Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 1

Forging division of Naruto from the beginning: liquid laundry detergent instant noodles

brief introduction:

Traveling to the world of Naruto, there is no blood inheritance and no family secrets.But it doesn't matter, I have a god-level forging system.Pick up a stone on Hokage Cliff.

"Ding! If you find a lucky stone, you can forge a lucky bracelet with special props, and the wearer will not be hit by non-designated AOE skills" accidentally touching a drop of Kakashi's blood.

"Ding! Discover the invincible blood, you can forge a special props domain mirror, the mirror is a space of its own, you can pull the person you see into it, in the domain, no matter how strong your opponent is, you can be 50-50 against him.

"I picked up a hair from the third generation." Ding!Discovered the erudition silk, you can forge the erudition hat with special props, and you can quickly understand the content of ninjutsu on the scroll. "I found a drop of Naruto's blood.

"Ding! Discover the incomplete blood of the immortal and the power of asura, you can forge the immortal crystal, and after swallowing it, you can transform your body into a perfect immortal human body"

Chapter One System and Traverser

Ding!Found a special forging material lucky stone, you can forge a lucky bracelet with special props, is it forging?


In the next second, a quaint gray bracelet appeared in the child's hand.

Looking at the bracelet that suddenly appeared in his hand, the message of the bracelet appeared on the child's retina.

"Lucky bracelet: AOE skills that do not target the wearer cannot affect him."

"Ye, it worked!"

The child clenched his fists, his immature face could not hide his excitement.

The child's name is Kuroyoshi, Konoha was born in 48 years, one month older than Naruto.

His parents were ninjas, who died in the Kyuubi War shortly after his birth.

He also has another identity, that is, the traverser.

As a large number of people, Kuroyoshi naturally has his own golden finger.

"God-level forging system"

As the name suggests, it is a system for collecting materials to forge props and weapons.

Moreover, he forged his first piece of equipment during the Kyuubi Rebellion four years ago.

"Nine Lama Ring: The ring contains the chakras and attributes of the nine tails, and the wearer can use it at will."

This is forged from the chakra dropped from Kyuubi.

Four years ago, the Kyuubi Rebellion.

Kuroyoshi's house was swept away by Kyuuichi.

Fortunately, Kurayoshi fell into the gap supported by a few logs and was not smashed to death.

And on the broken wood above his head were a few nine-tailed hairs.

Cangji touched it curiously, then awakened the system and forged the ring of nine lamas.

He was rescued by Konoha's ninja and sent to an orphanage to raise him.

Four years have passed in a flash.

During these four years, Kuroyoshi also tried to use other items to forge props and equipment, but failed.

Because ordinary items do not have the material to be forged.

And Kuroyoshi finally accepted everything, fully integrated into this world, and began to exercise for becoming a ninja.

This is a chaotic world, where power comes first.

Without power, you cannot control your own destiny.

Since great items and equipment are not so easy to create, you can only work on other aspects.

Relying on the effect of the ring of nine horns, Kurajoshi's physical recovery speed is astonishing, and he can complete many trainings that his peers cannot do. Although he is only four years old, his physical fitness is better than many senior students.

Today, Kuroyoshi was tired after running around Konoha.

He looked up at the sky, looked at the blue sky and white clouds and the portrait on the Hokage Cliff, suddenly the thought of going up and looking at it came into his mind.

When stepping into the top of the cliff, the system prompt that had been silent for more than four years finally sounded again, and then a lucky bracelet was created.

However, after the excitement passed, Kurayoshi fell into contemplation again.

The rocks on the Naruto Cliffs are very common, and there is no special place.

But the system calls it the lucky stone.

Is it

Kuroyoshi remembered a stalk he had seen on the Tieba forum in his previous life. When a large-scale disaster occurs in the Ninja World, it is safe to run on Hokage Cliff.

Konoha will suffer various attacks in the future, and the village has been razed to the ground, but no matter what the village is destroyed, Hokage Cliff is safe and will not be attacked.

Will the Lucky Stone be caused by luck in the future of Hokage Cliff?

Thinking about this, Kurayoshi picked up a stone again and used the system to detect the material.

Ding!Ordinary stones do not have the ability to build special props


Is it because luck was used as a material by the system to make the bracelet?

Will the pure land of Hokage Cliff be razed to the ground when Penn attacks Konoha?

Kuroyoshi didn't know, but he probably knew how to find forging materials.

As the sun sets, dusk falls.

Looking at the afterglow of the sun on the other side of the mountain, Kurayoshi stood up from the ground, patted the dirt on his butt, and went down the mountain.

He should be there at this time!

At dusk, Konoha Street was sparsely populated, and smoke rose from the smokestacks of every household.

Kuroyoshi could smell the scent of food at any time when he walked on the street, and his stomach screamed.

He touched his belly, and after a short silence, he quickened his pace and rushed to the goal.

Konoha is a village of ninjas. In order to facilitate the ninjas in the village to have a good practice environment, training venues 1 to 40 are set up in the village.

The Ninth Training Ground is located near the Ninja School. It is a place where many students like to go to practice after school.