Berserkers in Marvel ask to die

1. The irritable protagonist will be sent at the beginning

The sun goes down.

However, life in New York did not end because the sun went down.

The lights and feasts in the city have already lit their world. As long as the sky does not fall, they will continue to work hard to do their best and release the pressure accumulated from work.

The nightlife of New Yorkers' desire has just begun.

Of course, dark corners are indispensable for the magnificent New York.

Such as the notorious Hell's Kitchen.

At this moment, a certain alley in Hell's Kitchen dimmed because of the disrepair of street lights.

An Asian boy of fifteen or sixteen was walking in the alley.

He is about 1.75 meters tall and is wearing cheap casual clothes. He is neither fat nor thin. The biggest feature is that he has a little baby fat on his cheeks. It seems that he has not been tempered by wind and rain and is easy to bully. .

Such a boy is incompatible with the Hell's Kitchen where the dirt is hidden.

The boy's name is Zhou Youping.

He is not a person in this world, in his world, Captain America is just a virtual character, but in this world it is real.

A few hours ago, Zhou Youping was still playing in the Internet cafe. He used an Olaf to withstand a million tons of damage in the dragon pit and blocked the five people on the opposite side. It's full of blood after hitting it, and there is no need to go back home. Turn around to remove the front teeth and chop the enemy crystal.

A second before the crystal exploded, Zhou Youping typed to comfort each other:

"Good fight!"

Then, in the next second, the Internet cafe may be powered off, and the whole world will be dark.

When I see the light again, I will be here.

And he changed from an adult in his early twenties to the appearance of a little excess collagen (baby fat) that he had just entered high school.

I think back then, because of this appearance, he was often used to joke by his peers and caused a lot of trouble.

Girls want to recognize him as younger brother, boys want to be his brother-in-law...

Some people also want to pass on a love letter to a certain "sister" through Zhou Youping.

Zhou Youping was reluctant to do this kind of thing. The other party looked at him as a "brother" and wanted to frighten and threaten him.

The other party first pushed and hurled, and at the same time said threatening words.

Don't look at Zhou Youping's appearance as "very soft". He doesn't say much, like a stuffy oil bottle, but it is actually a soft outside and rigid inside.

Zhou Youping was frightened, but his reaction after frightened was unusual.

Others are shrinking, and he is the source of fear subconsciously to resolve...

Zhou Youping did not flinch, but made a bold move.

The best way to deal with fear is to face it, and then crush it!

This is Zhou Youping's thinking.

There were so many such things, and Zhou Youping gradually realized a set of very wild and reckless fighting techniques.

The book is back.

While crossing, he also got a "warrior system".

The system says that the boy is an inexhaustible fighting prodigy, and it is necessary to train him to become the strongest fighting god.

And the system "people" is very good. Once you come up, tell the boy that this system is insured. If you die on the way to becoming a god, you won’t really die, but will be resurrected after deletion of related memories. And sent back to the original world.

Of course, there are prerequisites-only to die in battle.

God of War Insurance only covers war deaths, not war deaths, and insurance does not cover.

You must do your best to die in battle, be killed by water release, or you deliberately hit a gun yourself.

In addition, the system also told the boy that he had died suddenly due to excessive excitement in the original world (Zhou Youping: "...") The system only brought his soul to rebirth and cultivated after he died. He died on the way of God. After being resurrected, the system will help the boy modify the history of his death in the original world.

Can you resurrect as long as you are killed in battle?

No matter how you look at it, it is all earned.

Yes, Zhou Youping only wanted to go home and didn't want to be the strongest god of war.

No one can guard, no matter how strong it is, what is the use?

Although he wanted to fight to death, Zhou Youping did not see who could kill him, so he provokes and angers others, and "forces" others to kill him.

This is too much. Others will commit a lifelong crime of remorse in anger. This is very immoral. Zhou Youping has a bottom line.

Therefore, Zhou Youping decided to go to a place where bad guys were rampant to fight to death.

Take Hell's Kitchen, for example. The bad guys here are well-equipped. If you get a shot, you won’t have much pain, and it’s very fast.

The system's insurance requires "fighting with all your strength" to avoid deliberate suicide, and working hard, if one or two scumbags are dragged down, it is considered profitable.

Of course, the biggest possibility is that the enemy was unharmed and Zhou Youping was headshot five meters away.

If nothing goes wrong, you can finish spreading flowers.

In this way, Zhou Youping is probably the shortest time traveler.


Zhou Youping wandered around in the Hell's Kitchen, and had never met the people he was waiting for, but some people inexplicably stuffed him with a few small cards with pictures that are not suitable for children.

Zhou Youping swayed for several hours.

After an unknown period of time, he suddenly heard a voice faintly ringing in the quiet alley.

Fortunately, this system comes with a language hook.

"Daisy, I ask you to stop running around....

Especially after running out so late, or running to such a dangerous place is too worrying."

Sounds like a somewhat old man.

"If you don't send me to the family..." This is a soft female voice. The girl named Daisy should not have passed the period of changing her voice.

"Please, boy, you really need a home, not an orphanage."

"If it's not the biological parents, it's not as good as an orphanage..."

"Daisy, I beg you to stop doing this..."

"Hey! Rob!" a rude male voice rang.

"Dai...Ah! Please remove the muzzle!

Please, please don't hurt us, you take all the money."

Hearing this, Zhou Youping's eyes lit up, and the chance to die in battle came.

Zhou Youping grabbed the void with both hands...

Not long ago, the system took out a few "novice weapons" for Zhou Youping to choose. According to the system, this would also be the only piece of equipment that the system would send. This weapon was a growth artifact that would grow with the growth of the host.

The weapon sent by the system has the same characteristic as Thor's hammer-it is called.

At the beginning, the system showed five weapons for Ren Zhou Youping to choose, and that was the situation at that time.

"Ding! The host has a new weapon to choose from! (This weapon will grow along the way, and it may determine your growth method. You can't change it after you choose, please be careful!)

please choose:

1. Learn to test the sword: through battle, you can quickly copy all the enemy's technical skills

2. Greedy swallowing blade: After defeating the enemy, obtain a part of its original power

3. The hammer of justice: drag an enemy into the mirrored space for a duel, avoid other people from interfering with the duel, until one party surrenders and the other party accepts the surrender, or one party dies.

4. Piercing Death Spear: After throwing it at the target, it will be judged once, and there is a certain chance to kill or severely injure one or more targets.

5. Tomahawk: Through waiting or fighting to accumulate energy, after the energy is accumulated enough, you can open a door to the battlefield that you are looking forward to in your heart, so that the host can sharpen himself through a lot of hard battles.Note: You cannot use this ability in battle, otherwise you will be at your own risk."