Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 3

But despite saying that, Kurayoshi didn't run long before returning.

He is not Xiao Li. He has other talents. Although not necessarily very high, he can also develop in ninjutsu illusion. It is impossible for him to focus all his energy on physical skills.

Although physique was practiced to the extreme and very strong, but the previous life had already known the limits of physique through Emperor Kai.

Even if you practice to the extreme, or even burn your life, you still cannot dominate everything.

Kuroyoshi's home is in the bachelor apartment area south of Konoha. After he showed the dean of the orphanage a year ago that he could take care of himself alone, Konoha allowed him to move out alone and allocated a house.

Of course, Konoha has to pay allowances for monthly living expenses.

Although not much, just ordinary life is enough.

The rooms are wooden rooms, single rooms, and the furniture is only a bed, table, chair, small refrigerator and other necessities of life.

After returning home, Kuroyoshi cooked a meal at random, and sat on the bed cross-legged to refine the chakra.

Kuroyoshi's parents were Zhongren, and they belonged to the general kind. They couldn't be compared with the tycoons like Konoha Gate God, and at most compared with Mizuki Iruka.

Therefore, there is very little legacy left after death.

In addition to a pension, there are only scrolls of Chakra Refining Technique, Three Body Technique, the basic technique of using kunai shuriken, and some ninja experience in doing tasks.

These were all sent by the third generation when he moved out to live independently.

Through the scroll, he can learn the knowledge of the ninja school in advance.

Chakra is the product of the perfect fusion of the physical energy absorbed from 130 trillion cells of the human body and the spiritual energy that has undergone many practices and accumulated experience.

In theory, the stronger the vitality, the more experienced people will have chakras.

Kuroyoshi was born as a civilian, without a strong bloodline.

In terms of experience, although he was two lives, he only lived eighteen years old in his previous life, and he was only twenty-three in his present life, not comparable to those ninjas who wandered around life and death all year round.

Therefore, he has very few chakras.

Kuroyoshi refined chakras for two hours a day for a year, and the amount of chakras accumulated was only enough to use the transformation technique once.

His talent is not good. If he only relies on practice, then the greatest achievement in his life is to be a cannon fodder.

What is a cannon fodder?

That is, compared with the general Xia Ren, he has more experience, and he doesn't even know how to escape, only knows the use of Kuwu Shuriken initiating amulet such as Zhong Ren.

Ok!Similar to his parents or Mizuki Iruka.

Two hours later, Kuroyoshi opened his eyes.

He felt the chakra volume that hardly saw growth in his body, nodded in satisfaction, and then went to the bath to get ready to sleep.

Talent is born, and no one can change anything.

Kurayoshi has never complained about his terrible talent, he is just doing his best to become stronger.

What's more, with gold fingers, his advantage is not lost to anyone.

The night passed quickly.

The next day, early in the morning, it just cleared.

Kuroyoshi yawned and sat up from the bed.

Sitting dazedly by the bed for a while, I changed the white exercise clothes hanging on the wall and washed and combed.

With a little care, Kurayoshi is actually very handsome, with black pupils, black hair, and tender but very delicate face.

After finishing finishing, Kuroyoshi looked in the mirror and went out with satisfaction.

People come and go in Konoha's streets.

Kuroyoshi walked on the street, and the warm sun was very warm on his body, bringing a sense of comfort.

Occasionally, you can see two ninjas flying by.

After the Kyuubi Rebellion, the fourth generation of Hokage died and the village was half destroyed.

Three generations went into battle and continued to serve as Hokage during the five generations' succession. Under his political skills, Konoha has restored its former prosperity.


Moving forward on the street, passing through the bustling downtown, Kuroyoshi came to the 14th training ground where few people came.

"Complete today's morning exercise first!"

He fastened the blood headband, and Kurayoshi was doing warm-up exercises with a vigorous smile on his face.

Chapter 3 Uzumaki Naruto

He said that he had a good morning exercise, but because of the hot-blooded headband, Kuroyoshi was over-excited. He practiced until the morning until his body was exhausted before lying down on the lawn to rest.

He stared blankly at the blue sky and white clouds, feeling the breeze blowing on the Buddha, and his sweat-soaked clothes brought a chill.

Kuroyoshi hit a sharp spirit and sat up suddenly from the ground.

"No, there is something wrong with this thing."

He shook his head, suppressing the urge to train again, and took off the bloody headband.

Suddenly, the impulsive brain suddenly became sober a lot.

Kuroyoshi looked at the red headband in his hand and couldn't help showing a wry smile.

He has a good training plan.

But this time the training will directly break the day’s training plan. If this training becomes a habit

The brain made up for the personality of a dumb fool like Naruto Xiao Li, Kuraki shook his head quickly and erased the picture in his mind.

This is bad.

Therefore, this thing must be used in a planned way.

Just as Kuroyoshi was planning how to use the headband, a carefree voice sounded not far away.

"Hey, why are you here alone?"

When Kuraki heard the sound, he saw a child of the same age with blond hair and blue eyes, headband and goggles, wearing shit-yellow clothes and a beard on his face, looking towards him.