Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 5

But this time, because of the hot-blooded headband, the practice was overdone. At this time, it had been exposed to the sun and there were no buns for sale on the street.

Kuroyoshi didn't care, and was going to Yile Ramen to reward himself with a feast.

He scratched Naruto's wrist on purpose before and wiped a drop of blood on it.

And the system is just right to prompt sound in the brain.

Ding!Discover the special materials "incomplete blood of immortals" and "residual power of asura", you can forge the special props "crystal of immortals", whether to forge

Naruto was in front of him, of course he chose no.

After I left, I didn't rush to forge. Despite the inner beauty, the surface was as plain as water, as if encountering Naruto was just a trivial episode in daily life.

Konoha in the morning is even more lively. In addition to the people in his own village, there are also many clients from outside.

Kuroyoshi walked through the crowd, smiling when he met someone he didn't know or greeted him with a smile.

Over the past few years, he has been running around the village and knows almost all the villagers. Although many people cannot be named, the faces are very familiar.

All the way forward, the crowd in front of them suddenly became scarce, and two ninjas wearing black tights and animal masks appeared in the field of vision.


Kuroyoshi's plain face was slightly startled, and then returned to normal.

He had already expected Anbu to find it.

Naruto's identity is too sensitive. Even if he was born in Konoha and grew up until now, his first contact will be investigated.

In his thoughts, Anbu came up to him in a flash, so fast that people mistakenly thought he was teleporting.

Kuroyoshi looked up at them, his mouth opened slightly, as if surprised.

"Don't be afraid, kid, we just ask you some questions casually."

Standing on the right, Anbu wearing a fox mask spoke, his tone indifferent, making people imperceptible to his emotions.

Kuroyoshi also recovered his calm, and nodded calmly, "Hmm!"

The two Anbes were a little surprised at Kurayoshi's calmness, but that was all, no further doubts arose.

There are more premature children in this world, and Kuroyoshi is not the first and will not be the last.

"What did you chat with Naruto Uzumaki before?"

"Naruto Uzumaki?"

"It's the kid I met at 14 training ground before."

"He! It's nothing, that's it"

Kuroyoshi told the content of the chat with Naruto, without a lie.

After the two Anbu questioned nothing, they left.

Without waiting for Kuroyoshi to breathe a sigh of relief, two Anbe appeared in front of him.

Although they were all dressed up and couldn't see their expressions, judging from the other's eyes, the two of them looked like machines without emotion.

"Don't be afraid, we just want to ask you a little question."

The same voice, the same indifferent tone, but a bit more indifference, makes people shudder.

Kuroyoshi stepped back subconsciously, and another Anbu appeared behind him and intercepted his retreat. The eyes in front of Anbu looked at him with a hint of killing intent, which made people more frightened.

I'm from Konoha, and I haven't done anything to sorry Konoha. Even if the other party is the root, it is impossible to persecute people in the same village for no reason.

He is threatening me.

After thinking about this, Kuroyoshi closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh of relief, and took away the fear in his heart. When he opened his eyes, he was able to look directly at each other calmly.

He even saw a hint of surprise in Anbu's eyes.

"Didn't you just ask?" Kuroyoshi asked with an indifferent face, pretending to be unaware.

In his previous life, Kuroyoshi was not a graduate of art school, nor was he talented as a movie king. If he pretended to be in front of these experienced ninjas, he would definitely be seen in a second.

But when I came to this world, my parents died young, and because of my mental age, I couldn't play with other people of my age, so I was alone.

The long-term loneliness made him hardly change his expression. The expression on his face is only indifferent and polite. The indifferent expression at this moment is almost instinctive. Even if the opponent is an experienced ninja, he cannot see his heart idea.

Sure enough, the root ninja in front of him stared at his expression for a while, silently retracting his aggressive gaze.

"We are not in the same department, so some situations need to be confirmed."

"Understood, you can ask!"

The question asked by the root ninja was exactly the same as that of Anbe, and Kurayoshi answered equally honestly.

They didn't embarrass Kuroyoshi, but gave a warning when they left: it is best not to get close to Naruto Uzumaki.

After speaking, he ignored Kuroyoshi and left without listening.

Kuroyoshi stood still thinking for a while, his expression returning to the old smile.

The goal remains the same, but it is still Yile Ramen.

Speaking of a happy ramen, I have to mention what the university scholar Lu Xun said: If you come to this world, if you don't taste the ramen, it will be nothing.

Kuroyoshi came here to taste it very early, the taste is really good, and the price is affordable.

Especially the hand-beating bosses are very good, and they often add soup to regular customers for free.

When Kurayoshi eats out, he usually comes to Ramen.

Of course, this is also related to his lack of money.

"Uncle Yile, have a bowl of pork bone ramen, more spicy."

Raising the curtain, Kuroyoshi yelled and found a place to sit down at random.

"Okay, come right away."

When he entered the house to cook the noodles, Kurayoshi took the opportunity to look around.

Because it is not meal time, there is only one person in the whole shop.

I glanced around from the corner of my eye, especially in places where people are prone to hiding, and turned on the system only after seeing no suspicious people.