Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 2

It stands to reason that there was no one at this time, but when Kuroyoshi arrived, he heard the sound of hitting the stakes far away.

As he entered the venue, a little boy wearing a white Tang suit with long braids behind his back and thick eyebrows kept kicking against the stakes, kicking while counting.

People are unfair from birth. Kuroyoshi understood this in his previous life.

In this life, it is even more obvious.

The boy named "Li Luoke" cannot learn ninjutsu illusion like others, he can only achieve the extreme in what he can do.

Work hard, work hard, work harder.

Li Luoke can only make continuous efforts in physical training.

Kuroyoshi runs a circle around Konoha every day. It is not the first time that he has seen Li Luoke exercising in the evening or even in the evening.

But even if he had seen it countless times, every time he saw the sweat-drenched clothes, the scarred hands and feet, and the unshakable eyes, he would be moved again.

Just because he refused to admit defeat in his heart, and wanted to prove that even without talent, he can become a great ninja. Day after day, Li Luoke insisted on the intensity of training that ordinary people can't imagine. No one should admire this will.

But even so

Thinking of Li Luoke's division into classes after graduation, and thinking of the frustration that he could only watch the battle from a distance when he opened the six doors in the final battle, Kuraki clenched his fist.

You must take control of your own destiny.

Thinking about this, Kuraki Shu stretched his brows and walked over with a smile.

The training ground is a lawn, surrounded by trees and grasses, but Cangji did not hide his whereabouts, and walked over generously, so Li Luoke also found him far away.

However, he didn't stop practicing because of Kurayoshi's arrival, or even distracted.

Cangji stopped at a position two meters before Li Luoke kicked the pile, watched it carefully for a while and said, "You can't practice like this."


The heavier kick kicks on the stake, causing the hollow stake to tremble slightly.

Li Luoke stared at Kurayoshi with an unkind expression, "Are you here to laugh at me too? If so, laugh as much as you want. Anyway, I can only do this trivial thing."

Kuraki was stunned, he didn't expect Li Luke to react like this.

But thinking of his experience in school, it's not surprising that this is the reaction.

After all, Li Luoke is only one year old now. It was when the students showed their talents. His physique just showed off, and it was the most serious year when his classmates ridiculed him.

Kuroyoshi smiled relievedly and shook his head slightly, "I didn't come to laugh at you, I just wanted to correct one thing. It's useless for you to bury your head and practice hard by yourself. Come and fight me!"

With that, Kuroyoshi put on a fighting pose to Li Luoke.

Chapter Two Blood Headband

Li Luoke was also stunned.

He actually knows Kuroyoshi. Although he doesn't know his name, he can often be seen running around Konoha. He meets more often and his face is naturally written down.

It's just that the two have never met. Xiao Li couldn't figure out why Kuroyoshi, who had never met, suddenly came to fight with him.


"You make sense. If you always practice hard by yourself, you can't get anything. I will go to the classmates to challenge tomorrow." Xiao Li clenched his fists in front of his chest with a firm expression.


Kurayoshi opened his mouth and asked, "Why don't you fight me?"

Xiao Li turned around and smiled at him, and said, "You are not a student of Ninja School! What can you prove even if you win?"

What's wrong with not going to school?

Look down on people who don't go to school?

I still look down on you, X, pupil!

Kuroyoshi was frantic and was about to say something.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Li said suddenly: "I didn't finish the 300 kicks just now, so I will punish myself for 300 laps."

After finishing talking, he ignored Kuroyoshi and jumped around the training ground with his head in his arms.

Kuroyoshi was speechless.

He wanted to fight Xiao Li, and then grabbed a piece of skin or hair from him. He never expected things to develop like this.

But it doesn't matter.

The brightly colored blood stains on the wooden stakes that were kicked out of the depression on the field were not completely dry. It was left by Xiao Li during training.

Kuroyoshi stretched out his hand to wipe the blood stain, and a system prompt sounded in his mind.

Ding!Found the blood burned by special materials, can be made into special props, hot blood headband, whether forged


As the voice fell, a red headband appeared on Kuroyoshi's hand and the headband information appeared on the retina.

"Hot-blooded headband: It can make the wearer become hot-blooded, and at the same time make the body tougher, able to persist in higher-intensity physical training"


Seeing the effect of the headband, Kuraki looked at Xiao Li, who was still trying to leapfrog. A smile was drawn at the corner of his mouth, and he murmured: "Xiao Li, you are not a useless crane tail, you are a genius who works hard. "

There is no shortage of people with great perseverance in this world.

One of the admission requirements of Konoha Ninja School is to have great perseverance, but in this world only Xiao Li can conduct such inhuman training.

It is not that others have no perseverance, but their bodies do not allow it.

Ordinary people who practice like this will only waste their bodies. If Emperor Kai fails to break through the limits of the human body, he will not do the same.

This is the talent "working genius" that belongs exclusively to Xiao Li.

And now, with this headband, Cangji also has such a talent, and he also has the Ring of the Nine Lamas to quickly regain his strength, and he can train at a higher intensity than Xiao Li.

With the headband on, the body that had been exhausted from the training day burst into vitality again.

Kuroyoshi shook a fist and ran around Konoha again.

Starting today, he has to train more every day than yesterday.