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"Black Day" Author: Wood Sullivan


Desperado x Sven Scum

In 5711 of the new Gregorian calendar, Office No. 5 of the Security Building received three break-in messages from the space prison:

"Honey, I'm looking at you."

"Don't be nervous, it's just on the big screen of the prison."

"Suddenly I look forward to seeing you again. Will you greet me with a smile, or give me a shot?"

Truss sat behind the large desk, read the message with his face unchanged, and replied: "If you remember correctly, your imprisonment period is as long as the life of the planet. So unfortunately, there is no such day."

Unless the end of the world, the planet exploded.

However, two years later... the planet really exploded.


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This wonderful setting is exaggerated, nonsense is unfounded, the kind of nonsense that Einstein's coffin board cannot hold.

Look at the magic of space, 1vs1, HE.

Content tags: Strong fantasy space, happy enemy, will be empty in the future

Protagonists: Chu Si, Sae Young┃ Supporting roles: Jiang Qi, Esther, Kim, etc.┃ Others: strong, antagonistic, interstellar

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In 5713 of the New Gregorian calendar, the sky eagle gamma star suddenly exploded, and people had to forcibly freeze themselves to avoid disaster.Due to a malfunction of the frozen capsule, the protagonist Chus woke up early and was approached by a "terrorist" as soon as he opened his eyes. They met when they were young and killed each other as adults. Under such extreme circumstances, they were forced to become teammates. There is no peace anymore.When the well-dressed Trus encounters desperadoes, what kind of sparks will be collided, how will they wander through the chaos of all parties, and how can they save the fallen homeland?The author uses vivid words to depict a unique interstellar world, and also creates a pair of brilliant and perfect combination, humorous and worth reading.

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