what about this woven bag?Will it also have attributes?

Sure enough, when his hand picked up the woven bag, there was a prompt sound like just now.

(The host is equipped with a garbage bag, attribute: it collects all things, there is 10 cubic meters of space, except for living things, can be put into it. It can block any instrument perspective and make corresponding disguise!)

"I'm knocking! Good thing, this Nima is really good thing, is this the legendary storage bag? Wow haha, let me just say it, no matter what the system is, it's all awesome!"

Seeing the awesomeness of these two items, Fang Chenyi suddenly looked forward to the situation of picking up the tatters.And the three mental retardation problems that I just saw on the screen of the mobile phone emerged in my mind. Of course, in the eyes of Fang Chenyi now, those three problems may really be realized.

Thinking of this, Fang Chenyi stopped watching the video, and he had strength on his body. He picked up the woven bag and trash folder, and arrogantly walked out of his room.

"Hey, brat, what's going on in a panic? Have you eaten? I stewed the meat, and your Uncle Li asked me to send you some."

As soon as I left the house, I ran into the landlord, Aunt Wang, who brought him meat. Just looking at Fang Chenyi's weird appearance, the landlord was taken aback.

"Pick up the tatters!"

It's just that Fang Chenyi's mind is all thinking about picking up the tatters at this time, how can he take care of the landlord or the landlord.Excited to drop such a sentence, his figure has already rushed out of the corridor door, and as Fang Chenyi walked out of the corridor, his voice was heard again: "Thank you, Uncle Li, Aunt Wang! Put me on the table in my room. Come back to eat!"

"This child, how can you still pick up the tatters! Alas, Xiaofang, auntie said nothing! If you really have no money, the rent for this month will be halved for you!"

Hearing Fang Chenyi's words, the landlord Aunt Wang was taken aback first, and then after reacting, she hurriedly shouted to Fang Chenyi's back.Just after these words were shouted, Fang Chenyi's figure was long gone.

"Hey, what a good boy, he is not only handsome, but also sensible. Why can't I find a good job."

While Aunt Wang was holding a bowl of potato stew and sighed, Fang Chenyi had already ran to the trash can in the community. Sweeping her eyes, she saw a dilapidated toy car left outside the trash can.

Without even thinking about it, Fang Chenyi stretched out the trash clip with his right hand to pick it up, flicked the woven bag with his left hand, and the broken toy car was accurately thrown into his pocket. The action was done in one go, just like having been tempered by countless trash cans.

(Congratulations to the owner for picking up a toy car. Because of the completion of the first task, special rewards are given for special items. There are only 20 “Lamborghini Sixth Elements” worth 23.12 million in the world. A basic knowledge of supercar driving is included. The item is too large to be put into the woven bag. It has been parked at the gate of the community. The car key has been put in the woven bag and the owner should pick it up by himself. The supercar driving knowledge has been automatically stored in the owner's sea of ​​knowledge.)

[To be continued....

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